Theresa May dithers on

Theresa’s a twit

Brexit: Tony Blair hits back at ‘irresponsible’ Theresa May as war of words escalates

Tony Blair has hit back at Theresa May after she accused him of “undermining” the UK in Brexit talks and “insulting” the office of prime minister.

As the highly unusual war of words between the sitting prime minister and one of her predecessors intensified, Mr Blair called Ms May “irresponsible” for trying to “steamroller” her Brexit deal through parliament.

Responding to her criticism of him, the former prime minister insisted it was “not irresponsible or insulting” for him to campaign for a fresh Brexit referendum and denied he had undermined her during negotiations with the EU.

Mr Blair has been a vocal advocate of the public being given a Final Say vote on Brexit and on Friday called on the EU to make preparations for the extension of Article 50 in order to allow more time for further negotiations or another referendum.

That prompted Ms May to launch a blistering attack on him.

The disgusting Theresa May, rather than focussing on protecting Britain, prefers to attack a former prime minister. She’s a waste of space.

Brexit sprouts for Christmas?

Apparently, thanks to oor Theresa, brussels sprouts are oot this year, and for every year to come. You have to take your brexit and eat it, or else Theresa may spank you.

How No 10 tried, and failed, to contrive EU rescue of May’s deal

This was at the Brussels summit of EU leaders today. Unsurprisingly, since May has no credibility left having shifted her position so many times and being so vague about what she wants – which appears to be to stay on in Downing Street – Europe isn’t going along with her latest dithering.

May insists some undefined change to her “deal” is possible, while European leaders rule it out, and  she has reached the point where tenacity has become obdurate and deliberate stupidity. The main problem, besides the Tory Brexiteers, is May herself. No-one respects her any more, no Tories, Labour or other parliamentary parties; no European or EU leader. She can’t be trusted. She’s Britain’s Trump, a serial liar.

She’s a recipe for disaster.

Theresa May has given us a whole new word!

Brexit, noun: a complete cock-up; a total clusterfuck; an unprecedented disaster. Ex: Theresa made such a brexit of dinner, everyone was hospitalised for food poisoning.

To brexit, verb, trans:  to make a total bollocks of; to break beyond repair; to screw up so badly you haven’t a friend left, except maybe your spouse and they are having doubts. Ex: he brexited his car into a ditch because he was driving the wrong way up a one way street.

Thank you, Sainted Theresa, for another grand job done. Maybe the Tories will get rid of you in a few hours, maybe they’ll think better of it, but either way, you are permanently damaged goods.

You have, in a word, brexited yourself. Political hara kiri. No sympathy at all, it’s all your fault.

May has lost her fucking mind

Looks a lot like what Oor Theresa is trying to do is put off the Brexit vote till there are two options: her own lousy deal, and no deal at all, on March 29th. This from a woman who claims to have British interests at heart. Rumour is that  the “meaningful vote” will now not take place till the end of January at least, out of ducking out of it this Tuesday, but with the lies May has told and the chaos and lack of direction she has introduced into British government, how do we know that’s even true?

The problem for May is you cannot trust a word she says any longer – not that some people didn’t trust her previously, but now none of the European leaders have any reason to trust anything she says, and her own party members in the Commons don’t, either. You cannot be an effective leader with zero credibility, or in May’s case, negative credibility, the certainty that most things she says are outright lies. Like a Tory Donald Trump.

Only a few days ago, she claimed her deal was non-negotiable, and that anyone who thought it could be renegotiated was out their mind. Today, she’s off on a tour of European capitals hoping she can get European leaders to bail her out of the mess she’s created. I suppose she’s out of her mind? Needless to say, they aren’t biting, but preparing for a no deal crash exit., because nothing she says can be trusted. She can’t be trusted to stick to any deal.

The only reason she is still in office today is because the Tories are rightly worried they’d be annihilated in a fresh election, and can’t settle on a credible successor to May with a ghost of a chance of retaining a Commons majority, with an election or without. The party is hopelessly split. Labour hasn’t a hope in hell of forcing an early election, and in any case, there is no reason to suppose they would perform any better, as Corbyn has shown absolute spinelessness in taking no leadership role on Brexit at all.

So May looks safe for the time being, her tenacity being her only remaining virtue. But while tenacity may be a virtue in moderation, there is also the tenacity of a pit bull with your leg in its teeth. This has become May’s tenacity, holding on to something she shouldn’t. She’s busy destroying Britain for her own temporary holding position, and she should never be forgiven for that.

