Trump farts again

Donald Trump will not declassify Democrats’ memo rebutting claims of FBI abuse

After having dithered about sharing Trump sycophant Devin Nunes’ memo claiming the FBI illegally monitored a  Trump campaign flunky in order to make it seem more exciting and important, he now refuses to release another memo exposing the lies in the first memo. His memo flopped because it was asinine, so he now wants to stop a contradictory memo to get out.

Quelle surprise.

The one thing Trump is allergic to is reality. The truth. He wouldn’t recognise it if rolled over his obese body. He prefers to make it up as he goes along, whatever suits at the time.

Lord knows, presidents have been known to tell whoppers. Nixon, Bush and Bush Jr. Even Obama wasn’t exactly accurate all the time. But Trump… it’s a lie a minute. He cannot open his mouth without lying. He’s a pathetic excuse for a human being.

It doesn’t get dumber than a religious fundamentalist

These idiots just aren’t capable of reasoning.

Charity Commission to question Christian megachurch over ‘flu shot’ video

The fundie in this case is a Christianist one, though Jewish, Hindu and Muslim fundies aren’t any better. Morons, the lot of them.

This idiot, Gloria Copeland, decided to make a video telling the gullible faithful they don’t need to take flu shots. Because, guess what? Jesus took them for all Jesus believers!!! If only you believe, you will never get the flu!

It takes religion to be this ignorant. Viruses don’t listen to anyone’s god. They are just a force of nature. If you are stupid enough to think religious belief is enough to protect you from a virus, no-one will mourn your departure from flu. Say “Hi!” to Jesus on your way out.

Theresa May chooses her adviser unwisely. Not much surprise there.

EU Parliament Brexit chief accuses one of Theresa May’s closest allies of spreading ‘far-right’ propaganda about George Soros

The adviser in question is Nick Timothy in The Daily Telegraph, an article which accused Jewish businessman Mr Soros of a “secret plot” to thwart Brexit.

Soros did donate £400,000 to anti-Brexit campaigners. That’s true. He didn’t do it secretly, it was announced.

Soros, like many British citizens including this one, thinks Brexit is the stupidity of the century. There is nothing wrong with opposing Brexit. It was an idiotic decision, made without full information, and in an avalanche of lies by Brexiteers like Johnson and Gove. It can be reversed as it should be, if enough people act to make that happen.

Soros is Hungarian, and reviled by Hungary’s far right government.

May’s advisor went on to claim: “that Mr Soros had a hand in the downfall of Russian-backed regimes in both Georgia and Ukraine, and that he is behind an “ultra-liberal crusade” in Hungary.”

And what, pray tell (if the accusation is true and given the source that’s unclear), is wrong with liberating countries from Russian mobsters like Putin, or advocating for liberalism in Hungary? If it’s all done openly, as it is, and not secretly, as May’s misbegotten adviser claims, what’s the issue?

The issue is obvious. The far right in Britain do not like opposition, so they will do everything they can to undermine it. They’ve never been convinced by democracy. They like plutocracy much more. Nick Timothy reminds me of Donald Trump. Far too much fondness for Russian oligarchs.

Tory clown car rattles on regardless

Either there’s no-one in the driver’s seat, or so many Tory clowns are throwing poo at each other, no-one can get in it.

Leaked Brexit impact assessment: North East and West Midlands would be hardest hit in GDP terms

The impact study, derided by the idiotic Moggster as a fabrication after government minister Steven Baker apologised for the same lie, is leaked.

Deliciously, some regions of the UK that voted massively to leave, will suffer the most from their vote. Soft or hard Brexit, Britain as a whole takes a hit, bigger with hard Brexit, but regions hit hardest are projected to be North East England, West Midlands and Northern Ireland.

North East England voted to leave by a large majority. Eh well, what goes around, comes around. But nowhere in Britain fares well. I doubt that May’s religious faith in the benevolence of Trump’s America, China and Japan is going to make much of a dent there. And what the fuck is the sense of ignoring the market next door for the markets far away?

