Who could possibly have foreseen this???

Brexit: What does Britain losing its EU ‘passporting’ rights mean for banks and how will it affect the economy?

Certainly not the Tory Brexiteers. They can’t foresee breakfast in the morning.

What this means is that British financial institutions can’t sell their products across Europe. And what that means is those institutions will likely decamp to Europe, taking their jobs with them.

Remember “Project Fear”, touted by the avidly xenophobic Brexiteers? They dubbed the opposition to Brexit “Project Fear”and said it falsely claimed disaster would follow Brexit.

Well, a lot of the predictions about consequences of Brexit are coming to pass.

We need to kill Brexit while we can.

More Brexit chaos

Brexit: Minister admits EU citizens could be deported before appeals over their right to stay

EU citizens in the UK face being deported before they can challenge a ruling that does not allow them stay after Brexit, a Government minister says.

The admission triggered an immediate warning that it would cause “considerable alarm” to millions of people already facing huge uncertainty about their futures.

The free movement of peoples in Europe is one of the fundamental rights created by the European Union, and the Tories are set to trash it, like the idiots they are.

We pretty much all know EU nationals resident in the UK, working productively, and the crazy Tories want to destroy their lives.

To paraphrase that evil crittur living in 10 Downing Street, Brexit means Chaos. She likes it.

This guy is inherently destructive

Trump to repeal net neutrality

This move would rescind the FCC regulations that guarantee equal access to websites, which would:

allow internet service providers to block or slow access to specific websites, and allow them to charge for those limits to be lifted.

This doesn’t just affect internet users in the US. It affects international users trying to access US websites served by those providers.

A greater blow to freedom of speech and information can hardly be imagined. But that’s Trump. A blowhard and a liar, he positively hates freedom of speech and information. It’s that freedom that reveals the truth about him.


At least we were not eclipsed by this

Scientists see first confirmed extra-solar meteor going through solar system. Way cool!


BBC: Bizarre shape of interstellar asteroid

The strange, long, red rock has been wandering between the Milky Way for hundreds of million years, failing to become attached to any star system. It then flew through our own, letting scientists have a look at the first alien, interstellar object they’ve ever seen.

“For decades we’ve theorized that such interstellar objects are out there, and now – for the first time – we have direct evidence they exist,” said Thomas Zurbuchen, associate administrator for NASA’s Science Mission Directorate in Washington. “This history-making discovery is opening a new window to study formation of solar systems beyond our own.”

One of the strange things about it is that it is long and roughly cylindrical.

Observations using different telescopes showed that the asteroid’s brightness varied dramatically by a factor of 10 as it span on its axis every 7.3 hours.

“This unusually large variation in brightness means that the object is highly elongated: about 10 times as long as it is wide, with a complex, convoluted shape,” said Dr Meech.

It was discovered by a telescope in Hawaii used to monitor near earth moving objects, and named Oumuamua.

Another sign of Britain’s eclipse under the Tories

UK suffers ‘major failure for diplomacy’ after losing seat on UN International Court of Justice, says Tory MP

Britain’s failure to elect a judge to the UN’s most powerful court has been branded a “major failure for diplomacy” by a Tory MP.

Robert Jenrick, who is parliamentary aide to Home Secretary Amber Rudd, launched a stinging attack on the Government over the decision to withdraw the UK candidate from election to the UN International Court of Justice (ICJ).

It is the first time the UK will be without a judge on 15-seat bench in the Hague since its inception in 1946, in what will be regarded as a blow to its diplomatic prestige.

The Boris was stinging in his reply:

“I don’t think I can quite agree with the construction my friend places on events but I will repeat my congratulations to the Indian judge and as the House will know, it has been a long-standing objective of UK foreign policy to support India in the UN.”

Translation: put the best face you can on a British defeat under Tory misrule. Not that it’s a bad thing to have an Indian on the ICJ, far from it. But what it demonstrates is that since the Brexit chaos began, so gleefully supported by the spectacularly unerudite Boris, Britain’s answer to the Donald for complete ineptitude, nobody respects the UK any more.

And who can blame them. The one sensible answer to Brexit is to stop it entirely, but the drivers of the Tory Clown Car are too inept or cowardly to do it.

OMG – the Tory Clown Car gets better and better.

Now we discover the Tories hadn’t figured out that the EU would be relocating those agencies currently located in the UK, back to Europe upon Brexit.

Brexit: EU to move key agencies from London to France and Netherlands when UK leaves, Brussels announces

Bye-bye jobs! Who couldn’t figure this out?

In April Brexit Secretary David Davis wrongly said the agencies would be able to stay in Britain after it left the EU.

