Oh the irony!

City bankers are warming to Jeremy Corbyn. This is why

Well, maybe not to the socialist aspects of Labour’s policy positions, but there is one thing they hate even  more: Theresa May’s hardcore Brexit policy which will block British-based financial institutions from operating freely in the EU.

Theresa May’s fateful speech almost a year ago committed her Government to yanking the UK out of the single market and quashed the idea of any continuing role for the European Court of Justice in the UK. As the EU negotiating side has made clear, on multiple occasions, those two decisions spell death for UK-based financial firms’ “passport”, or their ability to sell their services right across the European Union. If they wish to continue serving mainland European clients they will have to establish (or beef up) subsidiaries on the European mainland itself at considerable cost and hassle. And these entities will be regulated by the EU, rather than the UK, authorities.

It’s not that they would welcome a Labour government, with strong views about renationalising certain industries and taxing those who can afford to pay taxes. But with Oor Theresa, they’re going to have to move substantial parts of their businesses to Europe at considerable expense, and also adhere to EU laws.

The awful Tories never considered any of this when they went ahead with Brexit. They are too dumb to rule.

A few lies from the Brexit campaign

Brexit lies: The demonstrably false claims of the EU referendum campaign

A few told on both sides, but the Brexiteers are especially egregious.

‘Absolutely nobody is talking about threatening our place in the single market’ – Conservative MEP Daniel Hannan

Except that Theresa May is doing exactly that, threatening to take Britain out of the  common market, putting jobs and businesses at risk.

‘Once we have settled our accounts, we will take back control of roughly £350m per week’ – Boris Johnson

Well, that was a blatant lie. Pretty buses though. Boris Johnson is our answer to Donald Trump.

‘The UK loses out because other members favour a highly regulated and protectionist economy’ – Jacob Rees-Mogg

Another outstanding Tory liar – there are so many of them. Here’s the reality:

Research by UK in a changing Europe shows that the UK has been in a minority on 57 legislative acts at the European Council since 1999, when the decisions were made public. Since then it has been in the majority on 2,474 acts, and abstained on 70 occasions.

Moreover, we became more likely to vote agin our European allies since the evil Tories took over. You just cannot trust a Tory. They are only interested in protecting the wealthy, and themselves. Rather like Republicans in the US.

Excuse me for being British

Reversing Brexit now would be divisive and undemocratic: it would destroy the trust of the British people

Say what??? Allowing the British people another vote would be undemocratic? Where do these idiot politicians come from?

This is an article by Suella Fernandes, the Conservative MP for Fareham who campaigned for Leave. And from the look of her, a Theresa wannabee.

When British voters voted 52 per cent to 48 per cent to leave the EU I was delighted. It had been a long and sometimes gruelling campaign but at the end of it I thought the British people had made the right choice. If however, the British people had voted to remain, we would have remained in the EU and I would have respected the democratic will of the people. However, we voted to leave and the electorate’s decision is final.

And her majesty is of the opinion that once a decision has been taken, it can never, ever, be reversed, because people are incapable of changing their minds.

While polls show that a large majority of the country, both former Leave and Remain voters, wish to respect the vote I accept that a minority remain bitterly disappointed. Unfortunately, amongst this group there are those who wish to frustrate the Brexit process, via the courts, the media and in Parliament. Among the myriad of amendments to the current European Union (Withdrawal) Bill, Liberal Democrat MPs are seeking a second EU referendum to reverse the first and stay in the European Union. This is a misguided and deeply divisive plan. Misguided because it misunderstands the EU and our EU partners and divisive because it democratically pitting MPs against the electorate.

To start with, polls don’t show vast support for Brexit, quite the reverse. I’m a British citizen and I don’t respect the idiotic vote to leave. The real dividers are the rampant Brexiteers, who have no respect for democracy, history, or the ideals of the European Union.

There is no sign that the British people have changed their minds. Voters were subjected to threats of recession, WWIII and even the end of civilisation. Yet they still decided that, despite all that was said, they wished for our Parliament to make our own laws. The truth is the electorate were perfectly qualified and made a clear and informed choice. We have a great opportunity to use Brexit to do things better. Holding a divisive, expensive and ultimately pointless second referendum is an idea that should be consigned to the political dustbin.

There is every sign that some people have changed their minds. A referendum is a lousy way of running a democracy. I am not surprised that a rabid Brexiteer is afraid of another one that would thwart her desires. Heaven forfend the British people get another chance at the polls. They might disagree with her, and they should never, ever, get that chance.

Looks like Britons have changed their mind

Brexit: Britons now back Remain over Leave by 10 points, exclusive poll shows

The British public has swung behind staying in the EU by its largest margin since the referendum, with those backing Remain outstripping Leavers by ten points, a new poll has revealed.

The exclusive survey for The Independent by BMG Research showed 51 per cent now back remaining in the union, while 41 per cent want Brexit.

Once “don’t knows” were encouraged to choose one way or the other, or excluded, the Remain lead rises to 11 points. Either way, it is the biggest gap since the June 2016 vote.

Referendum was never a British way of making decisions, it’s a parliamentary vote that counts, not populistic bombast. Or at least before the current Tory clusterfuck it used to.

