Trump finally embraces his racist porcinity.

Trump fires again at congresswomen, accusing them of ‘spewing vile things’

Some are saying Trump has crossed a line by telling 4 American citizens and congressional representatives to “go back where they came from” and “go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came” . Unfortunately, he forgot that “where they came from” is the US, and it’s his government that is inept, corrupt, and totally broken, so they are doing exactly what he demanded they do. How can he possibly complain about that?

But no, they point out the facts, that he is a racist, fascist, white nationalist – and who also has problems treating women as anything other than sex toys, so I think his problem is he doesn’t want to be beaten by a woman… at least not electorally or politically – so he accuses them of “spewing vile things”. Well, what he is, is a vile thing, they can’t help but be vile when they tell it as it is. Trump is a bigoted scumbag without a single moral bone in his fat carcass.

Trump is a vicious excuse of a human being who brings shame to America, and to men in general, that he should think either should be like him. But he’s outed himself in an irreversible way – he’s not just crossed the line, he has accelerated past seeing it at light speed to the point he can no longer reverse himself or fudge the issue. He’s admitted he’s a racist, white nationalist pig, not in so many words, but in his ingrained attitudes to non-whites and especially coloured woman, who threaten his fragile white male ego.

His ardent but brainless fans love him for it; the Republicans will bite their tongues and say nothing because they are afraid of his fascist followers, thus becoming the party for white nationalism; but he’s lost any chance of gaining votes from the centre, and has united Democrats like nothing else could. Where does Trump go from here? Who knows, but hopefully all the way to hell.

Trump’s pet poodle

Kim Darroch: effectively sacked by Johnson on the orders of Trump

It is an embarrassment that the Tory party is going to install this loon as prime minister. His failure to support the resigning ambassador to Washington following the leaks of advice he gave to the Foreign Office and May is a clear sign of his weakness and unfitness to hold the post. But they’ll anoint him anyway, because they are unfit to be the party of government.

Oh look! Pot calls kettle black!

Trump calls May foolish as diplomatic row escalates

The Tweeter-in Chief’s frothy ripost to our ambassador’s leaked, candid and frank appraisal of the idiot in charge of the US:

“The wacky ambassador that the UK foisted upon the United States is not someone we are thrilled with, a very stupid guy,” Trump wrote.
“He should speak to his country, and prime minister May, about their failed Brexit negotiation, and not be upset with my criticism of how badly it was handled.

“I told her how to do that deal, but she went her own foolish way – was unable to get it done. A disaster! I don’t know the ambassador but have been told he is a pompous fool. Tell him the USA now has the best economy and military anywhere in the world, by far and they are both only getting bigger, better and stronger.”

Trump wouldn’t know a deal from the hole in his arse, or how to get one. And he’s calling other people whacky and foolish? He’s as much of an embarrassment to the US as Boris the Boor is to England.

Yes, I mean England. I’m not sure I know who the English are anymore. Certainly not the Tory English. They are willing to sacrifice jobs and even the UK on the sacred altar of Brexit under the phony Boris. England’s answer to Trump. It’s almost a fait accomplit that the Tories will select Boris as their new führer, and Boris cares only about himself. He’s as self-involved and narcissistic as Trump.

England may deserve Boris, but the rest of us certainly don’t. If he goes ahead and prorogues parliament so no-deal Brexit goes through by default, then I’d support Scottish secession from the UK. Democracy would be dead here in any case, if the prime minister is able to dissolve parliament whenever he wishes.

A Blast from the Past

Pride has sold its soul to rainbow-branded capitalism, by Peter Tatchell

Our vision involved creating a new sexual democracy, without homophobia, misogyny, racism or class privilege. Erotic shame and repression would be banished, together with the privileging of monogamy, the traditional family and rigid male and female gender roles. There would be sexual freedom and human rights for everyone – lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender. And for straight, non-binary and cis gender people, too.

As well as opposing the way things were, GLF outlined an alternative imagining of how society and personal relationships could be. This included living communally and cooperatively, gender-subversive radical drag and non-possessive multi-partner open relationships. These were revolutionary ideas, and they still are.

