Is Trump America’s worst president?

Well, here’s an article that claims he’s not so bad…

Is Donald Trump really America’s worst President? Walking through Washington’s monuments reveals the answer

Actually, it didn’t. The author takes comfort in the fact that Trump hasn’t actually started a war like George Bush, yet, or authorised illegal break-ins like Richard Nixon.

But it takes some sort of idiot to think he’s competent or capable of doing the job.

Boris is a total wanker

And how do we know he’s wanking? He makes proposals like this:

Considering Boris Johnson’s past transport ideas, we should all be very worried about the Channel bridge

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Oor Boris

Why, in the name of all gods, would Boris be arguing for a channel bridge for unfettered traffic between Britain and Europe, when he has just lied his way through a campaign supporting Brexit to take Britain out of Europe, and separate us from the rest of the continent?

It’s not that such a bridge isn’t technically achievable, it probably is, though funding it would require a Tory magic money tree, and putting a bridge over the world’s busiest sea lanes is not obviously a good idea. Hence the Chunnel. Strange is it not how Tories can always find funding for necessities like bribes to the DUP or favours for their political friends and donors, and always for favourite projects. But never for something essential like the NHS or education.

The main problem with Johnson’s twittery is this: when you want Britain to separate from Europe, what is the fucking point of a channel bridge? The traffic won’t be free… there’ll be vast parking lots on either side waiting to get through customs and immigration control.

Johnson is just waving his fat hands trying to create the illusion that he’s a serious politician and not opposed to Europe as such. He just hasn’t two worthwhile thoughts to string together. If he were that fond of Europe, he wouldn’t have supported Brexit. He’s our Trump.

Total wanker. Why he is still in the cabinet, I’ve no idea… no, wait… May is still prime minister and she’s of the same intellectual calibre, plus being weak and wobbly. The Tory Clown Car rolls on, oblivious to reality.

Another reason to get out of the Tory clown car…

… before it careers off the cliff, as if Carillion weren’t enough.

Tory government votes not to retain European human rights charter in UK law after Brexit

It’s not as though the Tories have any respect for human rights. They believe most humans are consumers and/or employees who should be dedicated to supporting the capitalist rich way of life, a way of life the vastly overwhelming majority will never enjoy. Not for the Tories the slogan:  Not for the few but the many”. They wouldn’t understand the concept. The only rights they respect are those of wealth people and party contributors.

The Independent reports that:

The Charter includes a wide range of basic protections, including the right to a private life, freedom of speech, equality provisions and employment rights governing how workers are treated. It is broader than the European Convention on Human Rights, which is already part of UK law through the Human Rights Act.

It also reports that Tories claim these rights are or will be enshrined in other legislation, but trusting a Tory promise is tantamount to disaster.

Trusting Theresa May on this is like trusting a drunk to drive safely. Not wise. The only thing she is interested in is keeping her arse in Downing Street while negotiating a path between the sensible remainers in her party and the wild-eyed Brexiteers. She isn’t even interested in the best solution for Britain. But she does know who her party contributors are, and ultimately, that’s who she wants to satisfy.

Another Tory triumph!

Blame Tory negligence and ideology for Carillion’s collapse

The Tories claim they will continue to provide the public services that had been out-sourced to Carillion. But will they explain either why they didn’t see this coming, despite numerous signs over the last year, or if they did, why didn’t they do anything intelligent about it? Why did they they give the failing company more contracts after it issued a profits warning in July of last year?

Are they so preoccupied by flaming Brexit they can’t even govern competently any longer? Maybe they could look to the £1.5 billion they bribed the DUP with for votes instead of the magic money tree they pretend doesn’t exist.

Carillion collapse: Five urgent questions the Government must answer

Why were public contracts awarded after it was known the company was in trouble? Why was the Government so reliant on a single company? Why was the Carillion chair advising the government on corporate social responsibility? Why hasn’t it been nationalised? And shouldn’t this prompt a wider re-think of privatisation?

Because Tories are incompetent, allergic to public ownership of anything, want to give their rich buddies and contributors a kickback, croneyist, and ideologically hidebound?

Wanna bet?

Oh, Jeremy…

Why not just get off your arse and oppose Brexit? Then I might support you.

Jeremy Corbyn says US is not Britain’s most important relationship as he hits out at ‘offensive’ Donald Trump

Yes, we know Donald is an arsehole… sorry, shithole. Theresa was a total twit to invite him at all, but at least he’s not coming. Here, anyway.

But you need to stop sounding off like a Tory about Europe. That’s where we belong. Get some spine and support that!

Tories never saw this one coming…

Brexit talks latest: EU to target UK tax haven territories as trade negotiations begin

Oooops. All those places rich Brits can stash their cash without paying taxes on it. Idyllic little islands, Jersey apart because it’s in the dismal Channel, eh well, what a shame. I do feel for the rich bastards so. One more thing for May to worry about, the contributors to her Tory coffers having to pay more taxes. Shame!

Neo-Nazis hail Trump

Well, not much surprise there. I doubt Trump has enough ideology in him to be a Nazi himself, his only ideal is his self-glorification, but he’s chosen the Nazis and white supremacists to get it. Shithole that he is.

Neo-Nazis say Donald Trump’s ‘shithole countries’ comments show he thinks like them

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It’s not that Trump has actual thoughts, more base impulses. I doubt he can read let alone think. And there is little doubt there is no more hated person on the planet. Even Theresa May, vile though she is, stands head and shoulders above Trump.

No American president has been this despised across the globe. Reagan had is critics, but gee, he was a nice guy, and his dementia wasn’t diagnosed properly till after his last term. Bush the younger, the chimp, was not respected as he was a bit of a twit and got America (and Britain through the malicious Tony Blair) involved in needless wars, but even he stands well above Trump.

Trump is just a destructive egomaniac. Not a single positive quality. An avid conspiracy theorist, he makes up his own realty as he goes. The sooner he is ejected from office, the better. America is tainted by him.

Black Republicans deserting Trump

Gee…. I wonder why??? The phrase “black Republican” may be turning into an oxymoron.

Former Republican party chairman says Trump’s ‘shithole’ comments prove he’s racist

[asterisks removed]

Michael Steele, who served as the first black chairman of the Republican National Committee, said on MSNBC that enough is enough, and that Mr Trump’s comments prove the point.

“At this point, the evidence is incontrovertible, it’s right there,” Mr Steele said when asked about Mr Trump’s reported comments.

True. There isn’t any other way of looking at it. Trump is as racist as his base. That’s why they love him. And if the Republican party won’t throw this trash out in the dumpster it belongs, they will own it. Oh, wait… they already do!

Republicans are the party of racism, homophobia and misogyny. They stand for the white racist male fascist.