Of course, May looks like nana compared to Trump

Well, what is there to say about the clown car that is Trump?

He goes to a NATO conference and trashes his allies. He has a disastrous visit to Britain where he criticises May, eclipses the queen, then pops over to Helsinki to visit with his bosom buddy Putin whose praises he sings. Everything he says is out of the Putin script. Then he tries weakly to roll back what he said in Helsinki, as if there is an intelligent human on the planet who will believe a word he says, Putin included.

And we are supposed to believe Putin had nothing to do with his election, or that Putin holds nothing over Trump?

Trump is Putin’s stooge, for whatever reason we can only speculate about.

May is a powerless buffoon, run by Jacob Rees-Mogg these days. But maybe better a twit like Rees-Mogg running your show than a bloody dictator like Putin. At least May doesn’t put immigrant children in cages like Trump. Though give Rees-Mogg time, I’m sure he can take lessons from Trump.

We cannot trust Tories and their vicious hostility to Europe, we cannot trust the US under Trump’s dictatorship. The list of allies grows thin, but the Tories want to throw us out of the European boat into a broiling sea with no allies at all.

We are governed by lunatics.

Looks like a lot of Tories are hell-bent on breaking Britain

Brexit: Theresa May refuses to say if her ‘baffling’ customs plan requires EU border staff to collect duties for UK

No-one knows what the chaotic May misgovernment is up to. Given the last few whirls, it looks like barring a miracle, May’s Tories will be faced with two choices come next March. Brexit without any trade agreement, which would be economically disastrous, or no exit with the status quo continuing.  They have no negotiating strategy at all. Though maybe by that time our European “allies” will be sick and tired of dealing with Brexit and throw us out on May’s sorry ass.

Tories have been a complete disaster. May is what you get for voting Tory. Though there could be worse.

Brexit: Boris Johnson savages Theresa May’s ‘democratic disaster’ proposals for future relations with EU

Fair enough, Bojo’s criticism of May’s disaster is legitimate, but to be fair, he played his share in bringing this disaster about. As the Tories’ answer to Trump, he’s a complete loon. He was a member of this incompetent government, and played his part in generating incompetence.

Not everyone in Britain hates Trump

British fascists and neo-Nazis do love the president. The right of the Tory party admires his treatment of immigrants, which is pretty much what they would like to to do to immigrants to Britain, a little Gulag of their very own.

OK, maybe not all of these right wing yahoos are outright fascists or neo-Nazis, but they certainly don’t mind associating with the breed in order to celebrate the bombastic president. And when you lie down with dogs, sometime you get up with a lot worse than fleas.

In the US, fascists and neo-Nazis are Trump’s base, along with evangelical Christianists who would like nothing better than to subjugate women and persecute gays. Trump feeds their ilk because their adulation supports his ego, and with Tump, ego is all that matters.

Trump goes on blundering through Britain

Trump scrambles to repair bruised relations with May in press conference spectacle

The president said that he would rather have the prime minister as his friend than his enemy

Good grief. With this president, you’d rather have him as an enemy than a friend. At least that way, you wouldn’t be surprised by the inevitable stab in the back.

Trump has done his worst to undermine NATO, and cosy up to Putin, his ringmaster, because he loves strong, mobster dictators of the sort he aspires to be.

He’s already trashed May’s feeble efforts at Brexit, saying he advised her differently but she wouldn’t listen, and that if she went through with it, there would be no trade deal with the US.

Now he is trying unconvincingly to persuade someone he is May’s ally. I don’t know who he is trying to kid, but the take-home is that you wouldn’t want this pompous windbag, this lying charlatan, anywhere near you. Obviously May would, but that’s because Trump is now all she’s got, like an albatross around her neck.

Whither Brexit?

Well, Theresa May hasn’t covered herself with glory on the Brexit front, either. Fellating Trump isn’t going to solve her problems here, especially as Trump identified himself with the anti-immigrant Tories and Farage’s racist UKIP.

Brexit: Theresa May’s plans cast into doubt after savaging from eurosceptic Tory MPs

This plan, touted (not by May!) as a soft Brexit, isn’t going to satisfy the anti-European isolationists of the Tory right wing who want to cut off all bureaucratic, legal and commercial entanglements with Europe. It is likely not to satisfy the Europeans who will see it as an attempt to cherry-pick  good deals and avoid bad ones. And it certainly doesn’t satisfy those who want Britain to remain a committed part of the EU, or keep the UK’s access to European markets, goods and services as free as now. That includes British industry and commerce, who are poised to flee Britain’ shores if May gets her way..

In short, the worst of all worlds. The only thing it satisfies is May’s need to spend another few days as mistress of Downing Street, just by virtue of being published. It doesn’t even get Trump’s support. I give it the lifespan of a mayfly, and what happens to May’s government after that is anyone’s guess at this point. Her only saving feature is that most of the Tory front runners are even more unthinkable than she is. Rees-Mogg? Boris?  Gove? Ugh. But a soft Brexit just may rip the Tories apart.

The final two options might be staying in Europe, or leaving it with no deal at all. It doesn’t take the IQ of a gnat to realise that staying is a better deal than anything the Tories are able to offer or deliver.

Putin’s stooge arrives in Britain to fawning reception

Trump UK visit: President kicks off trip with flurry of insults and unease among US allies

It was a disastrous NATO meeting at which every Trump rant was a lie, from the claim that the US funds over 90% of NATO (more like 70%), through the claim that he had forced NATO government to double their NATO spending, through the claim he would take the US out of the NATO alliance if they didn’t change his diapers at his bidding. It was an absolute shambolics of a meeting. Putin must have creamed himself.