But look what’s happened since then. Whereas GLF derided the family as a patriarchal prison that enslaved women, gay people and children, the biggest LGBT+ campaigns of recent years have been for marriage and parenting rights. The focus on these safe, cuddly issues (worthy though they are) suggests that queers are increasingly reluctant to rock the boat. Many of us would, it seems, prefer to embrace traditional heterosexual aspirations, rather than critique them and strive for a liberating alternative.

Today is the 50th anniversary of Stonewall, the riot that occurred outside a mafia-run gay club in New York in June 1969 that ignited the homosexual revolution that has been convulsing society ever since. Without that spark, we wouldn’t be where we are today, even though across most of the world, gay people are still persecuted.

Peter Tatchell is a revered veteran of those campaigns translated here. I lived through those times, though mostly oblivious – old though I am, Tatchell is a lot older. I think it’s fair to say that Tatchell’s complaint is justified. Stonewall and its aftermath did not result in the sexual and social revolution he wanted and expected. Instead, it resulted in the attempted integration of gay people into normative heterosexual society, mimicking existing heterosexual norms.

My answer would be, why is that so bad? Does he really yearn for a sexually libertine society where no relationship is stable and no family can hope to survive? Should society be perpetually chaotic?

“Traditional heterosexual aspirations” exist because they provide a framework for social stability. It’s not perfect, of course, and much has happened to loosen it up. But loosening it up is not a call for chaos, which seems to be what Tatchell is nostalgic about. A free-for-all or anything-goes is not a recipe for a stable society. While sanctions against those who trespass social norms is, as Tatchell might say, uncalled for, there is no reason to reject those norms as somehow unjust, unworkable, or worse, undesirable.

Tatchell wanted a revolution that upset everything. All in one. The slogan that “anything goes!!!” is just a slogan. It has no purchase on reality, where for most people, anything doesn’t really go. That’s not going to change. I think that we need to be more open to change, not excessively critical or fearful of it. But human nature isn’t capable of infinite change, not in any short run, at least.

So if gay people assimilate heterosexual norms and are accepted for it, that’s a good thing. If immediate social chaos isn’t accepted, even by the gay community, perhaps that’s because we simply aren’t programmed for it. Perhaps Tatchell’s views of human social horizons are possible. I wouldn’t bet on it.

Labour still wandering in Corbyn’s wilderness

Trying to unite the country over Brexit won’t win Labour a general election

Ahead of today’s meeting of Labour’s shadow cabinet, here is a thought experiment. In the latest YouGov poll, the party has lost half its vote at the last general election. Suppose three-quarters of those lost voters had switched to the Brexit parties or the Conservatives, while one-quarter had switched to strongly remain parties – the Liberal Democrats, Greens or SNP. Pro-leave MPs in Labour’s heartlands would say “told you”. The case for Labour pivoting to a strongly pro-leave stance would be overwhelming.

In fact the opposite is true. Of those who voted Labour in 2017, just 51% would vote Labour today. Thirty-six per cent would vote Lib Dem, Green or SNP; just 11% would vote for the Brexit party or (in a very few cases) Conservative. If any pivoting is needed, the direction needed for the party’s self-preservation is clear.

Corbyn and his leftie cronies are labouring, if you will pardon the pun, under the delusion that (a) Britain craves far left policies, and (b) that if only Britain left the EU, those stupid policies could be put in place.

The fact is, most Brexiteers are xenophobic neo-fascists who want nothing to do with socialism of any sort. That Corbyn sympathises with their Brexit aspirations won’t win him any votes. He’s as moronic as the Maybot. He just doesn’t get it, that most liberal and socialist people favour economic alliance with other European nations. Yes, that alliance might stop some radical leftwing policies, and, yes, the EU could do with some reform, but the liberals and socialists aren’t with Corbyn. He’s a dinosaur, a millwheel around their necks, something antediluvian that is trying to take them and Britain down. He’d never be elected Labour leader now we’ve seen how he fails to perform.

Corbyn and the Maybot are the symptoms of Britain’s decline. Unfortunately, there is no-one on any horizon who offers hope for a British rise. Corbyn dithers while Britain burns. Historians will not be kind to this twit.

