The Rees-Moggster


The high priest of Project No Fear.From The Grauniad

Let’s face it, Rees-Mogg is a hypocritical arsehole. True, the actions of protesters hounding his children were unconscionable and abominable. There is no place in public life for that. But that doesn’t mean to say Rees-Mogg himself isn’t unconscionable and an abomination. He’s a sanctimonious Tory prick.

While agitating for a hard Brexit, where Britain leaves Europe without so much as a fare-thee-well, let alone the £39 billion owing, he moves his own retirement investments to Dublin. If this twit were that confident in Brexit, he’d leave them here. But he knows what’s coming down that path, so he moved his investments.

Most arseholes smell sweeter than the Moggster.


Is the Dalai Lama racist

He was caught making a speech at a conference in Malmö, Sweden, where just recently a neo-Nazi, anti-immigrant party achieved 17% of the vote.

Dalai Lama says ‘Europe belongs to the Europeans’ and suggests refugees return to native countries

I haven’t seen the detailed remarks, but he is quoted as saying:

“Receive them, help them, educate them … but ultimately they should develop their own country,”

“Europe belongs to the Europeans”.

Ironically, he is also a refugee from Tibet, currently controlled by the Chinese regime in Beijing.

Despite the condemnation that’s been heaped on him, I am inclined to be charitable. There’s no indication he is arguing for forcible repatriation whatever the circumstances at home. I suspect he himself wants to return to Lhasa and the Potala Palace, but cannot because of the tyrannical Chinese regime. I really cannot imagine he has a racist bone in his body.

What I suspect he means is that people born and raised in a place, have roots they should nurture, and be willing to return to heal wounds, once it is safe to do so. Perhaps if we had the full remarks available, that’s what we would hear.

Is there any depth of depravity to which a Tory government will not sink?

Apparently not.

Conservatives back far-right government of Viktor Orban in crunch vote in European Parliament

Although May’s spokesmorons have denied it, there is an obvious quid pro quo. Viktor Orban is a racist, Islamophobic fascist leading a government that is antisemitic, Islamophobic, opposed to democracy, an independent judiciary, a free press, and is mired in corruption. He was the only EU leader to support Trump, which alone speaks volumes.

It is interesting they they have been criticised by Muslim and Jewish organisations alike. But May’s Tories cosy up to him just in part because he’s the only EU leader speaking out for easy terms for Brexit. Of course, a lot of Tories are also antisemitic, Islamophobic, opposed to democracy, an independent judiciary, a free press, and mired in corruption. They are bosom buddies.

Birds of a feather flock together. At least Orban and the Tories lost the vote.

Is Trump toast?

At least, one would hope so.

Poll by sinking poll, Trump inches closer toward being impeached

Mid-term congressional elections are less than 2 months away, Nov 6th 2018. While there’s no way of predicting the actual outcome on the day, the opposition Democrats seem to be streets ahead of the Republicans. They have an uphill struggle, though. Of the 35 Senate seats up for grabs, 26 have Democrat incumbents. Even if they hold all their current seats, they have to overturn Republican majorities to win the Senate back. Long shot, no matter how unpopular Trump is, because his supporters are angry and will turn out to vote. Polls say Democrats are also energised and ready to vote, but we won’t know whether they will or not till November 7th.

Even if Democrats gain the Senate, which is far from certain, it doesn’t mean any impeachment attempt would succeed, as it needs a 2/3 majority of the Senate to agree. No way the Democrats will have that, and it is not certain that they would even try if they win the House.

Republicans hold the House with a 23 seat majority. All are up for grabs. That seems more likely to fall to the Democrats. If it doesn’t, hell will break loose because then there will be no restraints on the craziest president in US history. Despite a searing criticism in a book by Edward Woodward, and an anonymous op-ed in the NYT by someone claiming to be a senior official in the administration, the GOP isn’t willing to stand against Trump and his fascist, racist electoral base. A senator here or there might make the occasional critical noise, but they aren’t brave enough to oppose him.

So less than two months to go before we see whether Trump gets gelded, or triumphs. Not a happy wait.

Oh Jeremy

As if Theresa wasn’t bad enough, there’s always Jeremy to make things worse.

Jeremy Corbyn: Three years in to his reign, Labour leader shows no sign of ceasing to upset convention, the odds – and many of his MPs

It’s not just his neo-Marxists views about how an economy should work. I’d agree that some operations should be re-nationalised, such as the railway network and services. They never should have been denationalised to create the current chaos. Energy providers, ditto. Internet service providers, maybe less so, because rather than providing basics such as transportation and fuel, they channel information. Perhaps that’s best left out of the hands of government.

Private enterprise and for-profit companies are not bad in and of themselves. There is nothing intrinsically wrong with businesses making profits for owners and shareholders. Why should builders and plumbers, for example, be part of a government conglomerate? It’s fine for doctors and nurses to be part of a national health service, which means that all citizens have access to health care. And private health care on the side for the wealthy is fine, too.

Jeremy does not appear to understand that the experiment with communism failed. Marxism is a failed economic model. Gathering all the power and wealth in the hands of a government just doesn’t work. It’s a recipe for disaster. What works is a mixed economy, where lots of opportunities are left to entrepreneurs to take advantage of, and government shores up the basics.

Fat chance of Jeremy understanding that.

