There’s no idiot like a Tory

Senior Conservative under fire after dismissing march for fresh Brexit referendum as ‘desperate stuff’

Senior Tories were accused of “sniping” at the huge numbers of campaigners set to take part in a giant march for a fresh Brexit referendum, a day after it was announced.

Brexit minister, Martin Callanan, came under fire after he branded next month’s “Put It To The People March” – part of The Independent’s Final Saycampaign – “desperate stuff”.

James Cleverly, a Conservative vice-chairman, tweeted sarcastically: “The only thing that might make me change my mind is a bloke in a blue hat with yellow stars shouting ‘Stop Brexit’. Yep, that might do it.”

It’s obvious Tories care fuck all for Britain. All the bastards want is a huge noise while exiting the EU. They don’t care about trade or jobs. They don’t care about the UK’s international status. All they want to do is say FU to the EU.

There isn’t a single sentient human being in the Tory party. They’ve become little islander Trumpists.

Britain remains divided

Majority of voters want Theresa May to delay Brexit, exclusive Independent poll finds

Not much of a majority. 53%, hardly more than voted for Brexit in the first place. So only 53% want to avoid catastrophe,

The poll by BMG Research found that the public also favoured a delay, possibly to prepare for a second referendum, while 33 per cent would back a no-deal exit, even if it hits the economy, and 14 per cent did not know.

The poll found nearly half (49 per cent) believed a no-deal Brexit would be an economic catastrophe that would do lasting damage to the country. Some 28 per cent disagreed with the statement.

Asked if they would support a final vote, whether a deal is reached or not, 50 per cent backed the idea, while 32 per cent opposed it.

So at least one third of the country supports Britwreck, whatever the consequences. They don’t care about driving the country into the dirt, they only want to be free of those disgusting foreigners and coloured people. It’s the same one third that supports Trump in the US whatever disaster he visits on their country.

I must admit I would have hoped for better numbers, but clearly there is a hard core load of Brits who simply hate foreigners. One third of Britons are bigots unwilling to embrace any form of internationality. And it looks like they, thanks to the moron Theresa May, will win, causing a disaster Britain hasn’t seen since WWII.

Back to Liam Neeson

Liam Neeson started a vital debate. To condemn him is to end it

In one brief interview, Neeson made a horrible admission that once, when he was told that a friend had been raped by a black man, he went out with a cosh looking to murder any random black male whom he saw as offensive. Apparently he did this for a week. Not exactly what we might describe as an enlightened response, and it has drawn a lot of drool among the commentariat.

Rightly, that sort of behaviour has been condemned, but Neeson wasn’t boasting about it, he regretted it. He owned up when he could have stayed silent, and said he had been wrong. Commentators have taken the opportunity to condemn Neeson, while not considering whether Neeson had gone through some sort of evolution from the prat that was, to the man that is.

If Neeson has, in fact, undergone an evolution from being a racist pig to a decent human being, that’s worth commenting on and exploring, to understand how it happens.

I recall myself in primary school. It was a Catholic primary, and I was the child of Polish parents who immigrated as refugees during WWII. There was one girl in my class, indeed in the whole school – this was early 60s Scotland where almost everyone was white – who was black. I remember her name, though I forget the rest.

Now, my memory of those days is clouded and incomplete, but I remember at one point making some remark to my mother about her that must have been racist, presumably picked up from attitudes at the school. I don’t recall what it was, but I remember the reaction. Mother came down on me like a ton of bricks. She called me out, she berated me, and called me some gross names for saying what I said.

Now that, unlike racism, stayed with me. I can say at that point, I evolved my views, because mother had told me me I was a total shit for holding them. Racism is abhorrent, but endemic in society. As individuals, we reflect society and prevailing views. I can see that a story like Leeson’s should be used as a model for evolution of attitudes, not as a vehicle to condemn Leeson.

Were Leeson still a racist, I could understand the condemnation. The point is, where is he now, and I think it’s not where he was while being a racist prat. We can learn from this that people can evolve, they can expand their views, and they can change. That’s encouraging.

NASA to return to the moon?

Nasa administrator announces plans to ‘go to the moon and stay’

Nasa is making plans to send astronauts to the moon again, but this time it wants to keep humans there.

That’s according to the space agency’s administrator, Jim Bridenstine, who called for “the best and brightest of American industry to help design and develop human lunar landers”, in response to what he says is a clear mandate from Donald Trump and Congress to once again get astronauts out of Earth’s orbit.

In a post detailing his agency’s lofty goals — to return astronauts to the moon, and one day send them to Mars for the first time in human history — Mr Bridenstine said that, this time, the US is playing for keeps.

Hmmmm… if Trump is behind this scheme, it’s doomed to failure. He’s probably hoping to build a Trump Tower on it.

There was a time I would have applauded a permanent lunar mission, but like the International Space Station, I would have hoped it would be an international effort. The moon doesn’t belong to the US just because they landed the only astronauts on it 50 years ago.

But these are the days of global warming, and an environmental catastrophe that threatens the existence not just of civilisation, but the human species as a whole. Unless lunar travel is somehow part of a larger package that addresses GW, it’s a waste of money. Not that Trump has ever baulked at wasting money, especially if it isn’t his own.

Trump is so stupid he denies GW exists. He is so stupid he can point to climatic extremes of cold this winter as “evidence” against it, and neglect to acknowledge extremes of heat in the other hemisphere that he most likely doesn’t know exists. He is so stupid he can’t comprehend the fact that shoving more energy into the atmosphere will lead to chaotic fluctuations in weather, with average temperatures rising while local extremes can go up and down.

