So the witch is asking for fourth stab at it?

May hopes to hold fourth vote on Brexit deal

As one pro-Brexit Tory MP Mark Francois said, “Prime Minister, what part of no, no, no don’t you understand?” (Even a brexiteer can sometimes get something right.)

The Guardian further reports she may be poised to hold a general election if fourth time lucky doesn’t work. I’m not sure how she could pull that one off. Currently, she couldn’t deliver milk to a doorstep, but she’d need to engineer either a vote of no confidence in her own government, or have a 2/3 majority of MPs vote to stick their own necks on the block. She can’t even get a simple majority for her dreadful plan.

That’s one thing the pro-and anti-European Union sides can agree on: her plan is dreadful. Boris Johnson described it as: “woeful”, “lamentable”, “a deal that represents the worst of both worlds”, and full of “appalling defects”. That was prior to voting for it yesterday as he hoped to participate in a leadership contest following her resignation. That is the standard of conviction of leading Tory Brexiteers – their only conviction is their right to lead the Tory party, and like any political hypocrite, they will hold to no other conviction unless it suits them. These are the last people you want as prime minister..

Also, she’s promised not to lead the Tories into another election, so would that be another broken promise to add to the ever growing list?

Nothing much came of the pro-brexit protests yesterday, fortunately. A few thousand demonstrators nationally, maybe, if that. However, they included a lot of very unsavoury characters.

Brexit day march: MPs ‘abused in street’ as thousands join Nigel Farage and Tommy Robinson rallies

The Farage and Robinson (UKIP) rallies in London were held a few hundred yards apparent, and protesters wandered between them, because frankly, not much separates them politically. Farage left UKIP when Tommy Robinson, a far right British neo-fascist and racist, joined forces with that party, but it’s just a cosmetic move. They are not poles apart on issues of immigration, bigotry and anti-European sentiment, but Robinson has a far right, white supremacist and nationalistic agenda that smells not unlike neo-Nazism, only with Muslims and other immigrants as the target.

Even Farage (probably) wouldn’t go that far, but many of his supporters might. Farage is just a milder form of the disease.

Does she even know what she is talking about?

Tory MP criticised for using antisemitic term ‘cultural Marxism’

To quote, she said, without a shadow of self-awareness, “As Conservatives, we are engaged in a battle against cultural Marxism…” – Suella Braverman

What the fuck does that actually mean? Could she even define it, beyond spluttering cliches about “political correctness,” “censorship and freedom of speech,” “social equality,””the environment,” “global warming,” etc? Are the SNP “cultural Marxists” because they aren”t Tories? How about the Lib-Dems? Well, Suella Braverman is a Tory MP so a certain level of exaggeration and disregard for public discourse is to be expected. (I am excused it; I am not an MP, just a blog.) But more likely, she’s just plain ignorant, and has used a term that is so loosely defined, it has become a useless catchphrase to mean “anything to the left of my views.”

The problem she obviously just doesn’t get, is that it has become popular among the far right extremists (and formerly fringe groups) to encompass anything they don’t like that’s to the left of, say, Attila the Hun or Adolf Hitler. These extremists promote violence, even against people like this Tory MP.

The Hitler comparison is deliberate, because “culture Marxist” has become a dogwhistle for those rightwing groups that preach antisemitism. When a Tory MP thoughtlessly uses a phrase she probably couldn’t define herself to save her political life, what she is doing – maybe unwittingly, maybe not, as these groups whose phrase she is quoting are also racist – is mainstreaming racism and antisemitism. She also opens herself to questions about whether she is antisemitic.

She’s a typical Tory MP, completely oblivious to the havoc her party is causing to this country and minority groups in it. That isn’t to say every Tory is oblivious – for some, I guess, that is what they intend.

The Tory wolves are at May’s doors, windows and coming down the chimney

May has finally bowed to the inevitable and promised to end her hopeless and disastrous career, if only Parliament will vote for her version of Brexit. The three slimeballs identified ion the post below are slavering at the thought of parking their paws in No 10, among a further 19 – 19!!! – the Grand National has fewer entries!- of their worthless colleagues.

So the plan is, these Tory turds and turncoats are going to promise May they will vote for her stupid plan, while assuring their knuckle-walking supporters they will never put it through. Then once they have torn her to pieces and one of this pack – the “Grand Wizards” – has achieved a coup d’état, the new prime minister will turn around and betray it.

So what actually happens next? You may as well examine the entrails of a sheep to find out. It has been pointed out – for a number of years – that this is no fucking way to run an icecream stand let alone a nation. It’s been pointed out that this is not the democratic way to do things, but since when have Tories given a toss for democracy? Especially this gang of yahoos. Al Capone was better behaved and more controlled than these louts. And Attila the Hun less destructive.

The Tories have turned Britain into a laughingstock, now they want to go one step further and make it a country no foreign leader in their right minds would trust to go through with a deal.

