God, Theresa May and the Tories are sickening!

The human impact of Theresa May’s hostile environment policies

Tories seem intellectually incapable of understanding concepts like human rights, or treating people respectfully and decently. My parents came to Britain separately during WWII, met here, and the rest is history. My brother and I don’t have papers verifying they settled here legally, and that’s something May and her evil crony Amber Rudd has been throwing at other children of immigrants, or immigrants in general.

Should I be expecting a letter from the Home Office telling me I should get my sad ass back to Poland because I can’t prove my parents resided in the UK legally? I don’t even speak the language.

And then there is the issue, as yet unresolved, of EU immigrants who have made a legal life in Britain, and enriched its culture. One cannot trust the sorry likes of May and Rudd not to force them home or tear apart families on the altar of prejudice against immigrants.

Tories are proving themselves to be utter bastards without any human feeling. They are the stuff Nazis were made of. Only they call it “hostile environment”, courtesy of Theresa May.

And maybe it’s time for something fresh and new

Millions of voters feel politically homeless and would back new centre-ground party, finds poll

Well, yes, I am one of these. I’m liberal in spirit in that I think people should be left pretty much to themselves to do and be as they want. I’m against racial, religious, sexual or any sort of ethnic and cultural prejudice, and embrace diversity. At the same time, perhaps in contradiction, I’m a small-c conservative in that I tend to resist change. At least until persuaded it’s necessary, for example, on global warming and the environment. I regard science and reason as the best means of understanding reality, and have no time or sympathy for mysticism or religious fables.

I haven’t voted Conservative in years – I have to own up to voting for them under Maggie Thatcher in my first election, which I’ve regretted as one of the major moral mistakes of my life. And voting for Labour under Corbyn is becoming ethically problematic. It’s not that I think Corbyn is a bad man the way Thatcher was a bad woman, it’s that I think he is still living in a pseudo-Marxist past, and has never really grown out of it. I like some of his ideas, but hate the rest.

As for Theresa May, Rees-Mogg, Johnson, and the rest of the Tory kit and kaboodle… *shudder*

I live in Scotland, so the only current alternative to these is the SNP. Which is not ideal, as conservatively I like the idea of Britain as opposed to a separated Scotland and England. I don’t see any good reason to split the island, other than the historical resentment of some Scots towards the English, which is foolish.

Still, given English support for Brexit – Scots voted agin it – there is some attraction towards being part of Europe rather than a small and isolated island backwater. Whichever way it all plays out, we do live in interesting times. Which aren’t necessarily good times.

So… how ’bout that second referendum?

Brexit minister reveals how MPs can force Theresa May to accept fresh referendumms

MPs will be able to force Theresa May to accept a fresh referendum on Brexit in a showdown vote as early as the autumn, a minister has conceded.

In a surprise admission, Steve Baker said the crucial vote on the exit deal would not – as expected – be a “take-it-or-leave-it” choice, because “parliament can always seek to amend motions”.

The Brexit minister agreed a possible amendment would be for parliament to only approve the withdrawal agreement struck with the EU “subject to a second referendum”.

I am not a great fan of referendums. The UK used to be a parliamentary democracy, not a direct one, and that worked fairly effectively, if never perfectly. It meant the demagoguery of the moment was leavened by the criticism of debate, boring as that can be. With a referendum, one side or another can, as the Brexiteers did, lie through its teeth about the benefits of some course of action, then force a chaotic change upon the entire nation with a slender majority of people bothering to vote.

There is no accountability in such a system, you can’t turf the voters out, and David Cameron ought to be turning on a spit in hell for his role in bringing this catastrophe about. Maybe that’s where he is… haven’t heard a squeak from him about this imbroglio of his creation. Of course, I don’t believe in hell. He’s likely bronzing himself on the Costa del something-or-other, the bastard.

