I’m at the point where I’ve no sympathy for Americans.

The Florida school shooting proves we need to arm every child over the age of six months for their own protection

The only intelligent response to the 18th school shooting of just this year in the USA is sarcasm. While that may be the lowest form of wit, who can still be shocked by American massacres, and that nation’s failure to act to control guns? It’s ho-hum, now. Just another day, just another massacre, no need to actually DO anything.

No country with gun control laws has America’s massacre rate. Not merely murder rate, mass massacre rate. The answer is simple and self-evident: curtail gun ownership. But no, that’s not possible because of the enshrined 2nd Amendment, the holiest part of the US Constitution to many American idiots. Here is what it actually says:

Second Amendment to the United States Constitution

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

How about, as a simple start, they combine the ownership of arms with the necessity of being part of a well regulated militia, having to do regular drills and training in their own time and at their own expense, so the nutcases can be noticed and locked away in padded rooms before they can do real damage.

The National Rifle Association, a major contributor to Trump and Republican candidates, has been in the forefront of the mad attempt to proliferate guns, and so has virtually sole ownership of the incredible massacre rate. Their line is that is is not guns that kill people, it’s mad people with guns that kill people. But ask them to support taking away ease of access to guns, and they have a conniption fit. If it’s mad people responsible, maybe every purchase of a gun should be prefaced by a thorough psychiatric examination. At the would-be gun owner’s expense, of course. The cynical bunch of bastards at the NRA just don’t care.

Neither do the politicians they support. Trump once again fecklessly offered prayers and condolences. Not a single practical step to keeping guns under control, because he is in thrall to the NRA. Things need to be done, he implies, carefully not specifying what. Americans need to come together, he claims. For what? So that a gunman can shoot them all the more easily and quickly?

Americans have no-one to blame but themselves for this protracted plague of massacres. They’ve brought it on themselves, and are unwilling to control it. I’ve no sympathy at all with stupidity.

The only thing I’m praying for is that maybe, there is going to be one massacre too many, one massacre that will wake Americans up from their gun-loving stupor. I’m not holding my breath. A lot of Republicans would rather live with a high massacre rate than surrender their penis substitute. Stroke it, baby!

Glad to see a British leader can match Trump for sheer crassness

Boris Johnson jokes about British sex tourism in Thailand during major Brexit speech

Mr Johnson said: ”As I have just discovered we have more than a million who go to Thailand every year, where according to our superb consular services they get up to the most eye-popping things.

This… Thing… is what a lot of Tories are considering prime ministerial material, in the all too likely event of May’s expiration?! He’s joking about sex trafficking? Good grief.

It’s as bad as the Moggster. At least the Moggster doesn’t joke about sex. Apparently he’s only had it six times. Nothing to laugh about there.

And who wants to listen to  a known liar about Brexit anyway? He really is Britain’s feeble response to Trump. A carnival barker who cannot be trusted, whose word cannot be believed, who promised £350 million a week for the NHS after Brexit which he has no intention of delivering. Remember that lying bus.

Boris thinks we should unite about Brexit, the Tory plan to destroy Britain’s economy. How about we stop it by stout opposition?


One thing that might protect Trump from impeachment are the dread words, “President Pence”

Mike Pence ‘thinks Jesus tells him to say things’, says former Trump aide Omarosa

Yes, I know can one trust anything a former Trump aide has to say? Or even, come to that, an incumbent Trump aide. What good is there to say about anyone who works for Trump? Probably not a lot.

But Pence is worrying. For a start, his far right evangelical religious beliefs are genuine while Trump’s are transparently fake. He’s accused of thinking Christ speaks to him, telling him what to think. So do a lot of evangelical Christian extremists, or at least they make money claiming this to be true, so I wouldn’t be in the least surprised if Omarosa is right about this.

Pence makes Trump look liberal by comparison. I doubt Trump could tell the difference between theology and geology, or care, but Pence could do serious harm not just to Americans, but worldwide in pursuit of an agenda that’s anti-gay, anti-women, and anti-anyone that isn’t a hard right Christian.

