Trump’s America is no longer an ally we can trust

Trump may be angling for the Nobel peace prize for an easing of tensions between the two Koreas, which is certainly a positive development. But his pulling out of the Iran agreement is tantamount to a cry for war in the Middle East. He’s no peace monger.

Bolstered by the Zionist government of Netanyahu in Israel, and spurred by Saudi Arabia and various Sultanates of the Gulf, he wants to raise tensions in the region.

His ambassador, if that’s the right word, to Germany has told German companies to get out of Iran, or else. He basically wants to destroy what little peace there is in the Middle East. And egging him on are advisers like John Bolton, who never met a war they didn’t like, so long as they weren’t on the front lines.

And this is the economic ally oor Theresa is relying on to rescue the British economy post Brexit. Trump can’t be trusted. His actions are random, unplanned, vicarious, even, and he never keeps his word. He’s a pathological liar, but oor Theresa trusts him, so much the worse for her and the rest of us.

His main aim, evidently, is to reverse everything Obama did, because Trump, like his base, is a racist, and can’t stand the thought that a non-white president ever existed. Oh, and Hillary is a witch, too. He hates women, unless they are porn stars satisfying his lascivious desires. There really aren’t bigger arses than Trump. Therefore the America that elected him can’t be trusted.

The one positive thing I can say about Trump is that because the Christian Evangelicals have raised hypocrisy to new heights in their support of his debauchery and incompetence, it has caused apostacy from Christianism. It has outed evangelical “pastors” as the carnival hucksters they are. More and more people are becoming ex-Christians, thanks to Trump and his coterie of evangelical shills.

Maybe America can become a trusted ally again, but I can’t see it at this point. There is opposition to Trump, but it comes mostly from the left. Democrats are weak, and can’t be relied on either.

Russia and China aren’t exactly blind to the rift being created by Trump’s antics between America and its ertswhile allies. They are cheering it on. It’s a plus for them, and a problem for Europe. And the stupid Theresa is hell bent on launching HMS Britain alone into these turbulent international waters.

Oh, and Corbyn is truly an arse

Ex-Labour leader Neil Kinnock accuses Corbyn of ‘serious evasion of duty’ in failing to back EU single market

Former Labour leader Neil Kinnock has warned Jeremy Corbyn he is about to commit a “serious evasion of duty” by refusing to back a plan to keep Britain in the single market.

Writing exclusively for The Independent, Lord Kinnock said his refusal would see the party expose the working people it is supposed to protect, to the “rockslide” of hard Brexit.

He dismissed Mr Corbyn’s claims that the single market would restrict the UK’s ability to intervene in British industry as being part of an “infantile leftist illusion”.

Kinnock makes the argument that there is a majority in the Commons against a hard Brexit, where Britain is instantly excluded from European markets. But only if Corbyn wakes up and leaves his infantile leftist delusions aside.

Which he is hardly likely to do, at his age. Corbyn doesn’t really care for workers, he cares only for ideology. Not much different from May, peas in a pod at this point.

Kinnock’s argument is that Corbyn is lying. Well, Corbyn is a politician, it’s what they do. According to Kinnock, Corbyn’s claim is that being a member of the EU prevents his desired reversal of the privatisation or extermination of public services. Kinnock points out that that is a lie. EU members have a wide range of economic and public policy options, and aren’t restricted to those offered by private capital.

Corbyn has betrayed the working people of Britain by his mindless opposition to Europe, and has allied himself with May.

Corbyn and May, partners in anti-European folly

It’s a bleak day when you cannot trust the leaders of either major party to make sensible decisions in Britain’s interests. Both twits have set their sights on Brexit, but neither can unite their parties behind their stupidity.

Brexit ‘will have to go back to the people’ for a second vote, says Peter Mandelson

May is trying to persuade hard right Tory anti-European and anti-immigrant MPs to go with some sort of impractical customs union with the EU. It’s not something she wanted herself, but has been forced into by promises to businesses of avoiding a hard Brexit disaster, which is what is staring her in the face. What she’s been trying to do is to force parliament into a choice of voting for her plan, whatever it is and she hasn’t got one, or hard Brexit with no deal at all.