Still, there is an argument that having gotten ourselves into this smelly mess through a narrow referendum result, a second referendum to decide if we want to wallow in it is a legitimate notion. In having a referendum, Parliament mistakenly abdicated its responsibility of presiding over this issue. So by all means let’s have another referendum on the question of accepting the Tory government’s Brexit deal, whatever disaster they come up with in the end, or staying as we are.

If the second referendum confirms the first, then that would be evidence that British nationalism and prejudice against immigrants has in fact triumphed with most people, and the rest of us liberals and  internationalists would just have to take our lumps and go along with the disaster. And if it reverses the first, we can enjoy the spectacle of the hopelessly incompetent and calamitous Theresa May spinning wildly in a new effort to remain in Downing Street at any price. Who would she buy off this time with £1.5 billion from the Tory magic money tree? At least Cameron had the grace to quit the moment he lost.  May doesn’t even have that much integrity.

No-one knows how this farce is going to end, but once it does, I have a modest suggestion. Let’s either do away with referendums altogether, or require a super-majority for their decision to prevail. Nothing major, say a 60/40 split. Or maybe require two referendums, one in the heat of the moment, then another confirmatory one a couple of years down the line. And leave the governing to Parliament where it’s supposed to be, and you can always vote against your MP when s/he screws up.


The orange orang-utan planning to visit Britain

Donald Trump plans to visit UK ‘this summer’ in spite of anticipated protests

The Daily Mail report a visit from Mr Trump has been “pencilled in” for July, while the Daily Telegraph quoted an unnamed US official saying the president was looking at coming in the “late summer”.

No doubt our hapless prime minister is thrilled to bits that her co-conspirator in bombing empty Syrian chemical weapons sites is deigning to honour her with a visit. She’s as stupid as he is.

If the ape decides to come here, dragging his knuckles over his red tie, I certainly hope his visit is beset by protests. He’s the most dangerous human being on the planet, because he combines ignorance, fatuity, self-importance, arrogance, veniality, cupidity, depravity and the presidency all in one.

That Theresa May considers him an ally is indication of her own lack of judgement. His word cannot be trusted, and his policies are ill-considered… and that’s just talking about trade and the environment. In fact, the cretin doesn’t have a single policy that makes any sense. Neither does Oor Theresa where Brexit is concerned, so no wonder they get along so well.

Trump travails

Democratic Party sues Trump, Russia government and Wikileaks alleging they conspired to disrupt the 2016 presidential election

Well, this is an entertaining development, whether it goes anywhere or not. Trump has been apparently mulling whether to fire Mueller especially after the FBI raided Trump’s fixer, lawyer Michael Cohen, who paid off Stormy Daniels not to reveal Trump’s out-of-wedlock sexual shenanigans. Cohen’s other clients included Republican fund-raiser Elliott Broidy and Sean Hannity, the Fox News professional Trump bumsniffer. Elliott Broidy was another sexual cover-up, which Cohen seems to specialise in, but we don’t yet know what he did for Hannity.

No-one knows what Mueller has on Trump, if anything, so a lawsuit from the Dems should be a welcome diversion while we wait to see what the investigation reveals, or whether Trump gets himself into even more hot water by firing Mueller.

The Democratic Party has filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against the campaign of Donald Trump, the Russian government and Wikileaks, alleging all three conspired to swing the 2016 presidential election and saying the former reality television star did so “gleefully”.

In the latest twist to a saga that has consumed much of the first 15 months of the Trump presidency, a lawsuit filed in New York by the Democratic National Committee (DNC), claims senior members of the Trump campaign collaborated with the Russian government and its military spy agency in order to help the now president and hurt his rival, Hillary Clinton. Among those named in the suit are Mr Trump’s eldest son and his son-in-law.

“During the 2016 presidential campaign, Russia launched an all-out assault on our democracy, and it found a willing and active partner in Donald Trump’s campaign,” DNC Chairman Tom Perez said in a statement on Friday morning.

