Speaking of the odious and smarmy Rees-Mogg… *gag*

Brexit: People warning of risk to Northern Ireland peace process ‘almost encouraging violence’, says Jacob Rees-Mogg

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People warning that the Northern Ireland peace process is at risk because of Brexit are “almost encouraging violence”, Jacob Rees-Mogg has claimed

The leading Tory Brexiteer condemned what he called the “cynical approach” of critics warning the threat of a new hard border could bring a return of the Troubles.

“Once you start proposing that violence may be a consequence of something, you’re almost encouraging violence,” Mr Rees-Mogg said.

This disgusting Tory prat, who thinks a hard border within Ireland is perfectly acceptable so long as it keeps nasty Europeans and their goods and services out, and cares not a fig about the peace process, because he goddamn doesn’t live there or has to police it personally, is a total wanker.

He has no solutions, just Brexit, Brexit, Brexit, Brexit, Brexit, Brexit…. a one-trick pony, and not very skilled at that. No wonder Tories adore him.

He was even cute enough to suggest that if the Irish government were so keen on peace, they should leave the EU and join a trade pact with the UK under UK rules.

Is there a single adult in the Tory party? A single serious thinker? Defense Secretary  Gavin Williamson, a fireplace salesman from Stoke, has told Vladimir Putin to shut up and go away, in a barely literate speech that had the Russians laughing. If that’s the best May can do with as Defence Secretary, it’s time to close up the government, resign, and give someone competent a chance.

There’s not a single Tory with any credibility. Resign, for god’s sakes!

Are there an adults in the Tory misgovernment?

War of words with Russia over spy poisoning gets personal as Johnson points blame at Putin

On Friday, Boris Johnson made the incendiary claim that it was “overwhelmingly likely” Mr Putin personally ordered the assassination attempt on Sergei Skripal using a Soviet-era nerve agent, an attack which left both him and his daughter Yulia in a critical condition in hospital.

And Johnson’s evidence for this is… up his ass? His modus operandi is open mouth, insert foot. Johnson the classic British ass is just firing up the Tory rabble in an effort to beat the dreadful Rees-Mogg as successor to the hapless and incompetent May. None of them are competent to run a government!

This is not to claim that Putin, or some underling, or some Russian agency or oligarch isn’t responsible for the despicable attack. No-one appears to be disputing the poison came from Russia. And lots of Russians have died mysteriously in Britain under suspicious circumstances in the last few years, most recently Nikolai Glushkov, a critic of Putin strangled with a dog lead. No poison, mark you. What isn’t obvious is why or who, if anyone, is orchestrating this.

It’s perfectly reasonable to be suspicious of the Russian government – no-one in their right minds would trust Putin and the gang of mobsters running the country. But since when is suspicion proof? Not since McCarthyism, as Jeremy Corbyn pointed out. If we demand proof of allegations against people we support, we should be consistent and demand proof of allegations against those we oppose.

And all the Tories have provided is noise, hand-waving, braggadocio, wild and unsubstantiated allegations, and condemnations of anyone who doesn’t want to wage war on Russia.

If May’s misgovernment has evidence of the allegations resulting in British sanctions, they should produce it. If they don’t have evidence, they should temper their attacks until they do, because otherwise they will lose what little credibility they had.

Allied solidarity on poisoning attack – but will anything change?

Message of defiance against Russia from UK allies may yet dissolve into inaction

Ok, Theresa May has managed to get the US, France and Germany to back up the allegations, so unless we are looking at another conspiratorial Iraq situation, apparently they think the evidence to accuse Russia of perpetrating this crime, the use of nerve agents in the UK against its population, is good enough to chime in, up to a point.

Not that we peons are going to see any of this evidence, we just have to take it on faith that our governments have our best interests at heart. I must admit I find it hard to have faith in governments, and I’ve seen a fair number come and go, though few as disastrously incompetent as May’s and Trump’s. Which is why I have little confidence in what’s happening next.

Of course, having Trump’s backing on anything is not unlike stepping off a cliff and expecting a parachute to magically appear to save you. And besides, he’s still under investigation for collusion with his buddy Putin, with more and more evidence emerging. Hardly a trustworthy ally. But Macron and Merkel are made of sterner stuff. Still, what are they actually prepared to DO, other than issue a statement of support?

