Donald Trump defending gay rights globally???

I must admit, when I first heard that Trump’s maladministration had decided to start a campaign to encourage gay rights across the world, I thought I was losing my mind. Trump, who cosies up to religious christo-fascists who would see gays burned at the stake? Trump supporting gay rights? Internationally? Among all the dictatorial regimes he aspires to emulate and who hate gay people?

Well, first there’s the perspective that the last person who should be defending gay rights should be the moron Trump. The hypocrisy is appalling.

Thanks, Donald Trump, but as a gay man I’d rather you didn’t go on a global campaign in my name

The article enumerates the many ways Trump and his allies on the far Christian right, including VP Mike Pence, a born again, Christianist, anti-gay bigot, have acted to restrict gay rights in the US. The author concludes:

I am extremely tired of watching far-right politicians use gay people to increase hostility towards Muslims and non-white cultures, while actively encouraging discrimination at home and turning a blind eye to their homophobic allies. LGBT+ rights are not a game. For some of the most marginalised people in the world, they are the difference between life and death.

Looks like the stunt is another means of distracting attention from bigoted domestic policies by pretending to focus on bigots abroad, without actually meaning any of it.

But it gets worse. Apparently Trump is unaware of his initiative!

Trump appears unaware of his administration’s own pro-LGBT+ campaign just two days after launch

Mr Trump, apparently missing the question, asks, “Say it?” to which the reporter repeats, “Your push to decriminalise homosexuality around the world”. 

“I don’t know which report you’re talking about. We have many reports,” Mr Trump responds, before attempting to move on to another question. 

There is speculation he feigned ignorance because he wanted to avoid offending his christofascist base. But Trump is nothing more than a gasbag, an illiterate, pompous, self-serving, hypocritical, narcissistic and egotistical liar, who as has no aim other than to advance his own power and wealth. It’s perfectly credible he has no idea what his administration is doing.

And given that his administration is composed almost entirely of corrupt fools in it for themselves, I can see that this initiative of white ex-colonialists lecturing former colonies about anti-gay laws the colonialists imposed in the first place is not much more than a distraction to increase hatred of Muslims.

It’s true a lot of Islamic nations persecute and execute gay people. A lot of those nations are Trump’s close allies. He doesn’t give a shit about gays, any more than he gives a shit about anyone who can’t offer him anything to make him feel good. Or wealthier.

This gay rights initiative stinks to high heaven and because Trump’s cronies are behind it, will get nowhere. Even if Trump hasn’t a clue what’s going on. It’s just a pinkwash to make the US look supportive of gay rights domestically, while increasing American opposition to certain Muslim nations (Iran and Iraq).

Makes you sick.

And I see the Tories are beginning to fray at the edges too

Tory modernising wing has been destroyed, say defecting trio of MPs

Anna Soubry, Sarah Wollaston and Heidi Allen explained their decision to join the new group, founded this week by seven Labour MPs, who also left their party.

In a devastating critique of Theresa May’s handling of the Brexit negotiations, the three MPs said, at a press conference Wednesday afternoon, that the Tories had lurched to the right, adopting Ukip policies and pursuing a hard Brexit.

Their move reduces May’s already tenuous working majority to eight, raising still more questions over her authority amid rumours that there could be further Tory defections to come.

Fair enough, the like of Jacob Rees-Mogg are enough to make anyone’s stomach churn. Now this is a far more welcome split than the Labour one, though it does drive Tories even further into the hands of their neo-fascist wing. It remains to be seen whether any more are driven away by the mad barking of the Tory far-right Brexiteers.

Sympathy, or no?

Isis Briton Shamima Begum faces move to revoke citizenship

I must admit, I am in several minds about this. On the one hand,
Shamima Begum made the decision to join Isis with a couple of her school friends in 2015, at the age of 15, and is now 19 with a newly born son. Neither are ages of emotional or mental stability or maturity. It’s been speculated she was brainwashed into going. If so, what responsibility does she actually have for her actions?

On the other hand, she’s said she doesn’t regret going or anything she’s done, and that she supports the aims of Isis terrorism. So what has she actually done, besides joining Isis and supporting their political goals, which are more than mere terrorism? Possibly her actions were criminal, though performed by a juvenile. If there is reason to believe her actions were criminal, surely the thing to do would be to bring her back, let her go through psychological assessment, and prosecute her in a fair court of law to find whether she is, in fact, guilty of the charges.

At least her family could then look after the boy who is perhaps a tad too young to have committed terrorist crimes.

It’s no solution to make her or her child stateless as Sajid Javid, the home secretary, clearly wants to do. Well, he’s a Tory so has no sense of compassion, ethics or morality worth mentioning. He’s also a member of a party and government whose policy, along with that of the US, has been to attack Muslim nations, thus driving the fears and hopes that caused the rise of Isis in the first place. (Let’s not forget Labour’s Blair and the war against Iraq. Plenty of blame to go around. Let’s not forget Corbyn’s embrace of antisemites in his Labour party, either.) UK and US policy has been in no small way contributory to terrorism spawned in the Middle East. If we keep throwing petrol on the fire by attacking Muslims, how is this ever to get sorted?

