More sabre rattling from Tory Brexit cabal

Brexit: PM not bluffing over no-deal, says Fox

Theresa May not bluffing? Pull the other one. It’s all she does in her endless quest to keep her heinie in Downing Street.

The only thing she’s actually trying to hide is that she hasn’t a clue where to go next. Neither does the Brexit cabal.

Brexit Secretary David Davis told the Daily Express the prime minister was going to get a “good deal” from Brussels and Brexit was going to be “fantastic”.

Maybe he see’s it as his way to get into No. 10, so it could be fantastic for him, if not for anyone else including the Tories.

And writing in the Sun, Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson warned the prime minister not to allow “bog roll Brexit” that is “soft, yielding and seemingly infinitely long” – calling for a “full British Brexit” instead. Mr Johnson said people “just want us to get on with it”.

I can’t see Johnson in No. 10. Not even the Tories are that fond of a clueless clown who embarrasses the government and the UK whenever he opens his mouth. I don’t know what British people he’s talking about, unless he means the Tory faithful as the only True BritonsTM.

God. What a bunch of feckless morons May has gathered around her. She has all of Trump’s credibility and none of his charm.

The Ugliest American

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The secret to Trump is probably nothing evil, nothing horrendous, but fairly banal, in a Hanna Arendt sort of way. He’s a grandstanding demagogue who still likes to think of himself as a playboy; self-absorbed to the point of blocking out anything that contradicts his self image; has a pathological disregard of any distinction between what is true and real and what is fake and flashy; and regards his occupation of the White House as just the latest episode in his personal reality show. I use the word occupation advisedly, with overtones of Herr Schicklgruber’s occupation of Poland.

He has taken narcissism to unheard of heights, where his every action is predicated solely by its dramatic and populist effect, and by the reaction of the media, and supporters and critics alike. It’s as though he is constantly pushing the borders of humanity to see what new atrocity he can get away with. As host of his own reality show, The Trump Presidency, he gets to call all the shots at a whim, whether starting trade wars with America’s allies, or hobnobbing with  world class dictators who would happily see America ground into fine dust. So long as it makes a stir and feeds his cult, he’ll do it. Child snatching is almost the least of the insidious damage he’s managing to accomplish, which is nothing less than the unravelling of American democracy and its leading world role, whether this is consciously intentional on his part or not. (A debatable but increasingly irrelevant point – the consequences are the same whether his actions result from deliberate cunning, or are merely the tantrums of a petulant child.)

Echoes of the heady days of the rise of the Third Reich are unsettling, only instead of Jews, Trump has settled on (currently) illegal immigrants, who he claims are “infesting” America as if they were some sort of vermin, as the convenient scapegoat for his shallow populism. He can paint refugees as job stealers, criminals and terrorists, irrespective of reality, and his cult will adore his venom. After every outrageous act that rebukes human decency, making it seem that being vile is the American way, he holds a Nuremberg style rally of the faithful, where he goads his supporters into ever crazier frenzy, and goads liberals and opponents into fiery denunciations, not unlike this one.

There has been some forethought going into this progression of calamity. At the same time as his henchman Jeff Sessions started prosecuting refugees for the heinous crime of seeking asylum – a mere misdemeanor under previous administrations, Republican and Democrat alike – Trump stopped funding legal support for refugees in managing their asylum cases. Even the US miitary is being brought into this, in the form of supplying prosecutors and concentration camps. He’s not at the point of exterminating immigrants, but for the moment, he is quite happy to rip their families apart because it’s red meat to his cult realty show audience. That audience lives in a make-believe world of its own, but can’t be discounted as voters. They are what makes Trump, who might otherwise be just a stupid and ill-bred buffoon, dangerous.

This is why liberals and reasonable people should not just shut up and suck it in under the mistaken impression that depriving Trump of the oxygen of attention will make him fizzle out. It won’t: without pushback, he’ll just shove the crap even further and harder. We should not loftily ignore him when he gluttonously goads reactions from supporters and opponents alike, just because publicity and notoriety are what he gorges on.  I believe in calling out Trump for what he is: an odious and insidious little creep whose occupation of the White House has lost America the trust and affections of friends and allies, and given much succour and comfort to America’s enemies. And all in the cause of inflating Trump’s own ego. A spotlight needs to be held on the festering swamp that surrounds the White House like an impenetrable moat, if I may mix some metaphors.

