The vaping culprits

These are the members of the Science and Technology Committee that published the report on vaping, and how it should be made easier. I wonder how many of them smoke or vape themselves.

Member Party
Norman Lamb (Chair) Liberal Democrat
Vicky Ford Conservative
Bill Grant Conservative
Darren Jones Labour
Liz Kendall Labour
Stephen Metcalfe Conservative
Carol Monaghan Scottish National Party
Damien Moore Conservative
Neil O’Brien Conservative
Graham Stringer Labour
Martin Whitfield Labour

The chairman of this committee, Norman Lamb (Lib-Dem) used to be a smoker himself (reportedly gave it up in 2012, what he currently is, is unreported), and has said he is glad his son is a vaper. He is known for his laudable advocacy for the mentally disabled, but surely that shouldn’t mean the rest of us have to breathe polluted air while they merrily puff away.

I couldn’t find any dirt on most of the rest of them, no idea whether they smoke, smoked, vape or have relatives who vape. Doesn’t mean there isn’t dirt there.

But there is one, Stephen Metcalfe (Con), who denies any connection to the tobacco lobby, despite being one of seven MPs to accept tickets from Japan Tobacco International to the Chelsea Flower Show, in May. It’s not as though tobacco companies ignore developments – they are investing in e-cigarettes.

There is also Graham Stringer (Lab), a climate change denier and obvious idiot who shouldn’t be on any Commons committee at all. No scientific wit whatever.

Three out of eleven (at least) whose judgement is compromised. All in all, they fucked up.

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