May-way or the highway

Theresa May to challenge both Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn to back her Brexit deal or risk ‘chaos’

Oh, Theresa, what a disaster you are. You are so ignorant you can’t even understand why your Chequers proposals won’t work, because they are oxymoronic, a contradiction in terms, but you insist everyone accept them.

Ain’t gonna happen.

May is toast. At this point, it’s just a matter of waiting till the Tories, gawdawful humbugs that they are, agree on a replacement. She’s fucked up Brexit, she hasn’t a clue where she’s going, and everyone knows it but her.

She is the source of chaos.

48% of American white evangelicals are amoral hypocrites

In the US, 48% of white evangelical Christianists would still support the nomination of alleged serial molester Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court if the allegations of sexual molestation were true. This is according to a PR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll taken last week.

Trump’s base is perfectly comfortable with sexual assault on women, so long as the sexual assaulter in question is on board with opposition to abortion, and subjugation of women in general, opposition to gay rights, and a general animus towards free speech and freedom of religion.

America has become overshadowed by an evil government, and is no longer a reliable ally for the free states of the world. These are troubling times.

Get it together, Labour!

Labour claims Theresa May’s government ‘the most divided ever’ as it releases dossier of over 100 Tory MPs criticising government or colleagues

Yada yada yada. Yeah, we know the Tories are divided. That’s nothing new in these Brexit days. But it is not as though Labour has a united and coherent policy on Brexit. They are at 6’s, 7’s, 8’s and 9’s. Corbyn’s “leadership” is wholly absent, because although he wants out of Europe for ideological reasons, his party doesn’t for pragmatic ones. But he’s a “democrat” who believes in following party leadership, except when it conflicts with his own prejudices. Then the party can go fuck itself.

May is a disastrous prime minister, but Corbyn would be as bad. As I have said before, a pox on the pair of them. I’m voting SNP and independence. English politics and politicians have become unendurable. Let’s end the UK. And while we are at it, let’s jettison the monarchy, and repatriate Balmoral.

Then we can reapply to the EU.

Trump’s Supreme Court nominee in growing trouble, and Brexit

Brett Kavanaugh: Trump’s Supreme Court pick present during ‘gang rape’, third accuser Julie Swetnick claims

The list is growing. Of course, hard-right Christian evangelicals don’t care about the morality of Trump or his appointees. They can overlook anything Trump and his nominee have done to women, because at bottom they are  hypocrites, holier-than-thou liars and shills. So long as Trump and cronies support their radical religious agenda to keep women and gays as second class and oppressed citizens, they will turn a blind eye to any sin. Especially their own.

Why do American politics concern me? After all, I no longer live there. For one, I feel solidarity with Americans. I spent a long time there, and they deserve better than Trump and the religious right extremists. It’s not that Trump actually believes in anything other than himself – he supports them because they support him.

For another, America is, or used to be, a bedrock of democracy and the Western alliance. Lose that, and suddenly the world becomes a far more dangerous place. It’s for this same reason I oppose Brexit. It is splitting us apart.

The reason the EU exists is because Europe has been unstable for hundreds of years, causing many major conflicts, including two very recent world wars. It was to stop this happening again that the European Coal and Steel Community was formed in 1951, uniting Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg, who had been frequently at war or the victims of war. This developed into the Common Market, then evolved into the EU, which now has 28-1 countries, the -1 being the UK.

This has kept war at bay for over 70 years. In 1973, Britain joined to make it stronger as well as to help its own struggling economy, and now the British government and official opposition are seeking to abandon this alliance, potentially destabilising it. In 1975, there was a UK referendum on continued membership of the EEC. The electorate voted ‘Yes’ by 67.2% to 32.8% to stay in Europe.

We entered the EU by government policy, affirmed it by referendum, and now the Brexiteers among Labour and Tories are trying to tell us that a new referendum can’t overthrow a previous one, when that’s precisely what the referendum 2 years ago did. Perhaps they are ignorant of history, as well as the consequences of leaving without a deal. Apparently, according to these hypocrites, the electorate can only change their minds if the Brexiteers approve.