There have been presidents in the past who were borderline unhinged – Nixon springs to mind as recent example – but Trump is the first post WWII president to give dog whistles to American neo-Nazis that it’s time to come out of their kennels, at the same time as he is blowing apart the basis of Western alliances, making America completely unreliable as a trading and defence partner, which must be music in Moscow and Beijing.

America can and likely will recover from Trump, but not without sustaining major and in some cases irreversible damage, especially to its international reputation as an advocate of human rights and reliable ally. Of course, America has always been a bit hypocritical about human rights, acting as if they belong only to those who support America’s policy aims, but when Trump started constructing his own American Gulag, a series of concentration camps for the children snatched from vermin refugees, that crossed a line even many – certainly not all – Americans on the far right found hard to ignore.

The phrase clear and present danger was coined in in 1919 by Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, who wrote a decision regarding the legitimacy of government repression of dissenting speech during a crisis. It’s since been superseded by other Supreme Court decisions, but the phrase has an obvious application today. This is what the Trump Presidency is: a direct and unpredictable threat to America and the wider world. Even the occasional ostensibly promising initiative like the meeting with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un, is tainted by the obvious instability  and untrustworthiness of the White House occupant. Nothing he does is open, honest, above board, or in the interests of anyone but himself.

Far be it from me to give Americans advice as to what to do under Trump’s looming tyranny. Well, maybe not all that far, so the least they can do to start repairing the tattered trust in Americans, if not in Trump, and recover their own self-esteem, is to take Congress away from him this coming November. It’s a toy this overgrown toddler doesn’t need, so a spot of emasculation is in order.


Pre-Brexit fallout continues

It’s not just the arch-Brexiteer Ress-Mogg who is moving his business interests to the EU as a precaution.

Brexit: Airbus warns it could quit UK in event of ‘no deal’

14,000 jobs. Maybe Rees-Mogg could offer a couple of them staff positions in his Dublin haven from Brexit. They aren’t the only ones. Lots of European businesses are taking pragmatic approaches to the Tory Brexit shambles and making plans to do a wee Brexit themselves, only from Britain.

Apparently Oor Theresa is licking Trump’s boots again

Trump set to make second UK visit immediately after Brexit, recording reveals

Well, she did miaow briefly about how she would “confront” Trump over his monstrous imprisonment of thousands of “illegal” immigrant children in American gulags, but no-one took her seriously that she’d actually question anything Trump wants or does, because she sees Trump as Britain’s saviour after her disastrous Brexit.

Now we here the hapless May is conspiring to bring about a second visit after he infests these shores briefly next month, this time a state visit with full military honours and a handsome welcome from the queen. She’l need towels to wipe the blood off after shaking hands.

Ok, I can buy that deep down somewhere inside where May’s heart used to be, there may be some fluttering qualms about cosying up to a brutal wanna-be dictator. She might not like him, but thinks a trade deal with Trump is Britain’s only salvation after she’s botched Brexit. So she may be willing to hold her nose and treat with Trump feeding his monstrous ego with pomp and pageantry. Small price to pay, eh, your pride for some dollars.

The problem is, and May ought to be as aware of this as anyone, is that Trump can’t be trusted. His word is simply the means to getting what he wants at any one time, a hobnob with the queen, maybe, and is then cast aside as readily as an immigrant child. For Trump it’s all about Trump, nothing else matters, least of all a tattered little nation on the shores of Europe with a twit for a prime minister.

It’s all grist to Trump’s mill. Hopefully, by next year, neither of these sad sacks will remain in office.

One rule for commoners, another for wealthy Tories

Brexit: Jacob Rees-Mogg defends Ireland move by City firm he co-founded ahead of EU withdrawal

Good grief. This hypocrite knows Brexit is going to harm the British economy, so he moves his own company to the EU so it can weather the crisis better, but expects everyone else to believe his twaddle about the resurrection of the British Raj at home.

If he believed the crap he was peddling to the voters, his company would have stayed at home.

Tories: the party of perpetual misgovernance

It’s been long clear how much contempt May and the Brexiteers feel for parliamentary democracy. but the last Brexit vote nailed parliament in its coffin.

