Will the Tories stop taking Russian money?

Boris Johnson is keen we don’t jump to conclusions about Russia – but only where Tory money is concerned

Boris Johnson is keen to blame the Russian state and Putin himself for the nerve agent attack on Salisbury, but when it comes to criticism of donations to the Tory party  from wealthy Russians, ah, then he demands evidence the money is dirty! Salisbury attack, no evidence needed! Tory donations? Prove it’s dirty money, where’s your evidence!

I mean it’s obvious all wealthy Russians made their money cleanly, and none of them are filthy oligarchs, criminals, mobsters and assorted gangsters like Vladimir, amirite?

Maybe, just possibly, the party ruling Britain, though propped up by the DUP, might think twice about happily accepting donations from a country they are claiming is attacking Britain? Ya think?

Or do the Tories have no more depth than Donald Trump? Oh, wait, he’s in collusion with Putin as well!

We are ruled by total arseholes.

Brexit is going to come to grief of one sort or another

Northern Ireland could be the issue over which Brexit talks collapse

The issue on which this mismatch of intentions is going to come to grief is the Northern Ireland border. Theresa May made a series of contradictory promises in the December agreement with the EU. She promised the Irish no hard border; she promised the DUP no border in the Irish Sea; she promised the Brexiteers we would leave the single market and the customs union; and she promised the EU there would be full regulatory alignment between North and South for matters relating to “the all-island economy”.

To square this circle she put forward three possible answers: that the issue could be solved by technology; that the Free Trade Agreement with the EU would be so good that there would be no need for a hard border anywhere, let alone Northern Ireland; or, if neither of these worked, that the full alignment with the rules of the internal market and customs union would be maintained.

There is no resolution to these contradictions, and either Theresa May is too dense to figure this out, or hopes everyone is too stupid to notice. You can’t simultaneously stay in Europe to avoid a hard border, and leave it and build one. Her policy seems to be one of whatever it takes to stay in Downing Street as long as possible, and at this point it eludes me why. What’s the point? History has already judged her, and the judgement isn’t good.

Reality is soon going to come crashing down on this hapless wreck of a prime minister. It is not possible to satisfy hard-assed Tory Brexiteers and an open Irish border at the same time, not without either a unified Ireland in Europe, or as the cretinous Rees-Mogg mischievously suggested, having Ireland leave Europe and join the UK, which is about as likely to happen as snow in August. Less.

The obvious solution is to avoid the train-wreck of Brexit altogether. But that would result in the collapse of May’s premiership, because many Tory MPs would stop supporting her. She’s on the road to hell, and should resign sooner rather than later.

Pope says he accepts the big bang and evolution!

Pope Francis declares evolution and Big Bang theory are real and God is not ‘a magician with a magic wand’

Well, it makes a change to his regrettable predecessor’s embrace of intelligent design. Herr Ratzinger, or Pope Maledict as some have dubbed him, was more kin to American creationists than to any scientist.

But what did Francis actually say, as I cannot imagine a Catholic pope abandoning miracles altogether.

“When we read about Creation in Genesis, we run the risk of imagining God was a magician, with a magic wand able to do everything. But that is not so,” Francis said.

What is he actually saying here? That Jesus  didn’t magically create the loaves and fishes? That he didn’t magically arise from the dead?  If magic isn’t appropriate when talking about the origin of the universe or the evolution of species, is it ever appropriate? And if not, whither Catholicism and the rest of Christianity?

I think he’s going to have to flesh this out some.

“The Big Bang, which today we hold to be the origin of the world, does not contradict the intervention of the divine creator but, rather, requires it.

“Evolution in nature is not inconsistent with the notion of creation, because evolution requires the creation of beings that evolve.”

And why does the big bang require a creator? Because the church, indeed all of religion, is pointless if it doesn’t. Pope Francis isn’t abandoning magic, he’s restricting its sphere of operations to suit his agenda. He’s not that different from Pope Maledict on this point, just willing to make more allowances.

And as for the notion that “evolution requires the creation of beings that evolve”, what does that even mean? Did Jesus magically wave his wand and poof the first creature capable of evolution into existence, knowing full well it would eventually evolve into humans?

Francis is apparently silent on that probably because he hasn’t a clue where he’s going with it.

I don’t doubt Francis is as decent a human being as any Catholic prelate can be. I doubt he’s stupid, unlike some. But this feeble attempt to reconcile theology with reality and science ain’t going anywhere. It made more sense for Pope Maledict to reject science and reason, as theology is bereft of both. Francis is just confused.

