Rand report finds that UK worse off under Brexit

UK will be worse off under almost all Brexit scenarios, finds think tank

If the post-Brexit relationship is reduced to World Trade Organisation rules, the UK would likely move further away from EU standards which, over time, would significantly harm UK businesses’ ability to sell goods and services to EU countries, Rand found.

Well it stands to reason. Throw up trade barriers between Britain and the EU and British business is hardly likely to prosper, considering the EU is our biggest trading partner.

What is really astonishing is that this study is more than the Tories have bothered to do, in their gung-ho craze to Brexit. The Tories are deliquent in their remit to govern responsibly. Even if they have such a remit propped up by the DUP.

I doubt the Tories have the ability to replace the EU with other trading partners. They haven’t exhibited much in the way of competence yet. They will hardly shine at that.

And as for David Davis… he’s just riled the EU Parliament by saying Britain wouldn’t be legally bound by any agreements. Now, is Davis a trustworthy partner to be negotiating with after that little revelation? I think not.