Brexit: Theresa May avoids major defeat as MPs reject vote to give parliament more power in event of no deal

Curling up in foetal positions, the weak-willed Tory “rebels” caved and supported their leaderene, voting against guaranteeing parliament has a final vote on the terms (if any) of Brexit.

Brexit honcho Davis offered “a last minute olive branch in the form of a letter to rebels, outlining how parliament would, under existing arrangements, have an adequate role in scrutinising Brexit – and pointing out that speaker John Bercow would have a key role in deciding whether the Commons could amend government plans at a later date.”

And they trust Davis or May to keep their word, given at a time they were pressed to? What naive schmucks. Looks like we’ve entered another era of being governed by shady and secret cabals who would very much prefer if parliament didn’t stick their noses in and enquire what the fuck they think they are doing. If anything at all.

Trump is Putin’s catspaw

Trump attacks Angela Merkel for giving sanctuary to refugees

US president claims migration has ‘strongly and violently’ changed European culture

The only thing giving rise to political violence in Europe is the far right, the neo-Nazis who adore Trump. I doubt Trump has the wit to see what’s going on, but the only beneficiary of any kind of political and economic rift between the US and the other democracies, is Putin, who must be roaring with glee when not watching football.

Of course, Trump lies about this too. He says crime in Germany has gone way up, when in fact it is at a 30-year low. But truth never stopped Trump from preaching fake news whenever it fires his fascist base.

Next month, Theresa May has taken it upon herself to offer official UK hospitality to Trump, in the vain hope she can squeeze a trade deal out of him, which is as likely as squeezing nectar out of a lemon. I certainly hope the British people decide to offer him some of theirs, and let him know what they think. No violence, of course, just some straight talk.

The dreck that’s Trump has been lying again

Well, it’s not as though he ever does anything else, and this time, as usual, his lie was regurgitated by his parasitic flunky Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

No, the Law Does Not Require Separating Immigrant Children from Parents

Trump lies when he claims there is such a law, and that it was enacted by Democrats. It’s his policy, started by his administration, and enforced by his holier-than-thou Attorney General Jeff Sessions, one of the worst monsters ever to call himself Christian. Sessions is running the American Gulag for  “illegal” children – vast majority of them being non-white, it almost goes without saying, except this is a white-supremacist administration, and he’s feeding members of Trump’s cult.

Since when was a child illegal? Since Trump made them so.

Even Melania Trump says she hates to see children separated from their families. If the president’s wife and first lady can see it, Trump definitely can. It’s just that he doesn’t care, and is using this vicious tactic to feed his cult.

Trump isn’t just an embarrassment to America, as Al Sharpton, a veteran civil right leader in the US, claims. He’s an embarrassment to humanity and to anyone who deals or treats with him.

As for Theresa May… gawd ‘elp us…

…not her, she’s the living dead already.

May to announce extra £20bn for NHS by 2023 as she prepares to raise taxes

Prime minister will break with eight years of austerity but risks ridicule by claiming funding boost will come partly from ‘Brexit dividend’

Brexit dividend? What’s that? She hasn’t even been able to deliver Brexit, let alone one where Britain is economically better off as an isolated market. She’s blowing wind out her ass, trying to buy more time in Downing Street, before Gove, Rees-Mogg and England’s answer to Donald Trump, Boris Johnson, finally cut the strings so she stops dancing.

Of course, they will eventually cut her loose, the only thing that’s stopping them is they haven’t decided who between them gets Downing Street, but there are speculations it might be someone quite different who wins out in the end to take the hapless Tories into an election:

I thought Theresa May would survive – now I’m not sure. Sajid Javid could be PM by the end of the year

Until this week, I assumed May would be the prime minister who took us out of the EU in March. Her strategy of delay, procrastination and attrition isn’t pretty, and risks cutting the Brexit deadline fine, but it seemed to be working. This week, it didn’t.

Faced with defeat on the provision in the EU (Withdrawal) Bill to give parliament a say over the Brexit terms, she postponed the vote in the Commons. So far, so Fabian. (Fabius Maximus, the Delayer, after whom the Fabian Society is named, defeated Hannibal by waiting, and waiting, for the right moment to strike.) Then she gave Dominic Grieve, leader of the soft Brexit faction of Conservative MPs, the impression that she had agreed a compromise form of words.