Juicy! Not sure how the Dems think they can sue the Russian govt., but anything that brings out the worst in Trump is going to make the mid-term elections give the Repugs heartburn. I’ll bet the Dems filed the case to have it  come up in court in the election run-up.

It’s not going to shake his base, the nationalistic bigots and those Christian evangelicals who have given Christianity such a bad name in Christendom. Those evangelicals have been winking at Trump so hard, overlooking his harlotry and adultery, absence of moral scruples, failure to worship in church, and complete inability to tell the truth, solely in order to bask in his radiance and benefit from his financial largesse. They’ve broken every hypocrisy meter on the planet, it’s been so egregious, but then that’s Christianist evangelism for you. Money first. Souls…? Meh.

Just an aside here, not all evangelicals like or support Trump. It’s the money grubbers, the charlatans and religious clowns. Like calls to like in their case. They see a conman like them, and gravitate towards him. But they do give all of evangelism a bad name.

Oy veh, May…

*roll eyes*

UK Brexit negotiators offered no new solutions to Irish border problem in talks

British Brexit negotiators have offered no new specific solution to the Northern Ireland border in the weeks of talks since last month’s Brussels summit, The Independent understands…

…The customs proposal suggested by the UK is understood to have been the same one drawn up by civil servants last year and released in a working paper in August 2017. The EU has previously rubbished such ideas in public and said that there would inevitably be “frictions” at borders if Britain leaves the customs union and single market, as Theresa May has pledged.

The hapless and clueless May is so much in thrall to the Tory anti-European right that she has yet to acknowledge facts. Facts such as if you don’t have a customs union with free movement of people, you can’t do without a policed border. She’s just studiously ignoring the question, hoping it will miraculously disappear.

There are no miracles in politics, just hard graft. And she isn’t capable of any. The only thing she has seemed capable of as home secretary under Cameron is bashing immigrants, especially Windrush immigrants. All in order to stop the odious UKIP from stealing far right Tory voters. As prime minister she’s as flaccid as a boned and pickled herring.

To give her some credit, she is promising compensation to those she wronged, though frankly, she might have avoided doing the wrongs in the first place, had her heart been in the right place. Or if she had had one as home secretary. It took a meeting of Commonwealth heads of government to force an apology out of her. It would never have happened otherwise.

And her policy on Brexit is just as ignorant and short-sighted as her policy on immigrants, in fact they can’t be separated. Brexit has always been about immigrants and how much British nationalists hate them. And May feeds this nationalism, because so many Tories such as the lamentable Rees-Mogg embrace it. And she needs their votes.

I won’t say May has no character. It’s just a character one can’t admire.

Boris Johnson warns Britain

Syria bombings: Boris Johnson warns UK must prepare for Russian retaliation

Boris Johnson has warned that the UK must take “every possible precaution” to protect itself from Russian retaliation following the coalition air strikes on Syria.

The Foreign Secretary said Moscow had a track record of launching cyber attacks on infrastructure and interfering in the democratic processes of other countries.

His comments come amid concern that Russia may start a clandestine campaign of retribution, following strikes carried out bu the US, UK and France on targets on of the Moscow-backed Syrian regime.

I’ve every confidence that the Boris, like the Donald, has our best interests at heart, and is able and willing to repulse attacks by The Soviet Union Russia. Not. I doubt Boris even knows what a cyber attack is.

The Boris claimed Porton Down had evidence the Skripals had been attacked by Russians at Putin’s command. He lied then, as he always does. Now he claims that Syrian President Assad was responsible for the chemical attack on Douma in Syria, bombing alleged Syrian chemical warfare facilities ahead of an inspection by UN-backed experts from the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), so that evidence one way or another can’t be found.

It’s not as though the British government is actually averse to using chemical weapons. It supported Saddam Hussein when he used them against Iranians.

But May prefers to shoot first and ask questions later, as she labours under the impression this makes her look like a strong leader like Trump, another twit. She wants her Falklands, just like Maggie.