There were 8 “indicative votes” in Parliament yesterday gauging where Parliament is likely to want to go now. If not up the fucking spout entirely. Unsurprisingly, all failed. The one that failed least was a second referendum. This doesn’t indicate it will eventually pass, but it’s not out of the running, and even then, it’s a referendum on May’s deal or staying in. But it would be a better answer than to hand over the premiership to a fascist jackal who will then drive Britain into the ground, and promote racism and bigotry.

The Tories on the far right refer to themselves as “the Grand Wizards”

For example:

The Right Odious Jacob Rees-Mogg

The Right Obese Boris Johnson

The Right Horrible Ian Duncan Smith

They used this witty title on a recent visit to the still-not-gone prime minister Theresa May.

I anticipate the next Tory party conference will look something like this:

Good god, what is Britain coming to, with Tories openly embracing fascism, racism and bigotry? And not a whiff of shame. These Tories are truly the scum of the earth – it’s not just the terrorists, it’s heir political enablers, and terrorism does not come exclusively from Islam or even the so-called “Marxist culture”, another dogwhistle phrase used by these self-same Tories to disguise their anti-Semitism, It also comes from the vicious far-right – those twits supporting Brexit.

Oh, the irony…

New Zealand shooting: suspect Brenton Tarrant charged with murder

Apparently, the alleged shooter is an immigrant himself, from… Australia. His internet pawprint indicates he’s a white supremacist.

Goes to show, you really need to be careful who you let into the country. These ozzies are obviously prone to criminality and violence! Ban them all!!

To make the point, had this alleged terrorist been a Muslim shooting up a Christian church, the far right loons, mostly but not all white males, would be outraged against the Muslim communities. There would be cries for hanging, deportation, imprisonment and persecution, and, of course, revenge. We would be told how no Muslim could be trusted, that to let one in opens the door to terrorism.

Strange how silent they are when the alleged terrorist is one of them.

Let’s make no mistake, this was a vicious and evil act of terrorism. I haven’t read whether the alleged shooter is a practising or nominal Christian – nominal is most likely – or whether he identifies with any of the Christian sects. However, it’s correct to point out that religious sectarianism has been the cause of much violence globally, and virtually no religion or sect, not even Buddhism, is innocent of it sometime, somewhere. It is also correct to point out that most of the fanatical anti-Muslim rhetoric is coming from the Christian far-right.

There is no point saying that atheism is as bad, pointing to Stalin (and sometimes to Hitler, who also hated atheists) as an example of a brutal atheist. Stalin’s violence stemmed not from atheism, but from Marxism and Communism, the notion that a favoured ideology can end the lives of its opponents or non-adherents.

But atheism is not an ideology or theology, the way a religion or political theory often is. It has no church, no priests or imams, no pontiff or ayatollah. There are prominent spokes-persons for atheism, go-to folk who are well known in the press and media, but they can’t command obedience by fiat, and there are no atheist armies or terrorist groups. In fairness, some of these prominent media atheists have also spoken out against Islam, but they speak out against religion in general. Islam has been more in the news recently where violence is concerned.

There is no single belief system atheists must adhere to in order to be called an atheist – merely a denial of any version of “god”. There it is in a nutshell: “I do not believe in a deity” is the sum total of atheist ideology. Everything else is rationalisation, unique to each atheistic individual.

Some atheists won’t even go that far, and equivocate. They call themselves agnostics and while they mostly live atheistic lives, do not want to commit themselves even to that nutshell statement.

In short, religion is the problem here. Not just Islam, either. It’s aggressive theology, the notion that some small group of clerical insiders have a special insight into the desires of their particular deity, and that infidels, apostates and us general pagans must be coerced and punished into conformity with their particular revelation. I’d further argue that any theology that becomes mainstream or otherwise acquires secular power becomes an aggressive one.

Religion is the sick man of human philosophy. I’d like to say it’s time for reason and humility to replace it, but it’s been past time, for centuries and most likely millennia. I have no reason to be confident there will ever be a time in human history when religious and other ideological thinking will be forever banished, because we no longer desire it like some drug. So until the human species exterminates itself, through war, other strife, or climate change, we are going to be stuck with sectarian violence.

Ah, Tory censorship!

The government’s impending porn ID checks are a danger to us all – here’s why

This is a proposal by the Tory misgovernment to force all consumers of pornography to sign up, so that government can track their internet usage.

The cover is that this is intended to protect children from porn. It may do that, who knows, there are so many ways of circumventing this, but what it does do is reveal Tory interest in controlling internet access.

If they really wanted to protect children from porn, while maintaining adult freedom to access information as well as entertainment, they would advocate passing a law requiring all broadband routers sold in the UK to provide parental controls. This is easily done. It’s not perfect, but reasonably effective, and affects parents and children only.

But no, that’s not enough for these religiously constipated prudes. They want to know what the rest of are doing in our leisure time.

Seriously. No Tory government is to be trusted with your freedoms. They want to suck your soul.

