Et tu, Johnson and Gove?

Thinktank which ‘helped draft Johnson and Gove letter to May influencing Brexit policy’ denies Russia links

Russian tentacles spread wide, it seems. Not just into the Trump campaign, but into the Tory misgovernment. At the heart of this, is the Legatum Institute, set up by Christopher Chandler, a financier who made a fortune as a majority shareholder at Russian gas company Gazprom.

Now his thinktank has been implicated in the drafting of a letter, sent by Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson and Environment Secretary Michael Gove, which urged the Prime Minister to ensure members of the Cabinet got behind plans for a hard Brexit by “clarifying their minds” and said they must “internalise the logic”.

“Clarifying their minds”… “internalise the logic”?? What logic?

Certainly, Russia has an interest in seeing Europe collapse. Better to deal with a disunited continent, where you can play one country against another, than a solid economic bloc including many ex-Soviet satellite nations.

It’s absurd to suppose that  people who made a fortune from the collapse of the Soviet Union aren’t involved with Russian oligarchs today. And no surprise at all that Russians are trying to influence witless fools in Britain as well as the US. Looks like Boris, Gove and the Donald were all gulled into pursuing Russian interests. Well, they are all narcissistic idiots.

More Tory Insanity

Liam Fox says no deal on Irish border until the end of trade negotiations with the EU

No deal can be secured on the Irish border after Brexit until the end of trade negotiations with the EU, Liam Fox has said.

The International Trade Secretary raised further uncertainty over Northern Ireland as rows over a potential “hard border” threaten to derail Brexit talks.

The Tories would rather risk a hard-won peace in Northern Ireland than abandon a reckless Brexit because of their disdain for Europeans. I suppose we get the government we deserve. Only who among us, besides Tory voters, deserved this?

Why should the rest of us suffer because of Tory obstinacy and stupidity?

What would an intelligent and rational person do?

EU demands in next round of talks set to enrage Cabinet Brexiteers, leak reveals

Leaked documents show chief EU negotiator Michel Barnier wants to make giving the UK a good transition deal conditional on Britain’s “automatic” acceptance of new Brussels regulations during the likely two-year period after March 2019.

Well, well, well… I think that would enrage anyone. It’s not an acceptable POV. Any toddler told by its parents what to do without having a say in the matter might feel a tad irate. What to do, what to DO???

One could storm off in a huff, though probably not very far. Hardly into the bosom of a Trumpist USA, or a dominant China.

Or, one could just reconsider whether the current course of action is a prudent one. Britain with the cooperation and support of its European partners is in a strong international position. Ex-Britain is just that. A washout.

True, we can’t to anything and everything we want while in the union, just when we want it. But, to switch metaphors, the pack is is stronger together. Just as Europe is stronger with Britain in it, rather than being an offshore headache, we are better off siding with European economic muscle.

Rather than wrecking Britain by leaving Europe in a huff, wouldn’t it be more sensible to stay in and reform it? Europe is going to be there with or without Britain’s input. Better to have influence over its development and constitution than to be an offshore island embattled by its storms.

It was a Conservative, Ted Heath, who, for all the flaws that came to light afterwards, had the vision to see Britain as part of Europe, and now it’s another Conservative, a Maggie Thatcher Wannabe, the dolorous Theresa May, who wants to destroy it to save a political career that has already failed. She’s no Maggie – well, just as well, really, it would be no credit to her if she were.

Oh, the irony. The Tories flipping and flopping without any central purpose.


Couldn’t resist this either…

Flat-Earther to take off in homemade rocket in bid to discover truth

It’s a steam powered rocket to boot. It will launch the daunty loonie over the Mojave Desert in an effort to prove the earth is flat.

“I don’t believe in science,” Mr Hughes told the Associated Press (AP). “I know about aerodynamics and fluid dynamics and how things move through the air, about the certain size of rocket nozzles, and thrust. But that’s not science, that’s just a formula. There’s no difference between science and science fiction.”

Well, good luck with that. Science is full of formulas and equations… it’s what scientists distil much of their work into.

And if after this weekend, we have one fewer moron to deal with… hey, who’s complaining?

Between the Creationists and the flat earthers, there are a lot of idiots competing for air time. If they cull themselves, it’s a blessing. Of sorts, not the divine kind.

