Al Franken resigns

Al Franken resigns: Democratic senator stands down over sexual assault claims

Now, I am saddened that Al Franken was a flawed character. A former Saturday Night Live comedian, he become a senator fearless in investigating idiocies perpetrated by the American Republican government. He was busy doing the right thing.

But way back when, he was doing the wrong thing occasionally – not respecting, but rather molesting female colleagues. Under the deluge of accusations, repudiation by most of his Democratic senatorial colleagues, he did the honourable thing and resigned. A pity it had to be this way, but an appropriate result given his history. Same goes for Democrat Representative Conyers.

How different it is on the Republican side of the aisle. Although a couple of bit players involved in sexual molestation have bitten the dust, President “Pussygrabber” Trump and “Judge” Roy Moore are given a free pass by Republicans allegedly horrified by sexual abuse by Democrats. It seems these guys don’t mind their own candidates grabbing pussy on the side, but utterly condemn Democrats when they do it.

Repugs aren’t learning the lesson. It’s not ok to molest anyone sexually. Even if they are your favourite candidate over a Democrat. Or even if they are a sitting President. Evangelical Christianist hypocrisy will get them eventually. It just hasn’t sunk in yet.

What a surprise! One accused sex abuser supports another.

Who would have thunk it?

Roy Moore: Donald Trump tells Alabamans to ‘get out and vote’ for accused candidate

With respect to senatorial candidate Roy Moore, repudiated by the Republican Senate leadership, it’s a matter of whether to believe his numerous accusers, or a known, lying, Christianist, neo-fascist hypocrite like him. These Christianist evangelical types have a bad reputation for diddling little boys and girls. Much like Catholic priests and nuns. They do love them some innocents.

With respect to Trump, aka President Pussygrabber, all he believes in is his own importance and vanity. He’d support anyone who props it up. Hence he’ll do anything to distract attention from the investigation into his campaign’s collusion with Vladimir Putin’s stooges to change the course of the 2016 presidential election.

While I hope for an election upset in Alabama, I don’t realistically expect it. These good Christianist folk would vote for Satan himself if he said he was a Republican for “family values”, which is code for opposition for women’s freedom to have an abortion, and anything other than the death penalty or forced conversion therapy for gays.

So which is it? Is May stupid or does she think we are?

Theresa May’s Brexit deal ‘hard to reconcile’ with UK leaving the single market and customs union, EU says

An internal EU communiqué from its negotiators to the EU27 member states of the European Council says it is difficult to see how Ms May could still be planning on leaving the two institutions given what she agreed in the early hours of this morning.

The Prime Minister told reporters in Brussels this morning that Britain would still be leaving the single market and customs union, as she had pledged in her Lancaster House speech at the start of the year.

But the joint text she signed up to just minutes earlier pledged that the entire UK would “maintain full alignment with those rules of the Internal Market and the Customs Union” where they were applicable to avoiding a hard border on the island of Ireland.


I’ll be charitable. I don’t think she’s a diabolical Machiavelli trying to fool the British people into thinking she’s working for their interests whereas she’s actually working for her own.

I think she’s a dunderheaded twit way out of her intellectual depth, who while meaning well, hasn’t a solitary clue about what she is doing. Besides trying to keep her backside in Downing Street.

I could be wrong. But if I’m right, who needs a twit as a prime minister?

May slithers through to the next round of talks

Today the EU gave way to Theresa May at the negotiating table

All she succeeded in doing was persuading the DUP and the EU negotiators to let her kick the can down the road a bit, and talk about a trade agreement before settling the unanswered question.  The last thing she’s done is found a solution to the Irish border question.

She must either think the electorate is thick, or she’s genuinely too stupid to realise that a border that is simultaneously closed and open is a contradiction. She can’t have it both ways. If she tries keeping an open border for Northern Ireland and a closed one for the rest of the UK, she might well unleash the break-up of the United Kingdom as other regions – London, Scotland, Wales, for example – seek the same desirable access to the EU market that NI would enjoy.

We don’t all want to go down on the floundering ship, The Little Englander.

And what a fudge it was:

The text promises that, in the event of a no-deal Brexit, the UK would “maintain full alignment with those rules of the Internal Market and the Customs Union which, now or in the future, support North-South cooperation, the all island economy and the protection of the 1998 Agreement”. It is not even grammatical (“support the protection”?).

Ooooh, the rampant Brexiteers are going to love that! “Say what!? We’re going to ‘leave’ the EU but abide by all its rules, without even having any say in their formulation!!!!? What sort of Brexit is that???”

Boris’s chins must have hit the floor, and Gove’s eyebrows the ceiling.

Well, she may have bought herself sometime with her own fractious party because none of the other Tory fools really want to quaff from her poisoned chalice, and who knows what more she promised to buy off the DUP for now. May ought to be toast in her own party, and the only reason she isn’t is no-one in their right minds wants her job right now, or deal with the mess she’s created.

And maybe the EU may have thought it prudent to give her a little extra rope to hang herself with, just to be sure she does it thoroughly and never bothers them again.