Tories are idiots. That is why they drive a clown car. It’s the best they can do.

Looks like Trump is suffering from a severe case of military bragging envy

He bragged on Twitter that his nuclear button was bigger than Kim Jong-un’s, establishing he’s a total manchild obsessed with seeming  better than everyone at everything. Obsessed with winning whatever the cost. The truth being whatever lie suits his purpose at any given moment. Now the First Moron of the US wants this:

Trump military parade: Which other countries have large-scale public displays of military might?

Trump wants the Pentagon to stage a military rally to show off his manliness and military prowess. This was supposedly  inspired by the Bastille Day parade in France, and he wants it bigger and better than that, but is a showman and carnival barker like him likely to want to stop there?

Or is it more likely he is casting envious eyes on the military shows in China, Russia and Korea, and salivating about masturbating to one like those, starring him? Most likely with a porn star on either side massaging his tiny weiner, as Melania appears to have developed an allergy to being seen anywhere near him. She’s smarter than I thought.

Given his odious remarks accusing Democrats who didn’t applaud his dull State of the Union ramblings of being “treasonous”, he obviously has dictator envy as well.

He might even, 4-times draft dodger that he was, contemplate putting on a military dress uniform with peaked cap and lots of filigree (to hide the lack of medals) for the spectacle, for pure personal aggrandisement. I wouldn’t put it past his tasteless tone deafness. He must envy Kim Jong-un a lot. It’s good to be the King. Not necessarily to be the subject, though.

Trump these days seems to fantasise about the size of his button. Perhaps because no woman in their right mind would want to be in the same room as this revolting  creep.

Has Theresa May lost her effing mind?

Well, it would be no surprise give Tory infighting and her own intransigence. You should check out The Independent’s recent cartoons.

Theresa May stokes fears NHS ‘for sale’ in post-Brexit US trade deal after refusing to rule it out of Trump talks

In prime minister’s questions, she refused (!) to answer the question asked by Lib-Dem leader Vince Cable, “Can she confirm that, in her conversations with President Trump, she has made it absolutely clear to him the NHS is not for sale?”

She is willing to sell or rent the NHS to the disastrous American “health care” industry in order to secure a trade deal with Trump. She’s that desperate, she’ll cling to straws. It is not possible to trust this prime minister. I wouldn’t trust her to run a flea-market stall.

First, it is fucking insane to ask companies involved in US health care to run any part of the NHS. That’s an absolute no-no considering how many Americans have to go without. And how many more will have to go without once the ogre Trump is done with them.

Second, what the fuck does the idiot think she’s doing thinking of trusting Trump in any trade negotiations at all? She’s lost her bleeding marbles, or she’s so engrossed in screwing up Brexit she can’t think any more. Trump is a proven liar, he reneges on contracts, he won’t keep his word, and is a completely untrustworthy partner in any enterprise. He’ll betray you sooner than spit on you.

I think I’ve I’ve said this before, but if she doesn’t realise this, she’s even dumber than I thought. Worst prime minister in history.

Cadet “Bone Spurs”

This is a delicious demolition of Trump…

Senator who lost legs in Iraq attacks Donald Trump over treason claims: ‘I swore an oath to the Constitution, not Cadet Bone Spurs’

The odious Trump declared the Democratic senators and representatives who didn’t stand up to clap at his idiocies spoken during the state of the union address, a dreary diatribe that lasted for an hour and a half, were… yes, “traitors”. Apparently, disagreeing with Trump is treason, according to Trump the nitwit.

Senator Tammy Duckworth lost both legs during a military mission in Iraq. She served and lost limbs. Trump, on the other hand, “received five deferments from service in the Vietnam War: four for academic reasons and one for bone spurs – calcium formations – in his heels.”

She continued: “I have a message for ‘Cadet Bone Spurs’. If you cared about our military, you’d stop baiting Kim Jong-un into a war that could put 85,000 American troops, and millions of innocent civilians, in danger.”

Trump is clueless and a danger to the US and NATO. He needs to be removed from office, and the Republicans haven’t the wit or guts to do it.

