Little Englander Isolationism

Soooo… what fueled Brexit?

EU referendum: The result in maps and charts

It was largely England. with a few pockets like London objecting to leaving. Scotland and Northern Ireland voted by large majorities to remain. And the government has yet to propose a solution for the Irish border in the event of Brexit. I think they haven’t a clue about it.

The leave vote was skewed by old farts like me. I wasn’t one of them, but it’s embarrassing nevertheless. We of all people should have appreciated the peace that the EU has brought to Europe. But no, my age cohort voted to leave and create chaos again. As if two world wars started in Europe weren’t enough. Morons.

I think – I could be wrong – but I think it was resentment against immigrants that fueled Brexit. Pure racism. I am the child of immigrants. I appreciate what immigrants have done for Britain. They’ve changed our culture forever and for the better. Think curries. And pierogi.

Yet the vote went against Europe, and against everything culturally valuable. Hate crimes against immigrants have increased since that day. The UKIP nasties have been parading in their Nazi regalia.

Maybe the solution is to have the European border around England, since its voters are so hostile to everything foreign. Let the Little Englanders prosper on their own.

Last Scottish independence referendum, I voted against. I’m seriously reconsidering that.

So what does Brexit actually mean?

Maintain close ties with EU to meet challenges of Brexit


Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development


thinks Brexit is going to harm the British economy. It’s forecast to perform poorly afterwards, and actually isn’t performing all that well since the referendum and Tory intransigence to see Brexit through at any and all costs.

Banks and other companies are looking to relocate abroad, and who can blame them? The government can’t even guarantee flights to Europe will still be operating the day after Brexit.

Brexit is a total social and economic disaster, and even Theresa’s best buddy Donald is no help, as his administration slaps a tariff on airplane wings made by Bombardier. This is a taste of what abandoning the EU holds. No friends in Europe, and none elsewhere.

It’s time for a fresh idea, and Oor Theresa isn’t going to have one.

Did we need more evidence that Tory fucktards are clueless, adrift and directionless?

Brexit bill delayed over Government fears it would be defeated in Commons revolt

A semi-competent government might have have figured out a direction to go in, but with the Tory Idiots still fighting over who gets to drive the Clown Car, there is no resolution in sight, and Theresa May’s sad excuse for a government blunders on, bereft of all reason, purpose or direction.

Someone needs to put it out of its misery.

Let’s try a new post and see how that works…

This is a blog to express my frustration with the Tory misgovernent and its effort to destroy the British ecomony through Brexit.

I’ll try to keep my exasperation with the Tory clown car with Boris the Buffoon to a minimum, but it’s become clear that Tory incompetence is wrecking our chances for prosperity. It’s not even a matter of negotiating a good deal with Brexit, it’s become urgent to reverse Brexit entirely.

The idiots who argued for Bexit never thought it through, and now it’s become obvious it’s never going to work. Parliament can put a stop to this nonsense. Theresa May hasn’t the wit to do it. So who will?