David Cameron and Theresa May will together go down as the worst prime ministers in British history, Cameron for creating an existential crisis to solve divisions among the Tories, and May for making it infinitely worse and gleefully driving Britain off a cliff. It is indeed a Tory Brexit. If only Labour had a leader with an ounce of vision, they could clean up. Corbyn may not spin as much as May, but his inactivity is not winning him any points. He’s a lost opportunity, and won’t go anywhere in history at all.

If she had an ounce of decency or common sense, at this point, she’d quit.

What does it take for May to admit she doesn’t have the support she needs for her chaotic version of Brexit? Armageddon? That’s March 29th and that’s just around the corner.

Brexit: Pound drops as Theresa May delays Commons vote on EU deal

At this point, her clinging to power is doing nothing but damaging Britain ever further. She’s refused to shit or get of the pot. If she won’t go, Parliament need to kick her flabby ass out of Downing Street.

Previously, I had some sympathy for her tenacity and endurance. It has reached the point where it is completely counterproductive. Parliament needs to vote, so Britain can move on in some direction, instead of blithering about till it’s too fucking late. Every minute she lets this drag on, she’s responsible for the increasing damage. She has made herself solely to blame for her disaster.

While Tory bobbleheads prattle, the fascists are marching

Far-right groups across Europe ‘using Islamist techniques’ to recruit followers, report says

Farage and his cronies may be bailing on UKIP, but what does it say about a party that Farage isn’t willing to be a member of? Nazi. That’s what it says. Even Farage doesn’t want to be thought of as a Nazi.

But while UKIP, Britain’s nascent Nazi party, focuses on Muslims as the object of hatred, they aren’t going to keep their hatred to Muslims alone. They’ll spread it around, to Jews, Catholics, atheists, blacks, gays, browns, women, especially women, and every disadvantaged minority or group you can think of.

If there is one person I don’t want to hear anything more from, it’s Boris

He’s Britain’s tiny potted Trump.

Boris Johnson says he will take ‘personal responsibility’ for job losses under his alternative Brexit plan as leadership talk heats up

What the fuck does that actually mean? He’s going to pick up the pay-check of every person made unemployed under his stupid policies?

Well, of course it doesn’t mean that. All it means is he’s babbling and saying the first things that come into his bobblehead just like Trump does.

Out of his tiny little mind.

Trump sinking deeper in shit

Cohen spoke with Russian to set up Trump-Putin meeting, Mueller reveals

One of Donald Trump’s closest advisers spoke during the 2016 election campaign with a Russian offering help from Moscow and a meeting with the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, the special counsel Robert Mueller revealed on Friday.

Federal prosecutors also alleged that Trump directed the adviser, Michael Cohen, to make illegal payoffs to two women who claimed to have had sexual relationships with Trump, implicating the president in the violation of campaign finance laws. They recommended that Cohen receive a prison sentence of about four years.

The disclosures heaped new pressure on Trump, whose presidency has come under siege from Mueller’s investigation into Russia’s interference in the 2016 US election and a spinoff inquiry into Cohen, his lawyer and legal fixer for more than a decade.

Trump is a thoroughly bad human being. The only thing that tempts me not to call for his ignominious ejection from the presidency, is the thought of President Pence, which would be even worse.

Trump is horrible, but he is so predictably compromised and ignorant, he can be ignored. Nothing he says matters, because he hasn’t a clue what he is saying. His forte is making money for Trump, that’s the only thing he knows how to do. The rest of America’s institutions can probably stumble on for a couple of years despite his existence and the blight he’s put on the world.

With President Pence, we could be heading for a real world version of The Handmaid’s Tale. I am sure Margaret Atwood didn’t think she was being prophetic, but bringing Trump down could have immeasurably catastrophic results. Pence is a far-right, racist, white male Christian fundamentalist. He lies as easily as Trump, and he has no more ethical scruples than Trump. He’s Trump cubed. And he is rubbing his filthy hands in glee seeing his boss crashing in flames.

The man is a total dork

Jeremy Corbyn tells EU’s centre-left politicians he wants to build a ‘socialist Europe’

The man who wants Brexit, with all the economic chaos it would cause, wants to unite with his European socialist brethren – makes no sense at all, but then, Corbyn has been as disastrous a leader of Labour as May has been of the Tories. They both want the same thing, a Brexit pig’s pudding.

How he imagines a socialist paradise will spring from that is anyone’s guess. Total idiot.