Former head of the diplomatic service calls Tory Brexit proposals “mushy thinking”…

… if indeed they can be classified as thought of any sort.

Foreign leaders think UK has ‘lost the plot’ by pursuing Brexit, says a former head diplomat

Sir Simon Fraser opines that this is because other countries think that Britain’s influence will wane in isolation from other major trading partners, and also because Theresa May’s vision of a “global Britain” is ill-thought out, and not much more than a slogan without substantive plans or ideas.

A visit to China is nice, but a trading deal through a large economic bloc like the EU would be more remunerative than tiny little Britain trying to bluster it’s a big player. May has delusions of grandeur, and the Chinese are likely to have a very different view of her trip than she has. They aren’t really equals.

Hot-heated Tory Brexiteers like Johnson, Gove and the lamentable Moggster, let alone the fading May, have so far offered nothing concrete to replace the common market of the European Union, just bland platitudes that it will all be wonderful in the end, only trust us and believe!

Only an idiot would believe these schmucks.

Whether May goes limping along or gets replaced as PM by an extremist chowderhead is apparently likely to be decided this month, with the Brexiteers and Tory remainers clashing loudly and unproductively over policy.

I’d suggest passing the popcorn and enjoying the fracas, but the only good that can come of this is a general election to get rid of the schmucks, and truth be told, Jeremy Corbyn is no more to be trusted on Brexit than May.

Oh dear. Oor Theresa and The Donald just don’t seem to agree on much these days.

Theresa May responds to Trump’s NHS attack: ‘I’m proud of free health service’

Trump. ever eager to curtail the health and opportunities of poor Americans, found a new target to attack Democrats and universal health care with: the NHS. He really hasn’t been kind to May… well, who has been? He’s criticised her performance on anti-terrorism (too soft), Brexit (not harsh enough), and now universal health care (too much of it). I concede she deserves a lot of criticism, but not from his contrarian perspective.

Let’s face it, if May were a contestant on his old Apprentice show, she’d have been fired in the first minute, and not all her sexual wiles and allures would have served to swerve him. He’s a complete reptile and only interested in much younger women, preferably not his wife.

There’s no question the NHS is underfunded, and the ratbag Tories would rather spend billions on upgrading Trident than funding health care, but Oor Theresa says she’s “proud” of the NHS, which she is starving for cash. That’s embarrassing. Which is more important to health in the UK? Four nuclear-armed submarines, or a functioning NHS? The subs carry up to 16 missiles, each with up to 8 warheads, but only one is deployed at any one time.

The NHS needs to be deployed all the time. I mean, who is Britain deterring with the Tridents? The French? Every other nuclear power has vastly more megatonage, and many countries the size of Britain manage very well without. Realistically, when would Britain ever actually use the things? But we need hospitals and emergency rooms on a daily basis.

Hopefully if she has learned one thing from the debacle of her premiership, it’s that she can’t trust her buddy Trump. He’s volatile and unreliable, no kind of business partner. Do I trust her to learn the obvious? Not in the least. Her performance on Brexit shows she’s completely oblivious to the obvious.

More food for thought

Brexit is ‘biggest threat’ to the future of the NHS, say 100 MPs, MEPs and peers from five parties

During the Brexit campaign, leading Tory Brexiteers lied about how much they would pay the NHS after leaving – their £350 million a week lie. Check out their bus.

The reality is that with the downturn in the British economy following Brexit, the loss of government revenue, the decline in EU nursing staff applications to work in the UK, down 89%, the NHS is looking to be up the creek without a paddle. Not that the Tories care – they all have private insurance, wealthy fuckers that they are.

Tories want to privatise the NHS out of existence, to achieve the health care nirvana of the USA, where most people don’t have affordable  health care insurance, and the wealthy don’t have to subsidise the poor.

The reality is Tories care for no-one other than themselves. They don’t care about the British people, except as folk they can exploit for their own gain. They are a party dedicated to self-interest as their sole guide.