Now, Skripal is not the first Soviet/Russian double agent to be liquidated, and it is reasonable to suppose that either the Russian state, or some person or entity related to it, is responsible for the attacks. It’s reasonable to accept the nerve agent came from Russia. However, reasonable supposition is never the same as proof. It’s only a just cause for investigation. What May has done is gone off half-cocked (or is it henned) off the deep end, trying to create a new Cold War, and asking us to trust her that it must have been Putin’s direct order, because she has information she can’t share with us. Pardon me for being sceptical.

Now if the Russian state is actually guilty of this, and it’s certainly a possibility, this may be inevitable anyway, if Russians are determined to use nerve agents in foreign countries to achieve their aims. That is certainly unacceptable, and a robust response is required.

But are we actually at that point? May inspires no confidence. It’s not that I think the Russians are necessarily innocent of anything other than negligence, they are a devious bunch of oligarchs and a dictator.  It’s I do not trust May or her government to get anything right.

Stephen Hawking has finally passed to another dimension… or something

Stephen Hawking death: The equation the professor asked to be put on his tombstone


That’s the Hawking equation, which describes Hawking radiation emitted from a black hole. It’s all to do with quantum, which means no-one actually understands it.

π is, well, π , i.e. 3.14159……………………………………………………………..

c is the speed of light, cubed in this case.

is Planck’s constant.

G, I think, is the gravitational constant, which I can’t print here because wordpress is lousy at superscripts and subscripts, but you can google it for your edification.

I don’t know about S, A or k, or why it’s all divided by 2. I’m not sure googling those would help But apparently it made an impression in circles that could understand it.

Maybe he’ll find a discworld on the back of four elephants , riding on the back of a turtle called Attuin. It’s not clear what the turtle is standing on, but being a turtle, it appears to be swimming through something, some sort of Void. The Great God Om thinks this is blasphemy. But we know the turtle moves.

Occasionally, I have to hand a point to Oor Jeremy

Russia statement: Jeremy Corbyn questions why nerve agent samples haven’t been sent to Moscow

While Oor Theresa has been whipping up a storm in Moscow, a nuclear superpower, by ejecting Russian diplomats by the dozen because she thinks they might be spies – she could be right, but who knows for sure – Jeremy is standing his ground and pointing out some of the gaps in her evidence that it’s the Russian government that’s directly responsible.

Even she had previously acknowledged that she didn’t have evidence whether the Kremlin masterminded the attack, or whether it was merely careless in safeguarding the nerve agent. She didn’t clarify what her new information was to go to “economic war” with Russia, and Jeremy called her on it.

Mr Corbyn said: “If the government believes it is still a possibility that Russia negligently lost control of a military-grade nerve agent, what action is being taken through the OPCW (Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons) with our allies?”…

“How has she responded to the Russian Government’s request for a sample of the agent used in Salisbury attack to run its own tests?

“Has high-resolution trace analysis been run on a sample of the nerve agent and has that revealed any evidence as to the location of its production or the identity of its perpetrators?

“And can the Prime Minister update the House on what conversations, if any, she has had with the Russian Government?”

Now, Russia is run by a bunch of American-style oligarchs, gangsters and hoodlums, and I wouldn’t trust a word they say either. It is not a European, Commonwealth or North American style of democracy, it’s Putin’s fiefdom.

But if we cannot abide by internationally agreed rules, make public the evidence justifying an economic war with Russia over this, are we any better? Remember Blair’s Dodgy Dossier, how the UK government has a history of misleading parliament into agreeing with ill-advised foreign adventures?

I think May is just running from the far-right in the Tory party, to show activity rather than torpor, and is not thinking clearly on this.

Yes, it could be the Kremlin that’s directing this assault. But what actual evidence does she have for that? It could also be rogue spymasters or oligarchs, with the Kremlin guilty of nothing more than customary bureaucratic stupidity and negligence, which of course they would want to conceal if it were true.

So far, I am far from impressed. Yes, the assaults were tragic, terrible and frightening. Yes, they deserve actions rather than just feeble bleating. But given the limited information, it’s legitimate to ask whether the prime minister is acting in a judicious way on accurate information, or just making it up as she goes along.

Given that she is hell-bent on driving the UK economy into ruin by Brexit, I wouldn’t trust her judgement on anything.