The consequences of destabilising Europe, and turning inward, are potentially disastrous, not just in the short term, but the long. If Brexit starts to unravel Europe, so it breaks up, the bad old days can easily return. Brexiteers do not remember their history lessons, or choose to ignore them. They also ignore Europe’s main adversary, Russia. Breaking Europe apart is music to Putin’s ears, and he’s Trump’s buddy. We cannot be allied to Trump. He’s a bad guy. He lies, is unstable and cannot be trusted. We need allies we can rely on.

Brexit is bad and dangerous policy. It’s a fool’s paradise, leading to calamity. And the danger is that May and Corbyn may become kamikazi allies to bring this about. Pox on the pair of them.

Corbyn offers May a Brexit deal

Jeremy Corbyn offers Brexit truce with Theresa May if her final deal is ‘sensible’

Jeremy Corbyn has told Theresa May he will back a Brexit deal she brings back from Europe as long as it means Britain is staying in a customs union, protecting jobs, workers rights and standards for the environment.

The Labour leader’s pledge appears to hold out a lifeline to a prime minister who finds herself at the mercy of Tory Brexiteers who have vowed to torpedo her proposals.

But it also represents an adjustment in Labour’s Brexit rhetoric, coming after a week in which shadow cabinet minister Sir Keir Starmer indicated his party was likely to vote down any deal Ms May secured.

Corbyn will settle for almost anything to get out of Europe. Except for a referendum that offers a Remain option, that he can’t abide, being a doctrinaire anti-European.

If Corbyn really wants to get into bed with the Tories, it’s an alliance made in hell. It makes it impossible to vote for either party if this treachery goes ahead. Labour’s leadership are speaking in so many contradictory voices, it really is difficult to assert they have a leadership, it twists all over the place.

The conference isn’t over, but I’m convinced Corbyn isn’t prime ministerial material. Neither is May, of course, but Corbyn would be no improvement.

Labour’s betrayal

Corbyn and his fanboys have spent so much time ‘democratising’ things they’ve forgotten they know nothing about Brexit

Let’s forgive the casual obliteration of everything they claim to stand for and focus instead on the sheer mind-bending mess that would be the McDonnell referendum

In a show of outstanding ignorance and don’t-give-a-shittism, Corbyn and his shadow chancellor McConnell have decided that democracy only counts if the people choose what they themselves want, and are not going to put the option to remain in a Labour-supported referendum. If that’s what they end up doing, I think that’s that’s going to bite them in the ass, and they won’t get the polls bounce they are hoping for, because lots of previous Labour supporters like myself will not vote for that party, or in such a referendum.

In a real democracy, which is not something the Labour leadership seems to know much about, the people can get to change their minds rather than being forced to choose between two equally unpalatable options. But Corbyn doesn’t care, he’s never been a Europhile.

Still, Labour isn’t speaking with one voice, yet. Shadow Brexit secretary Keir Starmer is not ruling out an option to stay. This is completely at odds with lefties Corbyn and McConnell.

I suppose we have to wait and see how the conference votes. Jeremy does love a democratic system, so he may find that lots of Labour members don’t think leaving Europe is intelligent policy.


Even the unions want Brexit that destroys the UK

Brexit: New referendum must exclude any option to remain in EU, says Len McCluskey

I’ve no idea who Len McClusky is, besides being a blithering idiot.

But speaking to Pienaar’s Politics on BBC Radio 5Live, Unite general secretary Mr McCluskey said: “The referendum shouldn’t be on, ‘do you want to go back in the European Union’.

No, no, NO. That is exactly what the referendum should be on, taking back a stupid position.

But Mr McCluskey said: “There are significant numbers of traditional Labour supporters who are saying ‘we’re going to vote Conservative because we don’t trust Labour to take us out of the European Union’, despite the fact that Jeremy has said repeatedly ‘of course, we recognise the result, of course we respect the result, we are coming out of the European union’.