More on Trump’s impeachment

Trump will undoubtedly face impeachment, says Watergate attorney

The man is an ogre, no doubt. He’s been bankrupt several times, he’s not fit to run a business let alone a big country, he’s just a madman. With access to nuclear weapons.

Recent exposés of his governing style tell a story of impending disaster, as do indictments of his associates, just as happened with Richard Nixon. Trump is toast, all that remains is figuring out how long it will take for his fall.

The new Irish Question

Brexit talks at risk of collapse as British cabinet ministers brand EU compromise on Irish border ‘unacceptable’

Here lies the problem with Theresa May’s magical thinking. She labours under the delusion that you can both have an Irish border and not have it at the same time.

The EU want a customs border down the Irish Sea so Northern Ireland can stay part of the EU with no border regulations. May wants a return of a hard Irish border to take the entire UK out of the EU. She wants, in effect, a return of the Irish Troubles. She’s a fool.

In another development, British police forces are considering plans to police the streets with troops in the event of disruption due to shortages upon Brexit. Apparently they think the consequences of Brexit to be so disastrous resulting in civil unrest, they feel the military will be needed to police the streets to gun down unruly citizens.

Maybe that’s prudent of them, who knows. I can certainly imagine Boris jerking off to this scenario. Let’s put the no-deal to the vote first, before blundering down this idiotic path the Tories have created.

Trump losing his marbles

Mike Pence and Mike Pompeo deny writing explosive op-ed attacking Trump

Vice-President Mike Pence and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo have denied writing an explosive and anonymous opinion piece that said an internal “resistance” is working to thwart parts of Donald Trump’s agenda, as the White House seeks to root out the author.

Trump reacted with fury to the anonymous account, published by the New York Times, which was written by a current Trump administration official and claimed an internal White House coalition is working to frustrate “his worst inclinations” until he leaves – or can be removed from – office.

Trump’s reaction has been described as “volcanic”, demanding the NYT release the identity of the author, which obviously they won’t. He thinks it’s an “act of treason”. I think it’s a public service, coming as it does before the November mid-term elections.

I cannot imagine it would be Pence, eager though he must be to oust Trump and start imposing his own Christianist hard-right agenda. I can imagine him prodding someone else to do it, but even that seems unlikely, as he has nothing to gain if the Dems win either the House or Senate and condemn the administration to two years of impotence.

Nothing is going to sway Trump’s base of 35-40% – they haven’t the brains, all they can do is slavishly follower their Führer. However, disclosures like this might affect swing voters.

SNP push Tories into third place in party membership


SNP membership overtakes Tories, pushing Conservative Party into third place

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Clearly Labour membership does not show up to actually vote. It’s inflated by Union membership, and means squat. But it’s a nice show for the SNP. The clear losers are the Tories. They attract rich people’s donations to protect their wealth, but ordinary people, not so much. What a surprise.

I am a member of a Union – have to be the place I work at – those capitalists cannot be trusted. So I suppose I am a member of the Labour party. Never signed up. So Labour’s figures are vastly exaggerated in terms of people who would actually vote for them. Right now, I wouldn’t.

Tory civil war has started. Bring on the popcorn.

After much heavy breathing and muttered threats, Boris the Bullheaded finally let May have it. The Chequers agreement – between the cabinet, not the government and the EU it must be said – is apparently a blatant and cowardly surrender to Brussels.

May was swift to fire back:

Theresa May launches withering attack on Boris Johnson: ‘No new ideas’

To be fair, Boris has the one idea, the same as Theresa’s: “Must Be In Downing Street!” Both have had it for ages, and Boris is angry Theresa beat him to it.

Now, Theresa has a point. The only idea in the pointy little heads of the Brexiteers is Leave Means Leave, preferably with much fanfare and commercial and social collapse, and certainly at whatever immediate cost to people’s welfare, livelihoods and the economy. After all, they believe a trade Nirvana exists somewhere out there, perhaps at the tip of Africa, who knows.

They believe this at a time their ally Trump is promoting the biggest trade war since the WTO was founded. Anyone on the same side of any argument as Trump needs to re-examine their facts and assumptions, though again, they maybe just need to wait. Tomorrow, Trump will argue the exact opposite of what he said today, and not even realise it. Trump is not exactly compos mentis, which is what makes him an unreliable ally.

On the other hand, when Boris and his brave Brexiteers criticise May of surrendering to the EU, they have a point. Chequers is an incoherent set of proposals, no-one actually knows how they could be implemented in reality – I mean a strong but non-existent Irish border? C’mon! – and May’s Brexit allows the EU to set all the rules for a couple of years while it scrambles for a way out, without having any say in how the rules are made.

In fact both sets of Tory non-starters are poison pills. They’ll both damage the economy, and neither offer any new idea that will actually help.

The only new idea I’ve seen is a second referendum, to sort out the mess the politicians have made of the first. As I’ve seen mentioned on the pages of The Independent before, it could take the form of three questions: Status quo in the EU; May agreement (whatever it is) with the EU; and hard Brexit with no agreement. Voters would make their choices in preference, 1, 2 and 3. It’s not likely any one proposal would win the majority on the first count, so there would be a second count, with the second votes of the loser being distributed among the two  in front.

Well, it’s a thought, maybe it wouldn’t work out. But what we have ain’t working out anyway. The only way this could really work is if stay and quit were first and second. Then those dithering in between would make the final decision.