More jobs lost to Brexit

Brexit: UK to lose 10,500 City jobs as 30 per cent of firms flag plans to move staff

The UK will have lost 10,500 finance jobs to other European cities by day one of Brexit, according to new research.

The number of City firms planning to shift jobs to the Continent has doubled since last year, professional services company EY said on Monday.

It tracked 222 City firms and found that almost a third of banks, brokers and asset managers had confirmed or said they are considering plans to move staff or open up new offices in centres such as Dublin, Amsterdam and Frankfurt.

My goodness, isn’t THAT a surprise! Not something the ardent Brexiteers wanted to admit. In fact, they called it “Project Fear”! No, this would never happen, they claimed.

Well, as it turned out, Boris Johnson and Michael Gove lied. They are Tories. It’s in their nature.