The zombie prime minister

Another crushing Brexit defeat for Theresa May shows how our inflexible PM has frittered away her authority

She lost her Brexit proposal by a soid 149 votes, after the cosmetic changes made following her desperate and fruitless flight to Strasbourg. Not as big as the original 230 vote loss, but not recoverable.

No-one trusts her. No-one likes her. Yet she hangs on, because no-one can agree on a replacement. And she hasn’t the wit, presence or imagination to stand down, because that would likely precipitate an election, which the Tories would likely lose heavily.

So she’s likely to hold another vote tomorrow on a no-deal Brexit, which will go down in flames, then another vote Thursday on extending Article 50 for another what… god knows and he doesn’t even exist.

This parliament is procrastinating, and I doubt it will ever achieve any resolution. We are living through one of the worst debacles and humiliations in British history. Thanks to Theresa May.

Up till now, her major accomplishment was as home secretary, where she reduced the British police force by 20,000, and presided over a massive increase in knife deaths. Fair enough, It will take more than restoring the police force to pre-May levels to fix the knife murder problem. It will also take a demolition of Tory austerity measures that have cut funds to education and social agencies to keep kids off the streets.

It’s entirely a Tory crisis. May hoped Brexit would wipe her other failure off the map. It’s just proved she’s incompetent to govern at any level.

What is it with the Vatican?

I used to be a Roman Catholic, but grew out of it decades ago. But this Catholic negligence about child molestation is an atrocity.

Vatican not taking action over cardinal found guilty of molesting choirboys ‘until appeals process completed’

The Vatican is taking no further action after Australian cardinal George Pell was found guilty of molesting two choirboys while appeals run their course.

Spokesperson Alessandro Gisotti said the conviction was “painful” for many, but said the cardinal, 77, had proclaimed his innocence and had the right to “defend himself until the last stage of appeal”.

Cardinal Pell, the most senior Catholic cleric ever charged with sex abuse, faces a maximum of 50 years in prison.

The conviction of Pell, who had been appointed by Pope Francis to be the Vatican’s treasurer, risks further staining the pontiff’s record on cracking down on credibly accused clergy.

This is just after Pope Francis hosted a meeting on dealing with sexual abuse by the clergy. Evidently he doesn’t have the courage of his convictions.

Pell has been removed by the hierarchy as an advisor to the pope, but the hierarchy still wants to deny it, that the Catholic church is ridden by hypocrisy and evil. They just will not face facts.

So what s going on with Brexit?

Who knows? Certainly not Theresa May or Jeremy Corbyn. They are both certain they are absolutely correct about their beliefs and have no intention of changing any of them unless a knife is at their throats. Is it?

Corbyn has finally agreed to accept a final say if necessary. Perhaps the threat of more Labour defections convinced him to embrace reality. May just blabbers on, and on, and on, trying to delay things till Parliament has no choice. Her mind is more set in cement than Maggie’s, and more clueless.

Here’s the latest mystical pronouncement, delaying matters even further, as she tries to kick the ball to the finishing line for Britain’s expiration.

MPs offered vote on no-deal Brexit and possible delay

Making a statement to the Commons after her talks with EU leaders in Egypt, May reiterated her pledge to give MPs a meaningful vote on a revised Brexit deal by 12 March.

If this did not happen or if it was voted down, then by 13 March MPs would be able to vote on a motion that would seek their “explicit consent” for a no-deal departure, the prime minister said.

If MPs voted against this, then on 14 March a motion would be put to the Commons offering the option of a “short, limited extension to article 50” beyond 29 March, which would need the approval of the EU.

So, 3 votes two weeks before no deal Brexit, and no sign of any notion that maybe the electorate should be consulted. Brilliant. Neither May nor Corbyn are democrats, they are autocrats whose hands are being forced. Each would rather have their own way, assuming no-one else has anything useful to contribute, and give way only when thwarted.

Apparently both are of the opinion that once a referendum has been won by a tiny majority, the question should never, ever, be put to the people again. One vote, especially if it’s a vote you like, is enough to decide a question for all eternity. Corbyn has finally withdrawn from that pathetic POV, but May hasn’t. She is desperate for Brexit, and would accept it on any terms, because she is hostile to immigrants. Corbyn is happy with antisemites.

And who knows what sort of silly shenanigans the pair of them will resort to between now and then. Neither of them are to be trusted.

The UK has gone astray. No-one in the world trusts this country any longer, thanks to policies since the Brexit vote, and the British people shouldn’t trust the two main parties. I’ve never felt ashamed to be British, but I do now.

Finally a final say?

Reportedly Corbyn has finally agreed to offer an amendment for a second referendum.

Only 33 days to go, and May still doesn’t have any answers. Donald Tusk made the point that it’s either extend article 50, or crash out chaotically, a disaster for British industry and workers alike. Whether May is capable of listening to sense at this point in her chequered downhill career is a whole ‘nother issue.