Update Sunday 26/11

Looks like he chickened out from becoming the new nominee for the Darwin Awards but blamed the government! Says he’ll do it some day soon, going up there, some day soon!

Exit from Brexit?

It’s possible Parliament just quietly started the process of a Brexit reversal

The notion that Brexit might not happen after all is beginning to gain support. Sir Vince Cable, the Liberal Democrat leader, has claimed that the chances of Brexit falling through are now “maybe 20 per cent, possibly 25 per cent”.

At the weekend, he said: “The probabilities of having an exit from Brexit are rising because of the chronic weakness of the Government – the lack of ability to negotiate a satisfactory deal … We will almost certainly be faced with a poor deal, maybe no deal at all, and I think under those circumstances, [with] large numbers of initially MPs and then the public, wanting to revisit the basic question will rise.”

It’s hard to imagine people with the pusillanimity of MPs actually governing, but we aren’t and should never be governed by referendum. It is parliament’s responsibility to pass laws, approve treaties, and decide what international obligations we enter into or decide to leave.

The very notion that one referendum commits this appalling government to an irreversible course of action is ludicrous. People were lied to during that referendum, by the infamous Brexiteers. Remember 350 million a week for the NHS painted on the side of the Brexiteer bus? Boris’s bus?

The Vote Leave campaign bus (pictured) boasts the slogan: 'We send the EU £350 million a week. Let's fund our NHS instead'. 

With Hammond’s budget, that just turned into 350 million a year. Wow.

Boris Johnson lying again. What a surprise. He’s Britain’s answer to Donald Trump.

Who could possibly have foreseen this???

Brexit: What does Britain losing its EU ‘passporting’ rights mean for banks and how will it affect the economy?

Certainly not the Tory Brexiteers. They can’t foresee breakfast in the morning.

What this means is that British financial institutions can’t sell their products across Europe. And what that means is those institutions will likely decamp to Europe, taking their jobs with them.

Remember “Project Fear”, touted by the avidly xenophobic Brexiteers? They dubbed the opposition to Brexit “Project Fear”and said it falsely claimed disaster would follow Brexit.

Well, a lot of the predictions about consequences of Brexit are coming to pass.

We need to kill Brexit while we can.

More Brexit chaos

Brexit: Minister admits EU citizens could be deported before appeals over their right to stay

EU citizens in the UK face being deported before they can challenge a ruling that does not allow them stay after Brexit, a Government minister says.

The admission triggered an immediate warning that it would cause “considerable alarm” to millions of people already facing huge uncertainty about their futures.

The free movement of peoples in Europe is one of the fundamental rights created by the European Union, and the Tories are set to trash it, like the idiots they are.

We pretty much all know EU nationals resident in the UK, working productively, and the crazy Tories want to destroy their lives.

To paraphrase that evil crittur living in 10 Downing Street, Brexit means Chaos. She likes it.

This guy is inherently destructive

Trump to repeal net neutrality

This move would rescind the FCC regulations that guarantee equal access to websites, which would:

allow internet service providers to block or slow access to specific websites, and allow them to charge for those limits to be lifted.

This doesn’t just affect internet users in the US. It affects international users trying to access US websites served by those providers.

A greater blow to freedom of speech and information can hardly be imagined. But that’s Trump. A blowhard and a liar, he positively hates freedom of speech and information. It’s that freedom that reveals the truth about him.


At least we were not eclipsed by this

Scientists see first confirmed extra-solar meteor going through solar system. Way cool!


BBC: Bizarre shape of interstellar asteroid

The strange, long, red rock has been wandering between the Milky Way for hundreds of million years, failing to become attached to any star system. It then flew through our own, letting scientists have a look at the first alien, interstellar object they’ve ever seen.

“For decades we’ve theorized that such interstellar objects are out there, and now – for the first time – we have direct evidence they exist,” said Thomas Zurbuchen, associate administrator for NASA’s Science Mission Directorate in Washington. “This history-making discovery is opening a new window to study formation of solar systems beyond our own.”

One of the strange things about it is that it is long and roughly cylindrical.

Observations using different telescopes showed that the asteroid’s brightness varied dramatically by a factor of 10 as it span on its axis every 7.3 hours.

“This unusually large variation in brightness means that the object is highly elongated: about 10 times as long as it is wide, with a complex, convoluted shape,” said Dr Meech.

It was discovered by a telescope in Hawaii used to monitor near earth moving objects, and named Oumuamua.