Strong and stable… stro-o-ong a-and sta-a-ble…

… to how it became weak and wobbly.

.May has been a hapless disaster, and lots are thanking the stars she has – finally – given up the ghost and said she will stand down June 7th when the Tory leadership brawl will officially commence. As it is likely the Tories will select the Euro-Boor Boris Johnson, it’s unlikely there will be any improvement or shift in the current morass.

Only a general election or (final???) referendum has a hope of sorting this one out, and even that is a dim one. There’s not been a majority in this parliament for a third EU referendum (the first was in 1973), and the Commons is not spoiling for another election at the moment.

I voted SNP in the EU election yesterday, in part as a protest against both major parties nationally. Whether I would do that again, or return to Labour, in a general election, I can’t predict – depends on what the issues became beyond just Brexit. However, if it became clear that below the border there is a solid majority of narrowminded little Englanders, parting company with the UK to stay with Europe would seem a more attractive option.

May draws to a fitful close

But Theresa clings on to the No 10 doorstep with teeth and fingernails while her Tory party try to pry it from her grasp. It’s perfectly understandable why Tories on either side of the Brexit debate are fed up with May. She’s created, single-handedly, what is likely to go down in history as the most shambolic political and economic disaster in the UK. And turned Britain into a world class laughingstock.

Any reasonable prime minister – e.g. David Cameron – when faced with such a cataclysmic debacle, would have slunk off to the deepest, darkest coalshaft still open in post-industrial Britain and stayed there. May simply ignores the news that British Steel has collapsed thanks largely to her Brexit fiasco, and looks keen for more catastrophes.

It’s almost like she still wants to be prime minister when the ghoulish Donald Trump makes his state visit at the beginning of June. Though frankly, I can’t imagine anything better calculated to make Theresa look worse than she actually is than shaking Trump’s orange fingers on those tiny little hands.

Looks like Farage is going to be the big winner in the EU parliamentary elections, though the actual result won’t be announced till polls have closed in Europe on Sunday night. (I would say the rest of Europe, but it’s hard to tell these days. Tories can’t even organise a cross channel ferry carrier post Brexit.) Fair enough the EU election is seen largely as a protest vote, with the Tories slipping very close to single figures in the projected result. Probably wouldn’t be reflected in a general election where other issues count. I must say, however, that the literature I got from Labout concerning this election was a diatribe against Farage and nationalism, while that from the Tories was just a diatribe against the SNP – neither party had anything to say about the EU – so who knows what issue would dominate one.

What does the Farage/Brexit vote mean? While we won’t have a definitive answer till everythnng finally washes out and we achieve the virtue of hindsight, there are some suggestions.

First, he’s polling a regular 35% of likely voters, one third of the voting public. That seems to be the base core of nationalistic, white bigots who resent immigrants because they aren’t, well, British. That’s a disturbingly large minority. A lot of these (though likely not all) will be racist and/or fascist as well. Most usually vote Tory and it’s likely the lesson learned by the Tory party is they need to swing towards a racist right to fend off Farage’s likely general election challenge. That isn’t good news for anyone in the UK, British or otherwise, except maybe the Adolph wannabees. We need racial equality to be above politics.

Second, he’s probably polling about as high as he will ever get. That means that 65% of Britons are at the very least, willing to live and let live. That’s not nearly good enough, in my view, but at least it’s a start, though we should have been a long way forward from this start after so many decades of European membership, since we joined in 1973.

Denmark, Ireland and Britain joined the EEC in 1973, after Charles de Gaulle’s resignation in 1969. Under the Labour Prime Minister, Harold Wilson, there was aUK referendum on continued membership of the EEC in 1975. The electorate voted ‘Yes’ by 67.2% to 32.8% to stay in Europe.

Strange, we heard nothing against having a second referendum on British membership in 2016 from the leavers, yet now they want us to think a third referendum is inconceivable! Astonishing. But at least, Farage’s support today is not much greater than it would have been then in the 1960s and 70s, the years of the National Front and other racist and fascist rumblings.

What Britain really needs is an end to Brexit as well as an end to May – Theresa, that is. Nothing good, sacred or of any worth lies down a nationalistic, racist and fascist path. Never has and never will.

The Farage “juggernaut”

Nigel Farage has joined the ‘BBC bias’ club. Now we know he’s not worth listening to

Maybe not so much. Maybe it’s all a bit of an exaggeration. The Independent’s article dissects Farage’s shock and horror at the Beeb having the absolute temerity, the unmitigated gall, the sheer cheek of having a BBC host treat him like any other politician and ask questions about his opinions on topics other than Brexit.