Now, whether Trump is knowingly Putin’s stooge, or whether Putin was prescient in seeing the utter chaos Trump would create amongst Western allies, I don’t know. The Mueller report when it comes out will tell us more about the extent of Russian interference in the last US election, and the degree of involvement by Trump and his henchmen.

The article linked points out that although Trump has had nasty things to say about all US allies, he has never had a critical word for mobster dictators like Putin. Whether this means he is in Putin’s pocket and taking orders isn’t clear – I doubt it’s that blatant. More likely and simply, he admires him a mobster strongman, and like to think of himself as one, frustrated by democratic processes that Putin doesn’t have shackling him. For Trump his presidency is just his latest reality TV show, with him as the star, and the more fuss he creates, the more he likes it.

And now, Theresa May has laid out the red carpet and sleeveless red gown

in a hopeless effort to infatuate him into supporting her policies, this after he said her latest white paper on Brexit wasn’t what the British had voted for. I can understand why she is going through with this charade. She needs a trade deal with the US following her catastrophe with Brexit. She’s not going to get it, because if there is one thing Trump is renowned for, it’s lying through his teeth. He lives in a make-believe little world of his own.

Nothing Trump says or promises can be trusted. America under Trump’s leadership is not an ally one can rely on. And Putin is still creaming himself. He’ll be able to cream all over Trump in a few days, and Trump will just lap it up.

US Senate rebukes Trump (astonishing, I know)

Senate votes to support NATO ahead of Trump summit

This is a stunning rebuke of Trump’s anti-NATO rants. Trump has been accusing NATO allies of not supporting the alliance, which he categorises as US defense of Europe, while neglecting that Europe is also defending the US.

In the midst of doing this, he says that Putin is “okay”, not a threat, which is not surprising as Putin and the Russian oligarchs (mobsters) have long been his business partners.

So in one breath, he condemns NATO for not defending the US against Russia, condemns NATO members for trading with Russia, while defending Putin’s Russia against NATO because Russia is no threat. A total nutzo.

Trump is not a trustworthy ally. He is Putin’s stooge. And he is either too stupid or too confident to realise this is clear to everyone but Trump areslickers.

Is it possible this could be a rift between Trump and his sicko racist sycophants, and the rest of the Republican leadership? Is accepting Vladimir Putin as an admirable Mafia strongman he’d like to emulate finally too strong a gruel for GOP leaders to choke down?

I doubt they have that much backbone in the end, but they did mostly vote, 97 to 2 Trump fellators, in criticising Trump’s stupid approach to NATO.

Theresa May, through her own stupidity, has no choice but to fellate Trump. He’s all she has left, now Boris has flown the coop. She’ll have to swallow what he blows, but it won’t do her or Britain much good. He can’t be trusted, and while she knows it, she can’t admit it.

Is Trump really such a stupid wanker?

Trump says Germany ‘totally controlled’ by Russia in extraordinary tirade at start of Nato summit

Apparently, yes he is –  he is too dumb to think people will forget his own business ties to Putin and other Russian “oligarchs”, aka mobsters.

Merkel straightened out his crazed rant:

“I’ve experienced myself a part of Germany controlled by the Soviet Union and I’m very happy today that we are united in freedom as the Federal Republic of Germany and can thus say that we can determine our own policies and make our own decisions and that’s very good.”

She grew up in East Germany, part of the then Soviet Bloc.

But that’s the least of it.

Trump is up to his motherfucking ears in collusion with the Russians, and this is setting aside the allegation of Russian involvement in hacking the last presidential campaign.

All of Trump’s Russia Ties, in 7 Charts

Then there’s Michael Cohen, a Trump enforcer now looking maybe to turn.

A Brief History of Michael Cohen’s Criminal Ties

This POS used to be Trump’s personal attorney dealing with his ties to the Russian mafia.

And Trump thinks that with some ignorant bluster and vicious accusations he can accuse Germany of being totally under Russian control, when he’s been in bed with them most of his business life?

This man is no trustworthy NATO ally, he’s a bought and paid for Russian stooge. The only one who is laughing at this NATO meeting is Vladimir Putin. Trump is about as trustworthy as a rabid skunk, and Theresa May is about to kiss his ass.

Well, that’s what Tories are all about, kissing the asses of the rich and powerful, no matter the cost to everyone else.

The hapless May is unravelling

Odds have just shortened on another general election, the only question is, how much longer will the Tories give May, and who will they select to led them into it? None of the plausible candidates look good for Britain’s future, but then, neither does May. Of course, Corbyn is no great catch, either.

It’s sad that none of the political parities have a leader one can trust to do the right thing, and that is bring Brexit to a close.

Speaking of the odious Theresa May…

Theresa May finally makes Brexit breakthrough as cabinet agree approach to negotiations

I’d hardly call it a breakthrough. It’s already been rejected by the EU as a plausible means of saving Theresa’s government, though I suppose they could change their minds.

The Brexiteers who caved here have a good point, though. What is the point of adhering to EU rules if you aren’t party to making them? What about services? Most importantly, what about the free movement of people across Europe? What about the Britons living in the EU, and EU citizens living here?

Well, you can’t expect the odious May to worry about actual people. She has her priorities, the first of which is staying in Downing Street without a leadership challenge. This is nothing but an exercise in prolonging her tenancy way past its expiration date.