Corbyn is refusing to support efforts to keep Britain in a customs union. He made noises about supporting a customs union, but push comes to shove, he’s been anti-European for so long, he can’t bring his sorry arse to support anything pro-European. Or pro-British worker. He’s betrayed Britain and all who toil here. He is no better or reliable than May.

Both party whips have been defeated in the House of Lords where peers have sent a hard Brexit back to the Commons. Both May’s and Corbyn’s whips were told where to take their garbage.

Mandelson thinks the disarray in the Commons, where neither the Tories or Labour can muster enough votes to prevail, will force the issue back to another referendum. At this point, given that the leadership of both major parties is weak, clueless and cast adrift, another referendum might be inevitable to sort it out.

Some Labour MPs upset Corbyn is supporting May

Labour Brexit row explodes as northern MPs break ranks with Corbyn and demand new referendum

The fucker is supposed to be the leader of the opposition, not a May supporter. What the fuck does the twit think he’s doing?

The row over Jeremy Corbyn’s approach to Brexit has exploded after five MPs from the party’s northern heartlands broke ranks and openly demanded a new referendum on the UK’s withdrawal deal.

The MPs from the Northeast – which heavily backed Leave in the 2016 referendum – said a new vote is essential because the true nature of Brexit is only just emerging.

Writing exclusively for The Independent, they warn plans to leave the single market will devastate family living standards as the future of major manufacturers and employers in their region is thrown into doubt.

It seems neither May nor Corbyn give a fuck what happens to British workers and businesses upon Brexit, they are united in Brexit being forced on Britain. And damn the consequences which neither have the courage or intellect to address.

Since I started this blog, I’ve been scathing of the Tories, and they deserved it. But Corbyn is just a closet Tory on this. Still, he has different reasons for hating Europe. Tories hate Europe because many are racist bigots. They hate immigration.

Corbyn isn’t opposed to immigration so much, but he hates capitalism and the institutions of the EU. They cramp his socialist style. But rather than try to reform Europe, he prefers to abandon it altogether, because that’s what he has always done.

Neither May nor Corbyn are worth a shit. They are allies in shit, neither to be trusted further than either can be thrown.

Trump the would-be Dictator threatens to remove media access to the White House

Well, this is hardly encouraging, as the world’s currently largest super-power lurches towards dictatorship and free press censorship.

Donald Trump threatens to ‘take away media’s credentials’ over negative news stories about him

Trump is annoyed by accurate reporting of his lies by media such as CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC and others. He prefers only Faux News cover his lies and present them as truth.

His only sanction is to ban them from White House press briefings, previously snowed by the odious Sean Spicer, and now lied to by Sarah Huckabee Sanders, so to be be frank, I don’t really see what banning the free press from a propaganda exercise will accomplish. It will actually free up their time to do real journalism rather than ply the untrustworthy press secretary with questions she gives lying answers to, or just avoids completely.

I’m not sure what White House press conferences are supposed to accomplish, since no-one with any sense believes a word the president or his shills say.

It is unprecedented and troubling to have a presidency so steeped in lies as this. Every president has lied and misrepresented. It’s part of the job, I suppose, though not a pretty one. But there has been no precedent for Trump’s egregious mendacity. Even if the truth would serve him better, he lies, because lying is all he knows how to do. He’s a pathological liar. It’s what he has always done for a living.

So fine. Let him ban the major news channels from his pointless news conferences and briefings. No-one ever learned anything from them anyway, other than what a lying worm he is, and that is so well known, it needs no further confirmation.

I’d even suggest the major news organisations preempt him, and boycott WH press briefings. It’s not as though they are going to learn anything there. It’s just a charade.

It appears Trumps sole political policy is to undo everything done by Obama

It’s not as though Trump has any original policy of his own, except promoting Trump-worship.

Barack Obama calls Donald Trump’s decision to pull US out of Iran nuclear deal a ‘serious mistake’

It’s telling that none of the other partners in this agreement, Britain, France, Germany, Russia, China, plus the EU, support Trump’s antics. It’s because Trump hasn’t a clue.