And the Tory Brexiteers still haven’t a clue what they are doing

UK will be paying Brexit ‘divorce bill’ until 2064, says Treasury watchdog

There’s no sign of a Brexit dividend. The odious Nigel Farage has claimed it would take 48 hours to come up with a trade deal with the unreliable Donald Trump. Wonder what he’s smoking.

There’s no evidence we can replace Europe with reliable trading partners. But the fascists claim we ought to do it anyway, whatever the cost.

The silly biddy is out of her tiny little mind

Russian spy attack: Theresa May plans for ‘economic war’ with Vladimir Putin and his allies

Yes, I get it. IF Putin is responsible for attacks on people in Britain, and IF proof can be credibly adduced for this claim, then some response is appropriate.

But we can’t make a response on our own, we need our allies with us. And what has Theresa May done to get that? She hasn’t even published the evidence she claims to have. She even said it was either Russia directing the poisoning, or losing control of the poison. Which says she hasn’t a clue herself, yet she’s sabre-rattling.

God knows what she’s up to. She certainly hasn’t let us know. She’s just waxing cretinously belligerent for the sake of appeasing Tory Yahoos. And it doesn’t get more Yahoo than a Tory.

Why I haven’t bothered to comment on the Sergei Skripal poisoning

What’s so outrageous about Corbyn backing the Magnitsky powers? They are the only thing that would work against Putin

First, all we really have is speculation and accusations without presentation of actual evidence. Now, I can imagine there are good reasons why the UK government should want to reserve evidence, in an ongoing investigation, but I really wonder why Theresa May has to grandstand, issuing deadlines to Moscow she knows will never be kept? What does the silly biddy think she can actually do in the short term? Invade Russia? Without hard evidence, she can’t even rally our allies in support, least of all that Putin sycophant Donald Trump.

Second, what is this stupid Tory criticism of Corbyn about? Now, I appreciate that Corbyn could have been more supportive of action against attacks on British citizens, and it was not just a Russian double agent under attack. He misjudged the call.  Still, I don’t think his reminder that the Tory party benefit from donations by Putin supporters is inapt, neither do I think his support of Magnitsky powers, the ability to sequester accounts by Russian oligarchs and representatives held in the UK, is inappropriate. I wonder why Tories oppose this, as money is the way to get at Putin, given that an actual invasion is not merely impractical, but totally bonkers.

Third, why hasn’t May offered to share the evidence with neutral arbitrators under the Chemical Weapon Convention. I’m not claiming she’s anything to hide, Russian involvement is perfectly plausible  given the number of Russians opposed to the Kremlin who have lost their lives, but if we are heading into the area of international hostilities, a bit of actual evidence, you know, why do we think this is the case, would be helpful.

Especially as no-on in their right minds trusts Theresa May.

This is serious stuff. I don’t trust the Russians, but I have no reason to trust the Tory government either. Maybe they could give me one.

Occasionally, Vince Cable gets it right

Vince Cable to attack Jeremy Corbyn for ‘claiming to speak for the poor’ while backing Brexit

Sir Vince Cable will attack Jeremy Corbyn for claiming to “speak up for the poor” while conniving with the Tories to deliver a Brexitthat will hit the deprived.

The Liberal Democrat leader will use a speech at his party’s spring conference to insist Britain can still have an “exit from Brexit”, as the harsh reality of EU withdrawal becomes clearer.

Theresa May will be accused of perpetrating a “fraud” on voters because of ministers’ claims that Britain can look forward to growing trade links outside the EU.

But Sir Vince will target his fiercest criticism at Labour, for being “still strongly committed” to Brexit, despite its recent shift to softer exit terms by pursuing a customs union.

“Jeremy Corbyn is letting down the very people he claims to defend,” he will tell the Lib Dem faithful in Southport.

“You cannot speak up for the poor and be complicit in making the country poorer. You cannot stand up for human rights, and promote their abandonment.

And he has that right. Corbyn is more committed to Brexit than to helping working class Britons. Corbyn doesn’t care about jobs, he doesn’t care about human rights, what he cares about is Brexit. He’s shoulder to shoulder with the hapless Theresa May on that, and therefore can provide no opposition to the Tories.

Given an incompetent government, and an incompetent opposition, where do we go?

SNP and an independent Scotland? Sounds better and better.