EU and May agree on a transition deal…

Brexit: EU and UK agree deal on transition period

But Northern Ireland issue remains unresolved

And never will be resolved without a customs union, that May has stupidly pledged herself to leave in order to fend off a threat to what is quaintly called her leadership from Tory fascists like Rees-Mogg.

Rees-Mogg may look like a milquetoast, but he’s a nasty, religiously over-wrought piece of work. I have a horrible feeling we will be hearing more bigoted unctuousness from him.

Trump is a professional liar…

We now know Trump is proud of his pathological lying. That makes him much more dangerous than we thought

Not only does Trumps know he lies, he revels in it. He is as comfortable in his lying as a pig in poo. He lives and breathes lies. Lies are the essence of Trump. And yet he, the least trustworthy individual on the planet, is the US President.

Think about it. He sits on the nuclear button. He hires and fires people at will. And no-one except fools and sycophants, and Theresa May, believes a word he says.

You could point to the mobster Vladimir Putin, and claim he’s worse. But he isn’t. He’s bad, but we didn’t elect him, we know what he is, a tyrant. But lots of Americans voted openly and freely for Trump. Yeah, maybe there was some Russian meddling in that election. We don’t have the full story yet, and if Trump gets his way we never will. But Trump is there because he represents a large fraction of Americans, which is a bit unsettling, considering those Americans are supposed to be our allies. And let’s not deny that Putin has a lot of support among Russians. We get the leaders we deserve.

Vladimir and Donald are dictatorial peas in a pod. No surprise they get on so well.

When will May get it through her thick head… if ever?

Brexit: Ex-Tory policy chief says he could reject Theresa May’s deal over Irish Border

What is it about May’s thought processes that make it impossible for her to understand that without a customs union, a free border between the two Irelands is not possible, not if the North stays under British rule? She’s as dense as Rees-Mogg on the matter.

Or is it that she just doesn’t care about peace in Ireland? Or, more likely, she’s afraid of yahoos like Rees-Mogg and their ability to replace her in Downing Street.

How much of a threat is Trump?

Retired four-star general Barry McCaffrey says Trump is a ‘serious threat to US national security’

And if Trump is a threat to US national security, he’s certainly to friend to anyone else’s, except maybe Putin’s. It’s no wonder Trump has been reluctant to criticise Putin over the Salisbury nerve agent attack. He’s obviously ignorant about it, but has casually gone along with the NATO view, without taking any leadership about it.

It just doesn’t do for Donald to upset Vladimir.

Another scumbag banned from Britain

Lutz Bachmann: Founder of far right anti-Islam group Pegida barred from entry to UK and deported

The founder of far right anti-Islam group Pegida has been barred from entry to the UK and deported from Stansted Airport.

Lutz Bachmann, who has led anti-immigration marches of tens of thousands of people, landed at Stansted Airport on Saturday night.

He was detained and subsequently expelled from the UK on Sunday morning.

There is no place for fascism anywhere in Europe. Been there, done that, didn’t buy the t-shirt.

What hold has Putin over Trump?

News anchor who recently interviewed Vladimir Putin believes he ‘has something’ on Donald Trump

Megan Kelly  told MSNBC presenter Chris Matthews: “I would not say that Putin likes Trump. I did not glean that at all from him. I did glean that perhaps he has something on Donald Trump.

She added: “I think there’s a very good chance Putin knows some things about Donald Trump that Mr. Trump does not want repeated publicly,” she added.

Most likely sexual or financial. Or both. Trump is well known for being very shady in both departments.

It’s worrisome when you cannot trust your government

Boris Johnson says UK has evidence of Russia stockpiling deadly nerve agent for assassinations in last ten years

Given Boris Johnson’s record of lying, second only to Trump’s, if Boris says A, then B is likely to be the truth. Or C, D, E or F. Who knows at this point?

Russia’s ambassador to the EU Vladimir Chizhov had denied moments earlier on the same programme, that his country had any nerve agents in its military arsenal, saying there are, “no stockpiles whatsoever”.

Chizhov went on to speculate the nerve agent came from Porton Down, the UK’s chemical warfare research facility, only a few blocks down the road from Salisbury.

The waters are murky, and while I don’t believe anything coming out of Moscow, I don’t believe anything coming out of May’s misgovernment, either.

We are in deep shit.