… Nigel Farage doesn’t want to be asked any questions about, say the NHS, and his previously expressed his wish to replace it with an insurance system, even though he will stand 650 candidates at the next election, and as such wants to run the NHS. He will scream outrage if you bring up his having heaped praise on Vladimir Putin, even though he wants to control the country’s foreign policy. 

All Nigel Farage wants you to ask him about is the insurgency of his own brand new party, which he calls the “biggest change in British politics in decades”, even though his own, single-issue, pro-Brexit party is about to do almost exactly as well in the EU parliamentary elections as it did in the last one. And actually, when it comes to the popularity of Nigel Farage, and the size of his electoral constituency, which tops out at 35 per cent in EU elections, and significantly less than that in Westminster ones, nothing in the slightest has changed.

In short, Nigel Farage is a charlatan.

There’s poling data to prove it. His Brexit party is doing well for two reasons. First, the previous UKIP support – Farage’s original anti-EU vehicle – has collapsed in the wake of its lurch towards fascism under Gerard Batten and the neo-Nazi Tommy Robinson. UKIP supporters left along with Farage once he lost his grip on it.

Second, the Tory vote has also collapsed, and though no doubt some have gone to the Lib-Dems and other minor parties, a lot has gone gone to to the the Brexit party.

Third, UKIP already had a third of the UK 73 member delegation to the EU parliament, 24 seats in 2014, though this has also shifted to the Brexit party as UKIP MEPs moved to Brexit or Independents.


At 2014 election

At dissolution
Conservative1918 -1
Labour2018 -2
Brexit PartyN/A14 +14
Independent06 +6
UKIP243 -21
Liberal Democrat11
Sinn Féin11
Plaid Cymru11
SDP01 +1
Change UKN/A1 +1
Vacant seats02 +2

The EU poll tracker tells the same tale:

Brexit under Farage is doing no better, if no worse, than UKIP under Farage. As les Français would say, plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose. (Nigel, close your ears, it’s furrin jabber.)

The-UKIP Brexit party is still in the lead in the EU election, just as it was in 2014. It’s the hard core 30-35% of Britons who are anti-immigrant, anti-Europe, anti-foreign, and those just plain frustrated with the impoverishment caused by Tory austerity politics. Tories and Labour deserve their fate, it’s just a pity the pro-EU factions can’t get it together. But they never could, and it’s highly likely they never will – the EU is just one of their issues, unlike the single-issue Brexit clown car.

The state of the polls and British politics in general merely confirms the depressing conclusion that no other issue in the UK is going to get sorted till Brexit gets sorted, once and for all. The NHS crisis, the economy, jobs, poverty, climate change, you name your issue and you will find it at best on a back burner if not put back in deep freeze. British politics needs an earthquake under it to get things moving again, but I doubt the EU elections will suffice. How the UK parliament will react is the key. Neither Tories nor Labour will relish a general election right now, though it’s unlikely the Brexit protest vote would be replicated in one, but they are going to need to move before Oct 31, the no-deal exit date, and absent any leadership in either major party, MPs may have to do it themselves.

Brexit poll surge

Poll surge for Farage sparks panic among Tories and Labour

The Opinium survey for the Observerplaces the Brexit party on 34%, when people were asked how they intended to vote on 23 May, with Labour slipping to 21% and the Conservatives collapsing to just 11%. Ominously for Theresa May, support for the Tories at the European elections is now less than a third of that for Farage’s party, and below that for the Liberal Democrats, who are on 12%.

The poll suggests the Brexit party, launched only last month, is now on course for a thumping victory that Farage will, MPs fear, use to back his argument that the UK must leave the EU immediately without a deal.

It’s not in the least surprising that disgruntled Tory yahoos are leaving that dire party in droves to vote for Farage’s single-issue Brexit party. Unfortunately, for these EU elections, there is only one issue in the UK to discuss, Brexit itself. Never mind the fact that the earth is dying under human feet, realistically, thaks in large part to May and a lesser degree to Corbyn, it’s the only issue that matters.

The problem is that Farage is a far right loon. You know it not only by what he says, but who he says it with. Notably, he quit UKIP when they signed on with Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, known as Tommy Robinson, as an adviser. Robinson is a notorious racist and fascist, and Farage noticed the writing on the wall, as he wants to avoid those labels.