But this clusterfuck is no way to run a country or international negotiations. If she goes for an open border for the whole UK, she loses the Brexiteers who hate Europe. If she goes for an open border for NI but a closed one for the rest of the former “UK”, she loses the DUP. If she goes for a completely closed border, she doesn’t get any European trade deal and the Irish Troubles flare up again. Well done Theresa! Screwed every which way, a zombie and she doesn’t have the wit to realise it.

Trump is nothing more than a wrecking ball

Apparently, his sole aim to to bring down everything that was built up without him. It’s what gives him pleasure, maybe even as much as grabbing women by their pussy.


Now, for no understandable reason other than it upsets a lot of people, especially Muslims, he has decided to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Alone among Western nations. The reaction is predictable. And that is what this arsehole revels in: chaos.

Americans must be proud of their choice as president. A narcissistic, thuggish, bullying dilettante who hasn’t the least idea or care what he does, so long as it generates publicity for him. Well done USA.

Is Trump really Putin’s stooge? Looking more and more like it, because the only beneficiary of this cretinous decision to stir the Middle East pot unnecessarily and put extra fire under it is Russia. Trump owes nothing to Netanyahu… but to Putin? Hmmmm… I’m getting convinced.

And as for Theresa May…

…it astonishes me the Tory wolf pack hasn’t put her out her and our misery. They are usually good at going for the jugular when they see weakness.

I think she is hanging on by her fingernails. Tories haven’t replaced her before, but only because they couldn’t agree on a successor, and because they couldn’t agree on a Brexit strategy.

The recent evidence of her incompetence will concentrate their minds. I don’t see how she and her rag tag and bobtail coterie can hang on for much longer.

Tories never cease to amaze me

What an absolutely uselessly feckless crew of shambolic bastards…

Yes, the Brexit Secretary David Davis really does think there’s no point planning for Brexit

That David Davis has, for some weeks, been blustering over the non-existence of detailed sectoral assessments of the economic risks of Brexit by saying they might in fact exist, has drawn comparisons in some quarters to Schrodinger’s cat.

David Davis’s simultaneous claims that the work has both been done and not done has prompted a number of over-educated wags to imagine these assessments as existing in a simultaneous state of done and not done.

That’s giving the intellectually diminutive Davis more credit than he is due. He lied about the existence of studies about the consequences of Brexit, then said they were secret and couldn’t be made public, and now is forced to admit they don’t even exist.

In one of his final public utterances before deleting his Twitter account, the former Vote Leave director Dominic Cummings memorably described Davis as “thick as mince, vain as narcissus and lazy as a toad”.

A warmly generous assessment of this disaster of a minister. The government has no plans for Brexit, because it not only hasn’t got a clue what Brexit will cause, it doesn’t even care. Doesn’t matter, is the Tory slogan, who cares? We’ve got our jobs and pensions and to hell with the rest.

This entire Tory cabinet ought to go. They aren’t fit to organise a booze-up at the local, let alone run a country. Time to take their jobs away.

Coalition of chaos

David Davis vows Northern Ireland will not be ‘left behind’ in EU single market or customs union with softer Brexit deal

David Davis has vowed the Government will not “leave one part of the United Kingdom behind”, by allowing Northern Ireland to have a softer Brexit deal.

Answering an emergency question, the Brexit Secretary insisted efforts to avoid a hard border would not see Northern Ireland remain in the EU single market or customs union.

“That is emphatically not something the United Kingdom government is considering,” Mr Davis told MPs.

“We will not be treating one part of the United Kingdom differently from any other part,” he added.

Another way of looking at it, is why should NI be the only part of the UK to get a good deal from Brexit, while the rest of the country ignominiously crashes out under May’s inept “leadership” (I use the term “leadership” very loosely).

Yesterday was not merely embarrassing for May, it was catastrophically embarrassing. She has shown no policy skills, no political skills and no negotiating skills. She’s a living corpse, left in her position solely because the Tories can’t decide who to replace the zombie with.

Past time to tow the Tory clown car to the wreckers. It just doesn’t “go”. The noise you hear is the engine self-destructing.

Wouldn’t THAT be a lark!

Brexit: Nicola Sturgeon says Scotland should be allowed to ‘stay in EU single market’ if Northern Ireland can

Or indeed, why not Wales and London, according to Welsh First Minister Carwyn Jones and London mayor Sadiq Khan, who both said they wanted similar Brexit deals. And who can blame them. Why should the Irish be singled out as the only part of Britain to escape Tory disaster?

Still, I doubt Sturgeon was really serious, just performing some well deserved political mischief upon the hapless May, who should have seen it coming.

Of course now this heralded deal has been scuppered b the DUP, who quite reasonably point out they can hardly stay part of the European customs union while still being part part of the United Kingdom Of Great Britain And That Bit Of Ireland Which Both Is And Isn’t Ruled From London, we’re back to where we started. How can May create and sustain a political contradiction: a customs border without having an actual border with controlled movement of people, services and goods?

If May had wit enough she would realise that preserving peace in Ireland is well worth continued membership of the European Union, but she is so focused on being outside the customs union, she can’t see the bigger picture. So she’ll have to try and find some other way to fudge it and keep the fractious Tory party in one piece.

Good luck with that. She can’t square a circle.