Fair enough, we can’t believe a word the Russians say. Putin is ex-KGB, though how ex is up to debate. He’s a mobster. But we have also reached the point where we can’t believe a word the British government says. May and Johnson are inveterate liars. Neither would know the truth if it stared them in the face. To them, the truth is whatever lie they think serves them at the time.

So god knows where we go from here, and god doesn’t even exist.

The Leave campaign lied

Well, no surprise there, they were lead by the nose by the likes of Boris Johnson, who is Britain’s sorry answer to Trump.

Remember this lie? Likely the Tory Govt. will have to cut that from the NHS once it gets around to paying the Brexit bill.

Brexit whistleblower Shahmir Sanni calls for probe as lawyers claim Vote Leave broke election spending rules

The whistleblower at the heart of the scandal surrounding the main Brexit campaign has called for a police investigation into allegations that the group breached electoral spending rules.

Former activist Shahmir Sanni said he believed the referendum result had been “tainted” by allegations that Vote Leave had flouted spending limits by making a £625,000 donation to the pro-Brexit youth group BeLeave shortly before the 2016 vote.

Lawyers acting for several whistleblowers have argued there is a case to prosecute Vote Leave for allegedly using the smaller outfit to get around the £7m spending limit, which is put in place to prevent campaigns with wealthy supporters from gaining an unfair advantage in elections.


What a surprise. Unscrupulous politicians lying and cheating to get their way. Isn’t that new.

The difference between Trump and Johnson is the latter is intelligent, while the former is a dolt. Which gives Johnson less excuse for knowingly lying. Trump lies because it’s in his nature. He’s never done anything else. He’s a pathological liar. I suspect that even if the truth were in his interest, he’d still lie, because  that’s second nature.

Johnson, on the other hand, is educated enough to know the difference between truth and lies. He just doesn’t care. He’ll say whatever he thinks is in his best interests at any given time. He just doesn’t care that it’s a lie. He has no scruples. Whatever serves his purpose at that moment.

I’ll bet he claims he’s a Christian as well.

Theresa’s Dodgy Dossier?

Jeremy Corbyn: May waiting for Trump instructions on Syria

The UK government is “waiting for instructions” from Donald Trump about whether to launch a missile strike on Syria, Jeremy Corbyn has said.

The Labour leader spoke out after Cabinet ministers agreed “on the need to take action” in Syria to “deter the further use of chemical weapons”.

Ministers said it was “highly likely” the Assad regime was responsible for a suspected chemical attack.

But Mr Corbyn said military action was unlikely to solve the situation.

And ministers also said the nerve agent attack on the Skripals was irrefutably proven by scientists at Porton Down to have been orchestrated by Russia, till scientists at Porton Down refuted the claim.

At least May seems to be waiting for something this time – instructions or evidence – before going off half-cocked and proving Corbyn right. Likely it’s instructions from the orange ponce.

It’s bad enough that May has to rely on a mobster like Trump. It doesn’t get more embarrassing than that. But the fact that they are willing to create diplomatic chaos, and even go to war, over suppositions, is not merely troubling. It’s terrifying.

At least when Hitler marched into Poland to start WWII, there was concrete evidence that couldn’t be denied. Boots on the ground. Dead bodies. In Syria, the Russian government is now accusing the UK of the chemical attack. And the alarming thing is that one cannot believe the UK government either because of its history of lies.

It’s not as though Putin or his mob has any credibility. It’s that too many powerful countries are ruled by mobsters with no regard for truth, or for democracy for that matter.

Mistress May wants her Falklands, after all, Maggie had those, and so far, she has zilch in the way of wars, so necessary for Conservative credibility. Though let’s not forget that Iraq was a Labour disaster.

There’s a lot I disagree with Corbyn about. But a reluctance to rush into foreign wars without solid evidence and good reason is something I’m in tune with.

Blair’s reputation has never recovered from Iraq. May ought to be bloody sure she isn’t pulling a Blair in Syria.