By the time the text was published two hours later, though, David Davis, the Brexit secretary, had threatened to resign again (at least the second time this week), and the wording had been diluted. Trying to split the difference between the two sides of the party is only possible if both sides think she an honest broker. Now neither side trusts her.

Well, after all, she’s so shifty she makes Donald Trump look steadfast by comparison, and he’s never been known to keep his word if he thinks betrayal serves him better. Javid’s hired additional political advisers (as did May before she made her bid to be prime minister) and as the new home secretary, he’s been making some sensible (hence popular) decisions, usually unthinkable for the typical mutton-headed Tory minister.

For example, he’s acted against May’s immoral and unjust “hostile environment” towards immigrants, especially the Windrush ones; he’s made lovey-dovey cooing noises towards the Police Federation; and lifted the cap on immigration for NHS doctors and nurses, amongst other decisions.

In other words, he’s a breath of fresh air as opposed to the stale nostrums of the current squabbling cabal. Plus he came in third after Gove and Rees-Mogg in a  recent survey of Tory members about post-May leaders. So there he is, poised for Downing Street.

One drawback is Javid’s Muslim-sounding name. He does come from Muslim roots, though his wife is Christian, and he himself says he practices no religion. A lot of the Tory faithful are hard-right fascists (aka UKIP fodder), or near-fundamentalist christianists, neither of which would vote for either a Muslim or an agnostic/atheist, so it’s not obvious whether a Tory candidate can succeed without their support.

Still, as May hasn’t been covering herself in glory and has alienated just about everyone but (maybe) her husband, a leadership contest is on the cards. Both Gove and Rees-Mogg come across as witless jerks compared to a suave and sophisticated politician like Javid, and only a bunch of ignorant and pig-headed morons would choose a volatile and clownish dolt like Johnson as prime minister.  (Of course we are talking Tories here, so I’m not making bets.)

So we could be in for an interesting change, and a prime minister capable of making compromises and thinking outside the Brexit box.

The cult of Corbyn?

Labour Live: Party faithful commune with JC in a north London rec

The Independent commentator wasn’t buying it:

‘The mass adulation, the cult of personality, the T-shirts, the badges and the posters; it was all there in the park, and all of it unprecedented for Labour’

But there was a slightly more positive take from the Guardian:

Labour Live: Never mind the scepticism, it’s the JezFest


From the sound of it, looks like there was a lot of mutual masturbation going on as Jeremy Corbyn and his faithful stroked each other’s hopes for a socialist paradise, if only the electorate could be persuaded to share their fantasies aspirations. Apparently the tickets were selling so poorly, the unions had to bus in attendees for free. I mean, £35 for the privilege of rolling out a blankie to sit on wet grass to listen to a party political broadcast? Couldn’t get me there in a Rolls Royce.

Indeed, if the socialist political paradise were possible, it would be nice, but it’s about as likely as the religious one. One has to admit, though, that Theresa May wouldn’t stand a hope in hell of getting this sort of response from the Tory faithful, so whatever chord Corbyn is striking, it does resonate with a lot of Labour supporters, if not all of them.

There was evidently much talk of how wonderful it would be when mail, rail and water were renationalised, and in Corbyn’s words, “be democratic and it will be well run.” That worked so well the first time around, I can’t wait to see the second incarnation. Oh, it’s not that I don’t support the nationalisation of these services, I do, it’s just I don’t trust a nostalgic, Marxist throwback to the heady days of yore, those that lead to Margaret Thatcher, to accomplish this responsibly rather than idealistically.

Absent from Corbyn’s rhetoric was any vision of Brexit. This was just ignored, as if the biggest British political and economic upheaval in 45 years were just a mere bagatelle of no consequence to these grandiose plans that Corbyn hasn’t the least idea how to pay for. But then, he was speaking to the cult faithful, not to a more cynical electorate. He wasn’t expecting probing questions or doubts about his policy of not risking voting out the Tory government.

No mention of rooting out antisemitism in the Labour party, either. I doubt Corbyn is one, but he depends on them a little too much.

Had he really wanted to displace the Tories and get another election, he could have done it last week, but that isn’t part of his vision. Apparently, soaking up the adulation of the faithful is.