But he hobnobs with other far right activists and political leaders across the world. For example, he has appeared several times over the last handful of years with the American conspiracy nutcase Alex Jones, who runs a vituperative vblog called Infowars. Perhaps most famous for his incredible allegation that the Sandy Hook school massacre in the US was a false flag operation, he has espoused every far right claim and conspiracy theory, and Farage never challenged him on any of them, at any time, throwing in in some more of his own. Farage claimed that the EU is “the prototype for the new world order”, and that “globalists have wanted some form of conflict with Russia as an argument for us all to surrender our national sovereignty… to a higher global level.”

Farage likes him some Vladimir Putin as well, who is hardly a supporter of any kind of democracy, and hobnobs with the likes of Steve Bannon, a fascist who served in Trump’s administration for the first few months. So despite an apparent reluctance to associate with Tommy Robinson, the British answer to Steve Bannon, it’s just a smokescreen for Farage’s real preference, a throwback to Mosley’s 1930s fascism which he reportedly waxed lyrical about as a younger man. By their associates shall you know them. It’s not enough to listen to what Farage says now, as that is filtered through his political ambitions as to what his intended audience will wear. You have to look at the whole, creepy-crawly deal.

It is alarming that a third of the British electorate is willing to swallow what Farage represents, an outburst of hatred and fear of immigrants as well as wild conspiracy theories, and forget why the EU was created in the first place – to stop outbursts of hatred and fear from turning into pogroms and wars.

It’s fair enough for EU critics to point out that the poor in Britain haven’t prospered under the EU, but even fairer to point out that the reason is because of Tory domestic austerity policies, brought about while Britain was spending freely on arms and tax cuts for the wealthy, and prolonging policies that are still destroying Britain’s industrial capacity, and therefore ability to employ people and generate wealth for all, rather than the lucky Tory few.

Tories have no-one but themselves to blame for driving their voters to Farage. A pox on May and her minions.

Stupid premier…

From the Guardian live feed:

May says [English local] election results show voters want both main parties to ‘deliver Brexit’

In her speech, Theresa May described the results of the local elections as “very difficult”.

She paid tribute to councillors who had lost their seats, saying that they were not to blame for their defeat and that, as a former councillor herself, she knew how hard they worked.

And she said the voters were giving a “simple message” to the Conservatives and Labour: “Just get on and deliver Brexit.”

The twit says this, as her party’s vote crumbles… mainly to the Remain Lib Dems. Well, one expects politicians to spin dizzyingly, and May is so stubborn and self-involved, she may even believe her own propaganda by now, who knows?

Corbyn has lost as well, and deservedly so. He’s waffled bafflingly, trying to keep his own split party together. Could it be the English are finally waking up to the fact they’ve been right royally reamed by both parties? The real test, obviously will be on May 23, with nationwide EU elections.*

Voters are right well fed up with the Brexit fiasco that May has created, and I don’t blame Corbyn for not wanting to let her off the hook. BUt it doesn’t mean – and this is supported by polls – that they are angry Brexit hasn’t happened. They now know what they didn’t know in the 2016 referendum, that Brexit is going to be a disaster, and it’s not worth the effort to poke the EU apparatchiks in the eye.

A Britain outside the EU is going to be weaker and more isolated than inside. May may court the odious Trump with royal pageantry during the state visit, assuming he’s not been impeached by then, but it won’t get her anywhere, because his word is worth even less than hers.

*provided May and Corbyn haven’t reached an 11:59th hour agreement to Brexit peacefully together. ROTFLMAO!

Brexit re-postponed

Brexit: May insists UK can still exit EU by end of next month

Ironically, it’s been postponed to Halloween, or maybe Hell Freezes Over, hard to tell. It’s given the twitterati Fits o’Hilarity, apparently. And May continues her zombie-like circuar lurch insisting for the umpteenth time that her “deal” be approved by a parliament that doesn’t appear capable of coherent thought, let alone an agreement on any policy of any kind.

The next deadline is May 22, the day before the EU elections. After the last two yearsworth of Tory pantomime, I can’t see the House agreeing on anything by then, either, though it’s impossible to divine anything from casting the rune stones on this one. Today’s editorial wisdom is tomorrow’s cat litter and worth less.

The solution obvious to anyone with working front lobes is either an election to shake these half-baked twits out of office, or a referendum to let the people do their jobs for them, but this Tory misgovernment and this parliament is perfectly capable of sitting on their collective buttocks for another few months, being against everything and for nothing.