I don’t know whether Shamima Begum committed a crime in doing what she did, or whether she was brainwashed into doing it, or whether there is a hope of reconciliation, contrition or rehabilitation. And neither will anyone else if she is made stateless, as the Tory government insists. It will just result in the destruction of at least two lives, hers and her son’s. And who knows what other horrors that might generate or inflame.

I can understand the resentment against Isis and its terroristic crimes. What we should do is look beyond that, and take lessons from Ireland, which we are on the brink of pulling asunder again, thanks to stupid Brexit Tories. Sometimes to heal, we have to forget, forgive and turn a blind eye, so we can move on from the present horror to something better.

Corbyn can go boil his head

Corbyn tells exiles: you were elected to carry out Labour manifesto

Jeremy Corbyn has issued a defiant message to the seven MPs who resigned from his party on Monday, reminding them they stood in the 2017 general election on Labour’s manifesto, and “were elected to carry out those policies”. […]

“I regret that seven MPs decided they would no longer remain part of the Labour party. I thank them for their work,” Corbyn said, when asked about their departure.

He added: “I hope they realise they were elected to parliament on a manifesto that was based around investment in the future; that was based around a more equal and fairer society; that was based around social justice – and it is that programme that we are going to put to the electorate in the future, that does have enormous support. They were elected to carry out those policies. They decided to go somewhere else.”

Labour is keen to ramp up the pressure on the seven to trigger byelections in their seats, and run against official Labour candidates.

Aside from the fact that politicians aren’t wedded indissolubly to manifesto promises, and would be poor politicians if they were dogmatically fixated on promises despite any evidence that might arise showing a promise fulfilment might cause more damage than good, I don’t see anything said by these MPs to say that they reject everything about the Labour 2017 manifesto.

What they said, basically, is they no longer have any faith in Corbyn’s leadership to deliver those or any other promises, and that he would be a poor choice of prime minister, a view I share despite liking some manifesto proposals. The issues they were critical of were diverse, ranging from an unwillingness to tackle antisemitism in the Labour party, which Corbyn continues to ignore, to an unwillingness to place Brexit to a new popular vote, despite the party promising it would if it failed to get a general election.

It’s Corbyn breaking the promises. Now, I think the split will in the long run be no more successful than the departure of the SDP from Labour that ushered in 11 years of Margaret Thatcher. I can understand the frustration of these members with Corbyn’s refusal to act intelligently and flexibly, but I don’t think their actions will accomplish much, beyond firing a much-needed shot across Corbyn’s bows, though apparently he isn’t listening yet.

He’s clearly as dogmatic as May, as equally useless as a leader. Neither do I think by-elections in those constituencies would accomplish more than possibly returning May’s Commons majority, which is not going to help anyone. Corbyn is getting what he deserves, and he has no-one to blame but his own inflexibility and shortsightedness.

He thinks he can get his manifesto through by breaking Britain through Brexit. Instead, he’s causing a lot of previous Labour voters like myself to reconsider those votes as mistakes. He is willing to collude with May in Britwreck. Is Corbyn mentally capable of reviewing his opinions? Apparently not, hence his problems.

Labour split

No huge surprise here. Corbyn has been a disastrous leader, failing on both Brexit and antisemitism, and some Labour MPs couldn’t take the lack of leadership any longer. I can’t say I really blame them, but the consequences of their action could be dire.

The problem is, of course, this gives May incentive to call another election, hoping to follow in the odious Margaret Thatcher’s shoes and get another 10 years in office because the main opposition party is split. Thatcher’s 11 year reign is something the UK has not yet recovered from, and any more May years would be lethal. Especially if they turned into Johnson or Gove years.

The problem is, Corbyn is no catch, either. I couldn’t face voting Tory or Labour at this point, leaving the SNP as the only practical alternative in my neck of the woods.

Brexit has become a circus without a competent ringmaster, let alone mistress. At this point, I can’t foresee any good outcome. Parliament doesn’t have a majority to give Brexit the heave-ho, which would be the sensible thing to do. It was always a terribly bad idea. Neither does it have a majority for no deal, or May’s deal. Which leaves one questioning what the fuck, if anything, it does have a majority for?

Both Labour and Tories have the responsibility of turning Brexit into a catastrophe, Tories more than Labour since they are in government failing to do anything right, but Corbyn has his share, too. He’s offered no alternatives, hoping to capitalize on May’s failure, but the Labour split has put an end to that hope. He has nothing else to contribute.

There’s no idiot like a Tory

Senior Conservative under fire after dismissing march for fresh Brexit referendum as ‘desperate stuff’

Senior Tories were accused of “sniping” at the huge numbers of campaigners set to take part in a giant march for a fresh Brexit referendum, a day after it was announced.

Brexit minister, Martin Callanan, came under fire after he branded next month’s “Put It To The People March” – part of The Independent’s Final Saycampaign – “desperate stuff”.

James Cleverly, a Conservative vice-chairman, tweeted sarcastically: “The only thing that might make me change my mind is a bloke in a blue hat with yellow stars shouting ‘Stop Brexit’. Yep, that might do it.”