In short, neither of them are to be trusted with public or foreign policy. That’s an alarming place to find the world in.

So is the Moggster about to replace Oor Theresa?

Well, someone ought to, but him?

Jacob Rees-Mogg is second favourite to succeed Theresa May if she is forced out, exclusive new poll reveals

This is a father of six who boasts he has never changed a nappy. What use is he? If he can’t change a nappy, how can he govern? He’s anti abortion, anti equal rights for women, anti gay, and more Catholic than the pope. He’s a total dickwad.

Apparently the odious Boris is the favourite. The Tories are a sad sack of shit. None of them are remotely competent.

I wish I could say Labour were, but I can’t.

Ah, there are sensible Tory MPs. Who would have thunk it?

Anna Soubry: Senior Tory warns Theresa May will lose final Brexit vote unless she changes course

More sensible than Jeremy Corbyn at any rate.

The former minister said she and pro-EU Labour MPs are “absolutely united” in fighting a hard Brexit, with a growing number of Conservatives ready to join them.

Asked if there would be a majority to vote down the deal this autumn, Ms Soubry said: “If she is not careful – yes. There is a real shift.”

As far as anyone can tell, however, Oor Jeremy will stand with Oor Theresa in the stupidest political decision Britain has ever made. May they both go down in flames.

Oh for gods’ sakes

PM and ministers to set out ‘road to Brexit’

Theresa May

Theresa May will deliver a major speech within the next three weeks outlining the future relationship Britain wants to have with the EU.

We’re already halfway there and Oor Theresa is just now only three weeks away from delivering her Brexit Vision. This cabinet of goobers is so stupid and incompetent I wouldn’t trust them to run a piss-up in a brewery.

And can someone tell her her clunky faux pearls do not add to any appeal she might at some distant time in the past have had.

Saudi Arabia limps reluctantly into the 17th century

Women need not wear religious robe known as abaya, senior Saudi Muslim cleric says

During his radio programme, Sheikh Abdullah al-Mutlaq, who is a member of the Council of Senior Scholars, said Muslim women should dress modestly, but this did not mean they needed to wear the religious clothing.

Saudi women are currently required to wear the garment by law.

“More than 90 per cent of pious Muslim women in the Muslim world do not wear abayas,” Sheikh Mutlaq said on Friday. “So we should not force people to wear abayas.”

Apparently they are also going to be allowed to *gasp* drive a car. But they still need permission from a male overlord to apply for a passport, travel or study abroad, or get married.

Movement, but a few more centuries yet to go.

Some arseholes just take your breath away at their inconsiderate brutality



The dipshit wanted to speed down the escalator, and became angry the blind man and guide dog were in the way. So he started being abusive.

He was called out for it by other passengers. Some people just can’t help being aresholes, I suppose. How long does an escalator ride take, even if you are stuck? A minute or two?

Tories have already damaged Britain beyond easy repair

Given the eagerness of Tory Brexit hounds, our international reputation has taken a hit it won’t recover from easily, if ever. Who in their right minds would invest in Britain now? Who would accept British deals or support, given how untrustworthy the British government is?

British economy will suffer £252bn hit if Theresa May crashes UK out of the EU with no deal, analysis shows

Even with a free trade agreement, or remaining in the customs union without having a say in Europe, would be costly. But that’s of no import to Tory Brexiteers. After all, what is really important is that Britain should be giving Europe the finger rather than a hand to grasp.


Well, what a surprise. Britons still don’t know where May is going with Brexit.

Brexit: New poll shows Britons don’t understand what Theresa May wants from withdrawal

Maybe that’s because (a) she hasn’t a clue herself, or (b) she’s been telling the Tory remainers one thing, while telling Tory Brexiteers another. Or both.

To be fair, Jeremy Corbyn has been spineless on this issue as well. There is a dearth of leadership in Britain in this crucial time. Neither strength nor stability.

If Corbyn could grow a spine, I’d go with it. But I doubt that’s going to happen. And as for May, she’s a disaster on wheels. Rarely has there been a prime minister this stupid. The only reason she is still in Downing Street is that warring Tory factions cannot decide who should drive the clown car instead.