When May says the front benches should “work together”, she’s lying as much as President Trump does. She insists Labour accept her agreement. Even Jeremy Corbyn isn’t that daft. She’s so stubborn and dense it’s embarrassing, but I suppose she learned the lesson from Maggie that sheer, stupid intransigence can overcome… whatever. It’s a pity the only two female prime ministers in British history have been unmitigated disasters. Of course, the riposte might be, every male prime minister has been a disaster as well. Even Churchill. It would be facile to put all the blame on May. She’s

Unfortunately, sheer, stupid intransigence never accomplished the utterly impossible, which is a complete separation from the EU with no Irish border, and Ulster still in the UK. The only way anything like this could be done is a union of the two Irelands, taking Ulster out of the UK. That would go down well with the DUP May depends on. And it would be a good solution for the whole of Ireland. But May is terrified of going down in history – and she will go far down indeed – as the prime minister who lit the powder keg under the entire Union. It’s not just Northern Ireland, she stands to lose Scotland as well. Pulling the UK out of the EU might very well unravel the fabric holding the UK together, since the vast majority of the Tory fascists are in the southeast of England.

Still, at this point, anything anyone promises or speculates about Brexit is so much gas.

Given the dates, my own view is we to resurrect Guy Fawkes, and make sure he gets it right this time.

Neo-Nazi Rees-Mogg

This jackal is desperate to sabotage the EU.

Andrea Leadsom: no-deal Brexit next week would not be so grim

The Conservative backbench Brexiter Jacob Rees-Mogg on Sunday reiterated his proposal for the UK to seek to veto EU budgets and other disruptions if it stayed.

“I don’t think the EU, in its jargon, has behaved towards us with sincere cooperation,” he told Sky News’s Sophy Ridge on Sunday. “We are no longer obliged to follow sincere cooperation in return.”

He said: “When the multi-annual financial framework comes forward, if we are still in, this is our one-in-seven-year opportunity to veto the budget and to be really very difficult, and I hope that any British prime minister would take that opportunity.”

Treason? It’s the Brexiteers who haven’t behaved with sincere cooperation. They clearly want to disrupt Europe and send it back to the good old days of 70 years ago, when it was at war.

Whither Brexit?

Who knows?

Brexit delay: Tory minister says taking part in EU elections would be ‘suicide note’ for party

He told BBC Radio 4’s Today: “If we can’t get Labour to agree I think it’s important that parliament acts quickly now to decide what it is in favour of – whether it is through some voting mechanism where we have a single transferable vote and we vote on all the different deals.

“We need to do that quickly because I think going into the EU elections for the Conservative Party, or indeed for the Labour Party, and telling our constituents why we haven’t been able to deliver Brexit I think would be an existential threat.

“I would go further and say it would be the suicide note of the Conservative Party.”

The entire British political system has written its suicide note. It started with the choice to have a referendum on EU membership at a time when voters were already disgruntled with the establishment. And it’s gone downhill from there.

The man has a point. No telling what the hustings would produce right now, and it is all thanks to his party screwing up. I’ve read that May is now driven by the threat of the UK breaking up as her political legacy. She should take it seriously. The Scots Nats are dancing in the streets and a united Ireland is on the cards. I’m happy with both those outcomes, as a means to deliver us from Tory occupancy.

That’s one reason Tory MPs don’t want a general election. They are justifiably afraid of losing their jobs.

Is Rees-Mogg a would-be Nazi?

The question may seem on the surface absurd, till you look at the people he supports.

Tory racism storm deepens as Jacob Rees-Mogg promotes video of German far-right leader

Conservative MP Jacob Rees-Mogg has caused consternation after approvingly quoting the leader of a German far-right party whose senior figures have called for refugees to be shot.

The influential Tory Brexiteer posted a video of Alice Weidel, leader of the AfD, commenting on Brexit to his social media profile. 

The AfD, whose candidates have declared that Islam is worse than the plague and that refugee boats should be sunk, marched alongside neo-Nazis last year, leading to some of its members being put under formal state surveillance.

“You can tell a lot about the person by the company they keep”, one social media user commented under Mr Rees-Mogg’s tweet, while another added “Are you quoting the same AfD that had posters urging an ‘Islam-free’ Bavaria at a recent election?”  

The whirring sound you hear is Winston spinning in his grave.

Everywhere you look, racism and proto-fascism is leaking out of the pores of the Tory Grand Wizards.