We are currently nations ruled by complete idiots. Nothing to be confident about there. I will predict this, though. That lunar mission ain’t gonna happen. Not even going to get started under Trump. He’s a disaster.

Brexit preps go awry

Brexit: Chris Grayling terminates no-deal ferry contract with company which has no ships

This was a classic piece of Tory incompetence. They actually contracted for additional channel ferries – it’s not quite clear why they thought they would need them in the first place as their ambition is to cut off commerce from the EU – from a company that didn’t actually own any.

The idiot Rees-Mogg speculated that the Irish government had something nefarious to do with the company pulling out. There’s no twit like an upper-class aspiring Tory twit.

As for Grayling, his incompetence makes him look like he’s angling for May’s job. On the scale of total disaster, he’s right up there with her, and the Tories are hell bent on providing us with the worst government in British history.

That is one target they will achieve.

And Corbyn is being a useless ninny

Labour will be punished by voters if it gives any backing at all to Brexit

Jeremy Corbyn’s letter to Theresa May last night offering to slightly soften his Brexit stance risks stirring a backlash from Labour supporters. A new poll makes it devastatingly clear that if Labour is perceived as having enabled Brexit, it will lose 45 seats – including five of its seven precious Scottish seats.

Jeremy is so sold on Brexit he’s willing to sell out to May to achieve it. Here are his conditions for selling out:

* A “permanent and comprehensive UK-wide customs union”, including a say in future trade deals.
* Close alignment with the single market, underpinned by “shared institutions”.
* “Dynamic alignment on rights and protections”, so that UK standards do not fall behind those of the EU.
* Clear commitments on future UK participation in EU agencies and funding programmes.
* Unambiguous agreements on future security arrangements, such as use of the European arrest warrant.

It’s not likely May would agree to any let alone most of those. Her Brexiteers wouldn’t stand for any of them, and her only priority is keeping the Tories under her wing.

But Corbyn isn’t providing the leadership it takes to stop May’s Brexit. He’s a wanker.

So what hell is fit for wreckful Brexiteers?

May clashes with Tusk and Juncker but EU agrees to fresh talks

Theresa May clashed with Jean-Claude Juncker and Donald Tusk during Brexit talks in Brussels but has secured agreement for a fresh round of formal negotiations to break the impasse.

A meeting with the European commission president was described as “robust”, with Juncker resolutely rebuffing May’s demand for a renegotiation of the withdrawal agreement.

May also confronted Tusk over his comments on Thursday in which the European council president said Brexiters without a plan would have “a special place in hell”. The prime minister said “the language was not helpful and caused widespread dismay in the United Kingdom”.

She’s full of it. Maybe it caused widespread dismay among Tory Brexiteers destined for Tusk’s hell, but it amused the rest of us. May is deliberately wasting time trying to get a nip here and a tuck there, but it’s not going to change the package dramatically, neither is it going to change the fact she’s asking for a contradiction on the Irish border.

The woman is a Brexit fool without a plan – maybe Tusk caused her personal dismay. I doubt she is sensitive enough to feel any. She comes across as a robot, determined to complete its programming whatever the disaster that ensues.

The hell we are all facing is Tory Brexit and Britwreck. There are enough Tories determined to crash the UK on the rocks just to spite Europe, that May has to placate them to keep her party together, causing her to try to speak out of both sides of her mouth simultaneously, with garbage being the unavoidable product. Nothing May says makes any sense, because she’s as clueless as any Tory. Like any Tory, she puts party and herself first, and the UK second.

As for that lying *** May

I am loathe to use female pejoratives like c***, t***, b****; and male pejoratives like p****, d***, w*****, f***** and a*******. However appropriate they may be. I think of various pols in these terms, yet it doesn’t seem appropriate to set them out on a web page. And yet…

Take May’s abortive trip to Northern Ireland to pacify the natives. She wasn’t prepared for it having had only two years since the first Brexit vote to figure out how she was going to deal with the Irish border, and now a few days ahead of Brexit, she still hasn’t a clue. I doubt she has a clue what “backstop” actually entails. I doubt anyone else does, either.

“Backstop” is a meaningless word designed to conceal the fact that not only does May not have a sodding idea of what she is doing, she doesn’t give a shit. It’s all delaying tactics to persuade batshit insane Tory MP’s to vote to keep her majesty in No 10. That is her primary directive among Tory zombies… Stay. In. Power.

The Tories are a completely useless party.

And do not get me started on Labour.

An angry Tusk

Donald Tusk is a victim of Brexit – no wonder he wants to consign Brexiteers to a ‘special place in hell’

Tony Blair and John Major went to Belfast during the referendum campaign to set out the seriousness and insolubility of this problem in great detail. They were not listened to. For two-and-a-half years, the UK civil service and others have sought to come up with various ingenious ways to have no border at all between two countries, one of whom has refused to be in a customs union with the other. They have not come up with anything. Nothing exists like it anywhere on Earth. Currently, Steve Baker and various others are in the process of coming up with a solution that will work, in the space of 48 hours. It won’t happen. So the backstop is needed. 

So for those who have brought the UK, and the European Union, to this point, who campaigned for it with no plan at all of how to sort it out, Tusk has every right to be angry and every right to express that anger too.

Tory Brexit has been both reckless and wreckful. These far right politicians obviously wanted to inflict the maximum amount of damage in Europe, in revenge for Europe inveigling the UK into membership, without any regard whatsoever for collateral damage to the UK.

They live in some sort of imperial cloud cuckooland where the Britain of yesteryear can be resurrected in all its imperial glory, bereft of colonies and its theft of their foreign wealth, and somehow float to the top among giants that make Britain look like en effete pigmy.

No wonder Tusk is exasperated. He is faced by the dregs of the English ruling class. The problem is, they have no class.