The Iranian deal was essentially an agreement for Iran to stop producing nuclear fuel that could be used in atomic weapons, in return for economic bribes and emoluments. Not a bad deal, since we do not need the Middle East nuclearised any more than it is.

Not that Trump cares. He only cares about undoing everything Obama did. That is what fuels his stupidity.

Yup. Corbyn has decided to collude with May to harm the British economy through Brexit

Brexit: Jeremy Corbyn declines to support plan to keep UK in single market

Now, the proposals for a version of the single market proposed by May are not only unrealistic, they’ve already been rejected by the EU.  They are non-starters.

The only serious proposal is to reject Brexit. But neither May nor Corbyn are willing to do that, so they are having an unholy alliance to get their aims through Parliament, by hook or crook. Neither has any integrity or common sense on this issue. They have proven to be rigid ideologues, bound together solely by their desire to exit Europe on the worst possible terms.

Can’t vote Tory, can’t vote Labour. Neither are trustworthy. Congratulations, Corbyn. SNP just got a new voter.

Theresa May’s base: racist Britons

Majority of British people believe Windrush scandal has shone a light on deeper problems in immigration system, new poll reveals

May’s pandering to UKIP voters paid off in the local council elections in England, as they returned to the Tory fold in droves to keep Labour out. They are anti-immigrant, and have rewarded May for her “hostile environment” policies towards furriners. That is, people they see as alien to their Little Englander way of life, whatever that is.

They may not be an absolute majority, but they are the rock-solid May base, and as long as there is no convincing Labour opposition to May’s anti-European policies, they’ll wield a disproportionate influence on the government.

Corbyn defenders living in the last century

Corbyn has proved time and time again that he’s not going anywhere, but it seems the tedious relics of New Labour are still in denial

This defense is pathetic. It’s not that I disagree with everything Corbyn stands for, it’s that Corbyn doesn’t stand for the things I care for, a united Europe. An internationalist Britain rather than an isolationist one. As long as that’s the case, as long as he and his shadow cabinet are willing to play footsie with the odious May on Brexit, they don’t have my vote or support.

It’s not an issue of New Naive Labour versus Old and Deluded Labour. As long as Corbyn wants to collude with May on Brexit, he’s a liability. We need leadership and a party that opposes May, and Corbyn isn’t providing it. He’s even more anti-European than she is.

The Corbynistas want to make it seem as though old fogey Blairites keep hopefully rewriting Corbyn’s political obituary. They haven’t a clue. Corbyn wrote it himself last century. He hasn’t advanced one jot or tittle.  He’ll keep the support of the lefty fashionable pseudo-Marxist dinosaurs in the Labour party, and he may stay around a little longer, but he won’t attract more votes.

For all that I support many Labour ideals, he hasn’t attracted mine, and if he can’t get a centrist like me, game over. Corbyn peaked with May’s mis-fired election. The best he will ever be able to do is another stalemate, because not enough folk like me can trust him.

Are Corbyn and May going to collude on Brexit?

Brexit: Rebel Tories say they have enough MPs to push Theresa May into staying in single market – if Labour backs it

It’s beginning to look like it. May needs the Tory fascists to stay in Downing Street, and Corbyn has rosy dreams of a forming a socialist paradise in the UK if only he can form a government separated from the capitalist EU. On Brexit, May and Corbyn are self-interested allies. What happens after, neither has a clue.

That’s the trouble. The politics driving Brexit have nothing to do with British interests, geopolitical or economic. There is no architect or plan for a post-Brexit Britain, things will just miraculously fall into place to alleviate disaster.

They are entirely to do with the self-serving interests of the leaders of the two main parties, neither of whom give a fig for British workers and businesses who will be harmed by their anti-European policies. As justification, they both appeal to the tainted Brexit referendum to excuse their support of Brexit by any means.

True, Corbyn has made half-hearted noises about remaining in a customs union, while May has vociferously opposed it to remain palatable to Tory fascists, but Labour’s front bench isn’t going to support such a union, so they are going to vote with May’s fascists.

We have this in common with America… we are both governed by delusional idiots.