However, since the noxious Tories got us into the present mess with a referendum, maybe it’s the way out of it.

Now we have the consequences of leaving in front of us, rather than the sordid lies of xenophobic  Brexiteers, we could come to a more informed decision.

The calamitous May won’t go for another referendum, of course, not unless it’s forced on her unwilling corpse. She’s no advocate of direct democracy, preferring the top down method of governance. Being the autocrat she is.

But now the consequences of leaving are more obvious to people than in the previous referendum, maybe we should be given a chance to publicly change our minds.

Gove and Johnson would loose theirs, but they don’t have too much mind between them to matter.

Let’s end religious extremism

Ofsted chief inspector Amanda Spielman received ‘venomous’ abuse after questioning faith schools

Amanda Spielman said she had been the victim of some “pretty venomous stuff”, receiving “nasty tweets” and threatening emails from what she believed to be a “mixture of Islamic extremists and the hard left”.

“I’m not easily bruised. I don’t fall over when I see a load of nasty tweets pointed at me, but there has been some pretty venomous stuff,” she told The Times.

“I had an email, which was the most threatening one, which was along the lines of, ‘We know where you live and we can get you any time we want to’.”

Well, let’s face it, she was talking about Islamic schools, but the principle extends more widely. It’s not just Islamic schools that are teaching prejudice as opposed to an education, it’s religious schools in general.

Now, what she says is that these religious schools aren’t teaching “British values”. It is not entirely clear what she means by “British values”. She has said as reported in, Schools must teach British values, says head of Ofsted:

“Pupils should learn how we became the country we are today and how our values make us a beacon of liberalism, tolerance and fairness.”

Religious schools aren’t exactly beacons of liberalism, tolerance and fairness. They are the exact opposite. I’m not arguing they should be abolished, though maybe I should be. I’m just saying that if we tolerate them to exist, we should insist on a secular core of education, whether it is taught in those schools or in public schools outside them.

They should not be the sole or primary modes of education. And death threats against people who promote secular education should be investigated and prosecuted.

A reminder of why the European Union exists…

The house that Edek built – and the secret suitcase kept inside

Edek was a Jewish Pole who survived World War II, in a remarkable journey made by many Poles of his generation – those who survived Stalin and Hitler and made it out of Poland, never to return. This was the Polish diaspora, though I have to admit that many Poles of the day, and even this day, shared antisemitism with the Nazis. I don’t forgive or forget that.

Hilltop in Italy, 1944

Edek ended up in Britain, through Iraq and Italy in that war, and built a new life here as an immigrant, as did my parents, his contemporaries, though they didn’t draw or paint as well. Check out the BBC link for more examples of his art found in that suitcase. Astounding.

And yet Tory Brexiteers hold immigrants up as examples of why Britain needs to leave Europe – they just aren’t British enough. Immigrants have made Britain what it is today, Tories notwithstanding. Doesn’t matter whether they come from Poland, some other European country, or countries in Asia and Africa. Doesn’t matter if they are refugees.

They have made Britain what is is and should all be welcome here, because if Britain doesn’t stand as a beacon of hope, what’s the point?

Edward Herzbaum/Hartry's wartime identity documents

What I find additionally poignant is that Edek felt it necessary, when naturalised as a British citizen, to change his name from Herzbaum to Hartry, concealing his Jewish ancestry. The article above doesn’t expand on why he felt he needed to do that, but I think we can reasonably surmise he didn’t feel safe in Britain with a Jewish monicker. Not much has changed there.

And May makes another compromise… weaker and wobblier?

Brexit deadline: Theresa May to avoid another embarrassing defeat with last-gasp compromise over departure date

The planned date and time – 11pm on 29 March 2019 – would still be on the face of the Bill, as the Prime Minister pledged in a blaze of publicity last month.

However, MPs would be given the “power to amend the definition of ‘exit day’” at a later date, providing the potential for the UK to ask the EU to extend the Article 50 negotiations if necessary.

There is a certain satisfaction to be derived in seeing a government humbled by the House of Commons. Usually the whip is in the government’s hands, but unusually brave Tory MPs turned it around.

Roy Moore won’t concede…

Donald Trump says Roy Moore should concede, three days after he lost in Alabama

President Donald Trump has called on Roy Moore to admit defeat and concede after voters in Alabama chose to elect Democrat Doug Jones to the United States Senate on Tuesday.

Mr Moore has thus far refused to concede, instead indicating that he is waiting for direction from God.

Odd… I thought these Republican fascists believed Trump was god?

Well, if he’s waiting for god, I guess we’ll never get to hear a concession speech from one of the nastiest living examples of the human species.

As for Trump, he’s not much better, but I will say one thing for him, he hasn’t an ideological bone in his body. He doesn’t believe anything the Republicans or evangelical Christians believe in. The only thing he believes in in his own fortune and well-being – his reputation having been destroyed beyond all repair –  and will do and say anything true or false to improve that. The only thing one needs to ask when Trump announces a policy or opinion, is, what’s in it for Trump? Is it going to hurt him or help him.