Labour can’t straddle the divide between xenophobes and people who want to be part of Europe. There’s no unity there. Corbyn is delusional on that score, as he is on many issues. Neither Labour nor Tories offer any way forward. Brexiteers have never offered one, their aim is Brexit, and damn what happens afterwards. Britain is rudderless, and the Tory selection of a king-elect won’t change that.

Maybe it is time to dissolve the United Kingdom, and let England drift on its own xenophobic path.

Trump campaign

Apparently Trump is re-fighting the 2016 election. His supporters at one of his Nuremberg style rally in Orlando, Florida, this week were chanting “Lock Her Up, Lock Her Up” as if his opponent were Hillary Clinton. Again.

The comment on the rally that sticks in my mind was from Steven Colbert. He said it was appropriate the rally was in Orlando, the home of a Disney theme park, because Trump’s policies are Goofy, and and his supporters are Snow White.

To be fair, there is the rare black sell-out to Trump. so there are a very few shades of colour other than white in his list of oiks, but Trump is a racist, and he’s trying to run his re-election campaign, on a an anti-immigrant basis.

The man is the vilest human on the planet. To be even more fair, most Americans didn’t vote for this egotistical gasbag, that only knows how to stir up divisiveness for his own profit. But the same thing could happen again, if Democrats fail to put up a candidate who can actually address the issues of inequality and economic blight that caused Trump’s election. Wish I could be optimistic.

This sums the Tories up

Compare this Tory cohort to Disraeli, Baldwin, Churchill and Macmillan. Behold how far the party has fallen

“Those who the Gods wish to destroy, they first make mad”, Euripides supposedly observed. Clearly, the Gods now wish to destroy the Conservative Party. Having initially contracted the Euroscepticism virus in the 1980s, this has since morphed into a terminal contagion, which doctors have recently identified as No Dealus Brexitus

The Conservative Party once believed in continuity and stability, encouraged respect for established institutions, venerated knowledge and wisdom, rejected ideology in favour of the tried-and-tested, preferred facts and evidence to theory, favoured incremental change, and revered Britain’s constitutional government based on the sovereignty of Parliament, checks-and-balances, and the “union” of the United Kingdom. Not any more, though.   

Some senior Conservatives (and rabidly pro-Tory newspapers) now denounce judges and senior civil servants as traitors and enemies within, and support the suspension of parliament if it continues to block Brexit. This is after decades of the Conservatives attacking the BBC, the Church of England, the medical profession, the police, teachers, and universities.

I doubt there is even one of the Tory hopefuls who would have any recognition of “Euripides” or that quote. Maybe the Boor Boris, as he’s been reputed to have “read” the classics somewhere in Oxbridge at some point in his lacklustre career. The astonishing thing is that given the quagmire the Tories have stranded us in, there is anyone willing to take up from where the Maybot left us, stranded in a remote political wilderness, and there is not one of them I would trust to lead us out any more than I would trust a rabid polecat.

They have be come the natural party of misgovernment, and hopefully the only thing the new leader will accomplish is blundering into a general election where the lot can be shown the door. Not that the Brexit Party fascists under Farage would be any better, but likely they wouldn’t form the government.

A YouGov poll this week has revealed that the Conservatives’ grassroots members are so obsessed with leaving the EU that 63 per cent of them would support Brexit even if it meant that Scotland left the United Kingdom, while 61 per cent wanted Brexit even if it caused significant damage to the UK economy.

The Tory faithful have gone insane. England has gone insane. Unless this is curable, the sooner we get rid of the United Kingdom, the better.

Moreover, 59 per cent were willing to see Northern Ireland leave the UK in order to attain Brexit. Most bizarre of all, 54 per cent would be prepared to see the Conservative Party itself destroyed if that was the price to be paid for obtaining Brexit. The only scenario whereby Conservative Party members would be willing to forego Brexit is to prevent Jeremy Corbyn becoming prime minister.

!!! Say no more – despite me own doots about oor Jeremy as a fit prime minister, and they are many, this is a party whose members deserve to be institutionalised before they can do more damage to themselves or others.

With polls like this, that the Tory party members are as much of an existential threat to the welfare of the UK as were Hitler or the USSR, it should give anyone pause before wondering whether it is ever worth voting Tory again. These people, the Tory faithful, are dementedly destructive. Some would describe them as psychopaths.