It’s obvious Tories care fuck all for Britain. All the bastards want is a huge noise while exiting the EU. They don’t care about trade or jobs. They don’t care about the UK’s international status. All they want to do is say FU to the EU.

There isn’t a single sentient human being in the Tory party. They’ve become little islander Trumpists.

Britain remains divided

Majority of voters want Theresa May to delay Brexit, exclusive Independent poll finds

Not much of a majority. 53%, hardly more than voted for Brexit in the first place. So only 53% want to avoid catastrophe,

The poll by BMG Research found that the public also favoured a delay, possibly to prepare for a second referendum, while 33 per cent would back a no-deal exit, even if it hits the economy, and 14 per cent did not know.

The poll found nearly half (49 per cent) believed a no-deal Brexit would be an economic catastrophe that would do lasting damage to the country. Some 28 per cent disagreed with the statement.

Asked if they would support a final vote, whether a deal is reached or not, 50 per cent backed the idea, while 32 per cent opposed it.

So at least one third of the country supports Britwreck, whatever the consequences. They don’t care about driving the country into the dirt, they only want to be free of those disgusting foreigners and coloured people. It’s the same one third that supports Trump in the US whatever disaster he visits on their country.

I must admit I would have hoped for better numbers, but clearly there is a hard core load of Brits who simply hate foreigners. One third of Britons are bigots unwilling to embrace any form of internationality. And it looks like they, thanks to the moron Theresa May, will win, causing a disaster Britain hasn’t seen since WWII.

Back to Liam Neeson

Liam Neeson started a vital debate. To condemn him is to end it

In one brief interview, Neeson made a horrible admission that once, when he was told that a friend had been raped by a black man, he went out with a cosh looking to murder any random black male whom he saw as offensive. Apparently he did this for a week. Not exactly what we might describe as an enlightened response, and it has drawn a lot of drool among the commentariat.

Rightly, that sort of behaviour has been condemned, but Neeson wasn’t boasting about it, he regretted it. He owned up when he could have stayed silent, and said he had been wrong. Commentators have taken the opportunity to condemn Neeson, while not considering whether Neeson had gone through some sort of evolution from the prat that was, to the man that is.

If Neeson has, in fact, undergone an evolution from being a racist pig to a decent human being, that’s worth commenting on and exploring, to understand how it happens.

I recall myself in primary school. It was a Catholic primary, and I was the child of Polish parents who immigrated as refugees during WWII. There was one girl in my class, indeed in the whole school – this was early 60s Scotland where almost everyone was white – who was black. I remember her name, though I forget the rest.

Now, my memory of those days is clouded and incomplete, but I remember at one point making some remark to my mother about her that must have been racist, presumably picked up from attitudes at the school. I don’t recall what it was, but I remember the reaction. Mother came down on me like a ton of bricks. She called me out, she berated me, and called me some gross names for saying what I said.

Now that, unlike racism, stayed with me. I can say at that point, I evolved my views, because mother had told me me I was a total shit for holding them. Racism is abhorrent, but endemic in society. As individuals, we reflect society and prevailing views. I can see that a story like Leeson’s should be used as a model for evolution of attitudes, not as a vehicle to condemn Leeson.

Were Leeson still a racist, I could understand the condemnation. The point is, where is he now, and I think it’s not where he was while being a racist prat. We can learn from this that people can evolve, they can expand their views, and they can change. That’s encouraging.

NASA to return to the moon?

Nasa administrator announces plans to ‘go to the moon and stay’

Nasa is making plans to send astronauts to the moon again, but this time it wants to keep humans there.

That’s according to the space agency’s administrator, Jim Bridenstine, who called for “the best and brightest of American industry to help design and develop human lunar landers”, in response to what he says is a clear mandate from Donald Trump and Congress to once again get astronauts out of Earth’s orbit.

In a post detailing his agency’s lofty goals — to return astronauts to the moon, and one day send them to Mars for the first time in human history — Mr Bridenstine said that, this time, the US is playing for keeps.

Hmmmm… if Trump is behind this scheme, it’s doomed to failure. He’s probably hoping to build a Trump Tower on it.

There was a time I would have applauded a permanent lunar mission, but like the International Space Station, I would have hoped it would be an international effort. The moon doesn’t belong to the US just because they landed the only astronauts on it 50 years ago.

But these are the days of global warming, and an environmental catastrophe that threatens the existence not just of civilisation, but the human species as a whole. Unless lunar travel is somehow part of a larger package that addresses GW, it’s a waste of money. Not that Trump has ever baulked at wasting money, especially if it isn’t his own.

Trump is so stupid he denies GW exists. He is so stupid he can point to climatic extremes of cold this winter as “evidence” against it, and neglect to acknowledge extremes of heat in the other hemisphere that he most likely doesn’t know exists. He is so stupid he can’t comprehend the fact that shoving more energy into the atmosphere will lead to chaotic fluctuations in weather, with average temperatures rising while local extremes can go up and down.

We are currently nations ruled by complete idiots. Nothing to be confident about there. I will predict this, though. That lunar mission ain’t gonna happen. Not even going to get started under Trump. He’s a disaster.