“For us now to enter into some kind of campaign that opens up that issue again, I think would be wrong.”

Spelling out how he sees a new referendum playing out, he said the question must be narrowly confined to approval of any deal Ms May brings back from Brussels.

The man is a moron,and another reason to avoid voting Labour. You cannot trust Corbyn, or Labour. They want to break up the UK, and they will.

If Labour cannot support Britain staying in the EU, then I am ready to vote for Scotland to leave the UK

Consequences of a Brexit catastrophe

Ministers warn harder EU exit risks breaking up Britain

The Brexit broth cooked up by Theresa at Chequers is has proved unpalatable., a complete pig’s breakfast. Anti-European Tories won’t accept it, the opposition parties won’t accept it, and the EU won’t accept it, leaving May with the options of walking out with a hard Brexit, or looking for some other compromise that she’s already said is “unacceptable”. It’s amazing how often the world teaches us about accepting the unacceptable.

There appear to be two options for a soft Brexit. Maintaining a customs union while having no influence on EU policy is bad policy. Boris is actually right to criticise that, better to stay part of the EU than obey edicts from Brussels we have no part in making. The alternative, keeping an open border in Ireland, means drawing a new one in the Irish Sea. This is effectively breaking up the UK, and would almost inevitably lead to a new referendum on Scottish independence as well, that would likely leave England and Wales as the sole members of a UK.

Apparently senior Tory ministers are comparing this to the Suez crisis in 1956, which was the last nail in the coffin of Britain’s role as a major world power. I think it’s a lot worse. Oor Theresa has run out of plausible options. The only sensible option is to abandon Brexit as a bad deal, and that’s the one option she has nailed the door shut to, which is why she has to go.

To hell with the UK, Jeremy wants his election

Jeremy Corbyn says he wants an election – but what would it be about?

What indeed? Leaving the EU chaotically the May way or the Corbyn way, when there isn’t much difference? Theresa is a horrible prime minister and will be judged harshly by history for her vacillation and incompetence, but would Jeremy accomplish anything more, except perhaps heaping sweeping socialist calamity on a Britain reeling from Brexit?

The way Corbyn has handled the antisemitism furore that’s engulfed Labour in recent weeks does not speak well of his ability to handle Downing Street and it’s far broader complexities. His leadership lacks, well, leadership qualities.

The only way he’s get my support at this point is if he advocates a second referendum, as clearly the current crew of cowardly custards in Parliament couldn’t run a confectionery concession. Or sweet shop, come to that. What he’s done instead is defer leadership and opinion to his party’s conference this week.

It’s clear he wants to leave Europe, which is why his opposition to May has been muted, and he hasn’t taken positions that would add to Labour’s support in the UK, because the way Brexit is going the voting public is turning against it.

Curiously, he isn’t opposed to a second referendum when it comes to Scottish independence. That’s not going to help his chances of governing in Westminster if he loses Scottish Labour MPs. And I’m pretty certain that in the event of Brexit, Scottish independence would surge in support, just to get back into Europe.

UKIP goes full Nazi

Ukip proposes creation of Muslim-only prisons in interim manifesto

This, in a country that lost thousands of lives fighting Nazis. So the solution to Islamic terrorism is to lock Muslims up in concentration camps. Fan-bloody-tastic. Arseholes, the lot of them, and I refer to UKIP.

Not that I like Islam any more than I like any religion, religion is pabulum for babies. It’s nonsense. But the day we take steps towards banning religion is the day freedom of thought goes out the window. OK, religious believers believe foolish things. Some, blessedly not many, religious believers incline to violence towards those who do not share their fantasies.

That has always been the case, and it has never been confined to Islam. Hindus, Buddhists, Christians, Jews, and no doubt countless others, have all been guilty of attacking infidels who have fantasies different from their own. That is not an argument for banning any or all religion. We are stuck with religious stupidity, because as soon as we attempt to ban it, we abolish our own freedoms as well.