Oopsie. Well, one doesn’t expect much in the way of intelligence from today’s crop of Tories. It’s less than  a couple of thousand well paying jobs. And now that Chancellor Hammond has claimed there’s no unemployment in Britain, no doubt the sacked European civil servants will instantly find another job.

Well, good luck with that in an economy due to be tanking thanks to Brexit.

Well, isn’t THAT a relief!!!

Top US general says he would resist illegal nuclear strike order from Donald Trump

Soooo… The Donald can’t cause havoc and mayhem all by himself. It has to be approved by an adult in the White House. That makes me feel so much safer.

But what if The Donald replaces this outstanding general of independent mind with one of his flunkies?

What is wrong with Americans? Why do they tolerate this narcissistic boor and ignoramus as their president?

But who am I to criticise? We still have Theresa May, who slobbered all over Trump as soon as she could, as prime minister.

And as for The Donald *roll eyes*

Can it get any worse? Yes, my lovelies, it certainly can.

Donald Trump administration lifts ban on importing lion hunt trophies


Apparently the Donald is not much of a game hunter, but:

his sons Eric and Donald Trump Jr are. Photographs emerged in 2012 of the brothers posing with a dead elephant, buffalo and other animals while on safari.

This follows this atrocity:

Donald Trump lifts ban on importing elephant hunt trophies from Zimbabwe and Zambia

The US government has scrapped regulations which forbid elephant trophies being brought into the country from Zimbabwe and Zambia, arguing hunting could help conservation efforts.

The Obama administration banned imports of trophies from Zimbabwe in 2014 after finding the nation’s management of legal hunting did not “enhance the survival of the African elephant the wild”.

It could be that The Donald is just an evil person hell bent on destroying nature just for the hell of it, but I think there’s a more sinister motive. He’s hell bent on undoing everything Obama accomplished.

That alone is grounds for impeachment. Trump clearly has no creative impulses. His instincts are entirely destructive and vengeful.

Apparently Obama got off a few easy shots at him in a White House correspondents dinner – not that those will happen again. He wants revenge and he doesn’t care who or what suffers as a result.

This imposter of a human being is a total moral vacuum.

Tusk Issues Ultimatum To May

Brexit: EU gives May two weeks to act on divorce bill and Ireland

Donald Tusk, president of the European Council

I just do not see how Ireland  and the Irish border can work with any sort of hard Brexit. The Tory extremists, the Goves and Johnsons, are kidding themselves, but they hate Europe so much they’d happily sacrifice Irish peace and prosperity to the altar of hard Brexit. It’s the Tory rebels who are the only ones left in that party with more  common sense than god gave a louse.

Yes, I know lice evolved, but th0se reactionary Tories screaming for hard Brexit  have shown no signs of evolution whatsoever. Fossils have more fresh thoughts and dynamism than they do.

I am embarrassed to be Polish

Poland insists far-right marchers calling for ‘Islamic holocaust’ just sideshow to ‘great celebration of Poles’

Except the demonstration by neo-Nazi bigots from all over Europe was bigger than the official shenanigans.

A 60,000-strong nationalist march in Warsaw which saw demonstrators tout white supremacist, anti-Semitic and Islamophobic messages was largely an expression of patriotic feeling, Poland‘s Foreign Ministry has said.

Marchers hung a banner which said, “pray for Islamic holocaust” and carried signs with slogans like “white Europe of brotherly nations”. Others chanted “pure Poland, white Poland” and “refugees get out!”

Although the country’s government condemned racist and xenophobic ideas, it called the event “a great celebration of Poles, differing in their views, but united around the common values of freedom and loyalty to an independent homeland”.

And it wasn’t just Poles.

Fascists to stage ‘world’s biggest’ far-right march in Warsaw on Polish Independence Day

The march, held on Poland’s 11 November Independence Day holiday, has drawn tens of thousands of participants in recent years. Extremists from Sweden, Hungary, Slovakia and elsewhere now join Polish nationalists in a public display of xenophobic and white supremacist views, since the event began on a much smaller scale in 2009.

The slogan for this year’s event is “We Want God”: words from an old religious Polish song that President Donald Trump quoted in July while visiting Warsaw. Trump praised Poland for what he described as the country’s defence of Western civilisation.

Part of the problem is that Poland is now ruled by the right-wing Law and Justice party. That isn’t helpful.

You would think Poles had learned a lesson from fascism. Evidently not.

This is what the European Union was established to stamp out. And the Conservative idiots want us out of it. How many more wars do they want and support?

We are governed by blithering idiots.